Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nice try, really

So I had this dream that I got re-pregnanted.

Like, it was now, and I was five months pregnant, and went to the doctor, who said I was freshly pregnant with a new kid. So I was going to have a second kid - I'd just have it five months after the first one.

Of course, I couldn't believe it. Who knew you could get pregnant if you were already pregnant?

It wasn't uncommon, according to my OB. If I hadn't wanted to get pregnant again, I should have been more careful.


I'd operated my whole life on the assumption that pregnancy was the one absolute, for sure, safe time.

And a friend of mine was all, "Don't be ridiculous! It's one of those myths, like if you stand up immediately, or jump up and down right after sex, you won't get pregnant."

At first, I was hysterical.

How would I handle another pregnancy on top of this first one? I couldn't! It was just impossible!

And then I got to a point where I was like, well, during the overlap, things will really, really suck. But then I'll have two kids. And I will never, ever have to be pregnant again.

When I thought about it like that, it sounded perfect.

I was telling Nick about this, and he asked where I'd get pregnant with the other kid. And I was all, "In my other uterus."


And his eyes got a little sparkly and he said, "I think that's called your butt."


  1. I think that might be a common pregnancy dream, because I remember dreaming the exact same thing when I was pregnant with Zeke. Weird.

  2. Well, maybe if the 2nd baby is only the size of a raisin...?

  3. Hahaha. Nice try, indeed.

    Though, if one considered the logistics of how such a child might then be born, one might reconsider.


  4. Wendy - That is really wierd. I wonder if it is common?

    Susan - Haha - yes. That would be a convenient size.

    Dagny - I know! And aaaagh! You went there! I hadn't even gone there!

  5. I dreamed last night too, only in my dream I wasn't preggers. Instead, I was a nature photographer in Central America fighting to get the perfect picture of some alligators. Some folks got eaten, but I got the shot. So, in the end, it was a success.

  6. Sometimes? these posts? they make my vagina hurt, lol.

  7. holy shit. no you didn't!!!! hahahahaha

    i'm lmao because someone actually DID ask a question similar to this on www.thebump.com's message boards. it was HYSTERICAL.

    she asked if you could get re-pregnant. and she wasn't joking. she wanted to know if she should be using condoms or birth control pills while pregnant to avoid getting pregnant again.

    and then she went on to defend herself saying that she didn't want to have irish twins. because she actually thought that irish twins was when you got pregnant, then conceived another child, gave birth to the first child, and then stayed pregnant and gave birth to the second child later.

    i'm not even joking.

    i'm glad yours was a dream :-)

  8. I read your posts and I'm all "Lisa is IS COOL" like I know you or something. And then I read your posts where you repeat something that Nick said and I'm all "Nick is hilarious! Oh Lisa and Nick, such a cute couple." And then I realize that I'm losing it a bit, right? Like, I don't know you two in real life but I'm still using you as an example of the cool couple I strive to be with Shawn. ANYWAY, this post made me laugh. The end.

  9. "I think that's called your butt."


    Funny dream, though. I was hoping for twins with my first pg. (achieves the same objective) Now, I may just be one and done. :)

  10. FoggyDew - Would they be considered collatoral damage? Or am I getting that wrong? Glad you got your shot.

    Nicole - It's not my intention, but I completely and totally understand.

    mrsmac - Nooooooooo! I can believe it, but nooooo! At least she did so in an anonymous forum instead of in a big group of people she actually knows. That's the kind of thing you never live down!

    Hillary - I love you, I do. I am certain you and Shawn are significantly cooler than we. In fact, we aren't actually cool - but I'm glad you think so. We are both pretty dorky. I just thank the lord that I crashed into someone who is ridiculous in the same way I am.

    notsojenny - :)

    Cheryl S - Men. Exactly.

    And I am making no predictions. We would like to have two, but I feel fine starting with one and seeing how that goes.

  11. What if you accidentally pushed out the little one with the older one? Can they put it back in?


  12. hahaha the irish twins thing

  13. Very freaky -- I've had the same dream! These hormones really mess with us, don't they?

  14. It's a dream - it doesn't have to make sense! Of course you have another uterus!

  15. Lis - I'd call it the price of doing business. Nothing is worth more than my art (he said dismissivly).

  16. Lilu - Ickickickickick!!!! You win!

    Sour - Yah - hilarious, no?

    Luna - OK, that is really freaky! I should google to see if it's one of those common pregnancy dreams.

    Fearless - Exactly! Of course!

    FoggyDew - Spoken like a true artist, really.

  17. And here I was trying to actually picture it...inside....

  18. When I was pregnant I dreamt I had the baby but then was still able to shove her back in my uterus when I was going to be busy or traveling or simply didn't have a free hand.
    I did not consider the logistics of this.


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