Friday, April 24, 2009

Double tummy: Weeks 23 and 24

Week 24

Week 23

We took the Week 23 tummy pic I think last Friday night, just as we were getting ready to crawl in bed. I was almost too tired, but Nick thought documentation was important, and would just take a second.

And I'm glad to have it - there's a marked difference between this week and last.

But ugh - those are the warmest maternity pants I have, the ones that I have been wearing almost every single day. And at this point, after what feels like 731 wearings, I hate them. And do I really wear them that high?

I think so.

This past week, even though I think they said Week 24 is an ear of corn, he feels significantly bigger and heavier. His kicks are stronger. He moves more often, and it's more visible from the outside.

I love it.

On the downside, I am firmly in pregnant woman waddle territory. I've been told by several women. Which is always what you want to hear to feel more attractive.

And I think my running days may have come to an end. My hips get sore when I do. My stomach feels so heavy, like one of those medicine balls in the gym.

Worst of all, though, he regularly pokes me somewhere hurty.

Sometimes it's low on the right side, where I think maybe my appendix is? I try to squoosh him over, to no avail.

And sometimes - and this is truly horrendous - I get a sharp poke in the hoo-ha. From inside, I mean. Owie owie fuck ow.

And I exclaim things like "Ratbastardfuckfuckfuck!"

Which is probably something I shouldn't even admit to you all. It's just that I forget what I'm talking about when it feels like I'm being stabbed with a sharp little knife on the inside. Straight down into my hoo-ha.

You could see how this might pull the bad language out of you.

And it's all kinds of worse when I run. So the walking waddling days, they have begun.

Anyway, happy Friday!

It's sunshiney and careening towards 80s for the weekend, which makes all kinds of things better!


  1. Ignore the critics! You look great and what amazing pictures, you'll be glad you have them in the years ahead. If for nothing else you can pull them out and embarrass your son in front of his friends. "Here, see, this is when XXX was 23 weeks old. And here he is at 34 weeks." And so on and so forth.

    Hey, how about a posting of all of the pics in order? Or even a game: Put the pics of Lisa's belly in the right order. That's be fun.

  2. I'm so glad the weekend is providing you with sunshine and warmth! One hopes that it will also put the ear of corn in a more peaceable mood....

    As for running/waddling, I have a feeling you do it with far more grace and good humor than most.

  3. FoggyDew - I absolutely love having this progression. And it is crazy to look weeks back, when I felt big, and realize that really, in the scheme, that was nothing.

    And I LOVE this idea! Maybe I'll make a belly collage!

    Dagny - We all need the weekend sunshine. Thank goodness it's here.

    And while I appreciate the kind words, I think very honestly I probably do it with more humor and profanity but less grace than most.

  4. good lord - the difference between week 23 and week 24 is striking! it's great that nick documented it.

    enjoy the sun this weekend!

  5. Ha! I know just what you mean. A co-worker had warned me about the hoo ha poke pain, but you really have no idea what they are talking about until *JAB*!!

  6. From what I can tell in your appendage-less tummy shots, you look great! Seriously, you're taking awesome care of yourself, and yes, you'll be uncomfortable sometimes, otherwise you look great!

    You've said before that Betty is an amazing seamstress, so why don't you give her a pair of your pants to make into maternity bottoms. It's so easy and they'll feel ten times better! I promise!

  7. You look fabulous...enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend :)

  8. So I'm reading your post and all I can think about is how I didn't work out last night because I ate a large dinner and felt really full and uncomfortable. And how you have to quit running because you're 24 weeks pregnant. And how much of a douchebag that makes me. Oh the shame.

    The difference between weeks 23 and 24 is ... (trying to come up with an adjective that isn't size-related) ... significant? Your baby belly looks great and if I ever get knocked up I am definitely stealing your idea of weekly belly shots. Not to post on the internet, mind you, but for my own amusement.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Yay belly shots! :) :) :)

    And that hoo-ha pain -- I think it might be round ligament pain. I had that last time I was pregnant, and it was right in the hoo-ha like your pain, but it can occur lots of places. Super fun: four months of annoying everyone by walking really s-l-o-w all the time. Walking at a normal pace meant sharp pain every step. I've got my fingers crossed that it doesn't come back this time!

    I am so glad you're getting some nice weather. It makes such a difference. xoxox!!!

  10. First off, happy viability! After 24 weeks, your pregnancy is now considered viable should something happen and you deliver early. Thats a pretty freaking amazing thing, don't you think?

    Second, your belly looks absolutely fantastic. I miss having mine that size... Now I'm out of the "cute bump!" stage, and into the, "holy hell, woman, you still have HOW long to go until you're due?!? You're gonna be HUGE!" stage. Not fun.

  11. love the documentation pics! and he should not be hurting you in your hoo-ha ANY EARLIER than he absolutely has to!

  12. LJ - I know! I'm kind of glad it worked out to post them together, otherwise I might not have noticed the leap.

    I hope you've got fantastic weather on the shore!

    KerryLee - Yes! That surprise JAB! really gets you! Holy cow.

    Jo - I know the headless-legless torso is kind of odd, but Nick hated the idea of my naked tummy with face. So that's how it went.

    And the idea is a great one, but my butt and thighs grew out of all normal pants before my tummy, so there's not a single pair of pants in my normal wardrobe that can be adapted. My mom said she grew exactly this way in her pregnancies as well.
    browneyedgirlie - Thanks! I hope you all are getting good weather as well!

    Hillary - I know the horrendous exercises you've been torturing yourself with, and even if I didn't, I'd hardly put a night of not running into the douchebag category.

    And having a record of the week by week is FUN! I would recommend it to anyone.

    A.S. - Well, round ligament pain certainly sounds more, I dunno, reasonable than a sharp stab in the hoo-ha.

    And I hope it doesn't come back for you either.

    Happy weekend!

    Luna - Oh, you just made me feel so good. I have been wondering what if something happens, and at what point do they start considering it an early early delivery rather than miscarriage...That is amazing. And huge relief.

    And judging from how adorable you were before, and how tiny, I cannot imagine you in the holy hell stage, although the way you put it really makes me laugh.

    lustyreader - Thank you! And I am in complete agreement!

  13. That's a cute little bump right there!

    And hey, if the swearing helps you deal with the pain, I'm all for it! Whatever works, works.

  14. Wow - a marked difference is right. Happy Week 24! Have a great weekend :)

  15. What a difference a week makes! You look great. You sound like your old self again, er...well, at least the way you usually sound on your blog: ) I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Selfishly, I hoped there would be a new belly pic. Two is a bonus!

    I know that pain you describe. I swear when I was pregnant with each of mine, I was certain that they were bracing their feet under the upper part of my ribcage and pushing down as if practicing for their birthday. It definitely made me do the sharp intake of breath thing. Ouch!

  17. Aw - cute pregnant belly!!! And I think what you yell is HYSTERICAL - even if you think you aren't supposed to yell it.


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