Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Big pumpin', spendin' cheese...

So now I am doing the whole pumping at work business.

Like there aren't enough worky things to do. On top of that, I skulk off to a private room to hook up to a milking machine every few hours.

I sit in a cube. So it's not like I can just close my office door. I have to assemble all my stuff and haul it off to a locked room. I emerge with milk to go in the fridge, milky pump to wash, and the work I've hauled in there so I am using my time productively.

I've considered just staying in my cube, so I can be at my computer.

I sit against a window, so you have to come around a wall and past another cube to get to mine. I briefly considered just putting up a big sign, so people just wouldn't walk back here.

The Quad
has disbanded, what with people quitting and moving around. Jenny, thankfully, is still here. And in the Quangle, we have Kay and Maricel, and Fabulous Cake Lady. None of whom would be the least bit bothered.

However. There are people who would.

And I'm pretty sure it falls under Things You Shouldn't Do In Your Cube. Like farting loudly and deliberately or masturbating or playing show tunes at top volume. To name a few off the top of my head.


  1. I agree. Not a cube friendly activity. I once walked into the bathroom at work and heard the familiar buzz. The woman in the stall very quickly said she was pumping. I suppose she didn't want me to think she was doing one of those other non-cube friendly activities!

    Obviously, you found care for Big J. Is he in a center? Nanny? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  2. Yikes - I would so not want to resort to doing it in a public bathroom.

    I found care very close to home. Big J and Betty are hanging out. So far today, as I understand, they've had some milk, a huge poo, a bath, napped...

  3. I would like to add clipping your nails to the list of things that are not appropriate to do in a cubicle.

  4. Oh, absolutely, Hillary! Every once in a while I see someone on the metro clipping their nails. So gross!

  5. At first I read the last paragraph and thought you said 'deliberately masturbating' and I was all, that would indicate it is possible to accidentally masturbate, which its not.... right?

  6. As U Mich will tell you, time and place... time and place.

  7. hey chica, i got on quite well with the manual version for work instead of the electric because it was more portable, so you might try that. and whatever/wherever you huddle make sure it is as comfy and relaxed as possible - for efficiency of course, because it's harder to produce when you are stressed! :)

  8. Hm. I think that lots of people eat at their desk, right? And some people eat pretty smelly things at their desks. And so, I would argue that you should be allowed to pump at your desk, since it's pretty much the equivalent to preparing *a* lunch, and it's not smelly.

    Alternatively, maybe you could suggest that work provide you with a laptop to use as your main computer? That way you could cart it off to the room with you, you could work from home more easily if you needed to, etc.

  9. You should totally bring a Snuggie to work! Full protection win!

  10. Happy 1st Day Back at Work! It must be hard being away from Big J.

  11. I'm so happy that Big J is hanging out with Betty. :) I agree with LiLu. Besides, a Snuggie would cover up all kinds of things!

  12. i'm not sure what my favorite part of this post is - the title or that last group of things you lumped together
    i'd like to think that those of us who, i mean people who listen to showtunes are shamed enough to keep them in their headphones and car : )

  13. Way to go. Pumping at work ain't the easiest thing in the world.

    And I feel your pain. The designated pumping area at my workplace was a shower stall; no joke. I finally asked the two women I share an office with if they'd mind my pumping at my desk, and they were fine with it. I'd put a Do Not Disturb sign on the non-locking door, put a couple stacks of books on the desk in front of me, and wear a nursing cover while I worked and pumped away. It was just so much easier, and faster, and more productive, to stay at my desk. Bonus: I got really good at one-handed typing.

    If there's a next time, I'm thinking I'll buy one of those old school tri-fold displays that we used for science fair projects to prop up on my desk...

  14. rondamarie - Um...I don't know, actually.

    lacochran - Time and place, yes.

    xuxE - I hate that manual one. My hand gets so tired! And you are so right about the emotional component. Relaxed - all good. Clenchy - almost nothing.

    Dagny - Well argued, like a good lawyer! Yes, much more innocuous than some icky stinky lunches.

    Apparently they are fixing up an office with a computer for this purpose. Or I can sign out a laptop.

    LiLu - You should be a Snuggie spokesmodel. But I think I've said that before.

    HKW - I hate being away from him. Hate it!

    kayare - Yes, if he's with anyone else, I'm glad it's Betty. As for the Snuggie...I'd be taking business casual to a new place, no?

    notsojenny - I was raised on show tunes and I think I still know all the words to Evita and A Chorus Line. But wouldn't belt them out at work.:)

    Liz - It's horrendous that you were relegated to a shower stall. Really. I think there is now a law about having a designated place to pump, and there must be minimum standards, don't you think? Much better that it was OK to do at your desk. And I've nursed behind a tri-fold menu before. Worked very well.

  15. definitely not cube friendly but not because I think it's obscene - it's just that that annoying pumping sound (it kind of sounds like a pig snorting repeatedly) would freak out my co-workers during calls with clients. Go you though! Seriously - mommies who don't quit on breastfeeding are such troopers and rockstars. I was a freaking wuss about the whole thing.

  16. As if I didn't love you enough already, you just equated show tunes with farting loudly. Bless you.

  17. We had an auditor in for a little while that pumped in the bathroom :-( I went in one day, heard something, wondered who it was since we have few women on our floor and none of us are lactating, then realized it was the auditor that's sharing an office with a couple of guys. I never had the guts to walk up to her and offer my office. How does one go about starting that conversation? "Um, I know you were all hidden in the bathroom and stuff so it's weird that I know it was you pumping... but, uh, would you like to borrow my office? I have a door, comfy chair, and internet access!"

  18. Maybe you could hang a little curtain in the opening that you could close while you pump. I think a sign would be helpful too - do not disturb or something along those lines.

    Even though, it may still make things awkward albeit easier for you.


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