Friday, April 10, 2009

Week 22 tummy

I just realized I look armless in this picture.

Ah, well. I've been wearing the toe shoes enough that I'm marginally more dexterous with my tootsies, although I still wouldn't be able to cook bacon and eggs with my feet or anything.

This week the little dude is either the size of a small doll - stupid, unhelpful description - or a spaghetti squash. Nick, who grew up being fed boiled meat and potatoes, was all, "What the fuck is spaghetti squash?"

But anyway. He's 10 or more inches long and weighs about a pound, and now he's thumping around a lot. I love it.

My Twilight colleagues have been referring to him alternately as the Little Nudger and Renesmee (ignoring gender naming conventions). For the non-Twilighters among us, this refers to Bella's half-monster baby - affectionately termed before she started inadvertently crashing around and killing her from the inside, of course.

It's a really interesting thing, the thumps and actually being able to feel the person you've got inside you. I think it's akin to carrying one of those itty bitty toy dogs around all the time. You're never alone. It's nice.


  1. As much as I love Twilight, Lisa, I would never refer to your baby as Renesmee. Yowza.

  2. I am good with it. We all love Renesmee so much.

    And yes, we are tremendous dorks.

  3. I saw someone wearing the toe shoes on his way to a yoga class at my gym. I would imagine that you don't have much of a choice but to develop some dexterity and strength there - there really isn't *any* support!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the nudger's company. :o)

  4. It IS nice, isn't it?? I always thought it would be weird having some creature inside of you poking and kicking, but it's so much fun! I call mine Mr. Wiggley. He's kept me entertained through countless boring staff meetings.

    As for Renesmee... I HATED that name in the book! Stick with Little Nudger. Way cuter!

  5. Dagny - Yah, no support, but very nice stretch. I still haven't worn them ouside.

    Luna - I thought it would be really creepy, but I do love it. And yes, when you're bored, you can just put your hands on your tummy. So nice!

    And Renesmee - I hated the name - so ugly! - but loved her. And even more so because she's Jacob's true love.:)

  6. now it looks more like barbie - the one where her preggo stomach came off and you could flip it around to make it the flat side. it appears very defined like that.

    and haven't you seen the TLC show where the armless lady takes care of her baby... that's where you REALLY need all that toe dexterity

  7. Isn't the kicking and moving about wild to feel? Even after my kids were born, I felt phantom kicks for a bit. Then they got big enough to actually kick the back of my carseat as I drove them around. Not so charming, but a reminder nonetheless of when they lived on the inside.

    Yay to the baby belly!

  8. You';re never alone. It's nice.

    HA! Tell me that again in eight months when he's not sleeping through the night.

    Sorry, perhaps I shouldn't be so pessimistic.


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