Friday, December 18, 2009


I know, utter frivolity. It's Friday.

OK, so here's the thing. I have very deliberately not been buying stuff for myself.

After the boy was born, I bought a bunch of nursing tops and bras, and recently I've gotten a couple cute and nursing-friendly sweaters and tops.

But other than that, I've abstained from purchasing clothing or shoes. And random stuff, like lip gloss. Do you know how much lip gloss I own? Because it's such a small expense, and an easy way to perk up your day.

Small expense until you average one a week. Ridiculous.

So I have not been buying anything. Except for cutiecute irresistible outfits for Jordan. But those don't count.

But I find myself with an actual NEED. I need some flat black boots that I can wear with skirts.

They have to be comfortable and easy to walk in - and you know me, I mean walk quickquick - but also cute and nice enough for the office.

I have muscular calves, and as such, a lot of boots just won't fit. So they have to zip, and they have to have decent calf room. I don't know who all these skinny-winny calved people are that most boot makers cater to, but my friends and I do not seem to be among them.

However, they don't have to fit over jeans, because I will not be wearing them that way. As my old boss said, if you were around for the trend the first time, best not to repeat it.

So if any of you have seen or gotten any cute boots lately, I'd love suggestions.

And happy Friday!


  1. Oh, my. I look on Zappos all the time for boots, because I am Large of Foot though Small of Calf, and so many boots that are not intended to be Slouchy become Slouchy, and it makes me SAD, because I do not Like Slouchy boots. So, we have opposite difficulties.

    But. I would suggest these:

    or these:

    Because, they are fun. Happy Friday! Happy Shopping!

  2. zappos is great. i also like searching on

    good luck!

  3. I think I could walk from here to China in my Reiker boots and my feet would still feel great. I hear you on the big calves and the difficulty buying boots. The Reiker ones do have a 1 3/4" heel, but are SO comfy (with the addition of a padded insert).

    They do come in black too.

  4. If you're not going to wear them over your jeans they don't need to zip all the way up (says the lady with the GIANT calf muscles who has yet to find a pair of boots that will zip all the way up.) Though that might look a bit silly when you wear the boots with a skirt. Nevermind.

  5. target and payless can be your friend!

  6. you know who always has cute boots? kind of random - but victoria's secret! I always end up buying mine from there (and not the go go kind either - though john would probably like that.

    happy friday!

  7. I love Zappos. They have a pair of Steve Madden boots that I'm in love with, but they don't meet your zip up criteria. And I can't blame you on that one, I have a pair of knee-high pull on boots, and they are very awkward to pull on. Plus I'm afraid they are going to get baggy around the ankles cause you pretty much have to grab a handful of leather at the ankle to pull them on.

    If you order from Zappos and have to return them, they have THE easiest return policy.

  8. hey! i love anything Kenneth Cole and you can sometimes get those on sale through zappos or one of the other bazillion shoe sights.

    other recommendations:

    i recently bought these and love them:

    Less of a heel than i like but i'm big and preggy now so i needed something good and these are also waterproof! Looks like they have some other cute ones.

    Franco Sarto boots are also good for us 'healthy calfed' ladies:

    have fun shopping!

  9. Love Zappos. Free ship both ways-just in case. After I find what I like, I price check them against other retailers. Sometimes Zappos can be pricier. I like the customer reviews on the products-find them helpful. I agree with your boss about the boots and not putting them over the pants! It's Friday!

  10. some places to look besides zappos that have super comfy shoes/boots and great sales:

  11. How about A2 by Aerosole's Make Two?

    At just $50, it's comfy, cute, and affordable!

  12. Buy whatever ones that are cute and fit your feet and then take them to a cobbler to have the calf extended. I got a pair of Dr. Marten's that didn't fit my calf and it was only $22 to have a perfectly matched leather insert added. No more trying to match the fat calf for me.

  13. Boots? Why would you need more than one pair? :-)

  14. I just got a pair of La Canadienne (a brand suggested by a Quebeccer friend) - pricey, but very well made, + waterproof! I did plain riding boots, but check out:

    And for fun, the CHERRY croco! -

  15. Ooh, these are lovely...

  16. I just bought these yesterday. (Hindsight and all that...)

    BUT is also magical for searches- their inventory is huge AND they flag all the boots that are for "muscularly calved" women! Love!

  17. I have no suggestions because OH MY GOD, MY CALVES. I haven't found a pair either. Please advise when you settle on something.

  18. I am totally trolling your comments for suggestions for myself. Baha!

    Thing is I own a pair I love - flats, easy to get on, wear over skinny jeans or with a skirt, comfy, but mine are in brown. They are from Nine West. I bought them at a Nine West Outlet store when I lived in Sedona, but have yet to find one near me in Portland. Maybe one near you?

  19. if you need them ...RIGHT NOW... i found a cute pair of "riding" boots low heel zip up and they fit my calves which are muscular and umm cause im short my calves are like an inch lower than where most boots expand for the calf....but..umm yeah i found a pair that fit over at ann taylor loft on 7th st in chinatown...

  20. Before you buy from Zappos, check - a wide selection and much, much cheaper. Free overnight shipping, too.

  21. Lis! Just stumbled across this.... definitely go to Same stuff... cheaper prices! Hope you find the perfect pair so I can borrow them! Of course if it was up to me, I would steer you in the direction of Ugg boots - perfect for So Cal, not so perfect for snow and winter in DC however. big love to you - working on the pics from the wedding.... your munchkin is the star!


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