Monday, December 28, 2009

Nice save, Betty

Now, as background, I need to mention that Betty is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

She doesn't say mean things about people, she doesn't get her digs in. She's just genuinely kind, pretty much all the time. No snark, no catty remarks, nothing.

It probably goes without saying that I take much more after my father.

So we were all sitting at the table having breakfast this weekend. Well, Nick, Betty and I were. And Big J was watching us intently.

We were talking about how Jordan does new things every day, and my mom was telling us how he now puts his feet straight up in the air to examine them.

She said, "He's got good strong stomach muscles like his mama. Don't you, Jordan? A nice strong stomach, just like your mama!"

And then she paused. And looked at Nick.

And added, " your dad? Do you have strong stomach muscles, Nick?"


  1. I am starting to suspect that Betty is secretly more skilled in the delivery of a cutting remark than all of us put together.

    To which *I* say, "Bravo," of course.

  2. hahaha
    i assume that not saying that about a woman who had a baby is way more insulting than to a Dad

  3. Your Mom and my Mom would have a wonderful time together!

  4. Lol! And what did Nick say?

  5. Dagny - She isn't, she really, really isn't. She all of a sudden realized Nick was sitting there, and was all, uh...

    notsojenny - The fact is, my abs could kick his abs any day of the week. :)

    Kate - Ha!

    kayare - Hmmmm - interesting!

    Lisa - He laughed. And assured her that despite appearances to the contrary, he does in fact have good abs. I just smirked.

  6. I think that grandmothers forget about everyone else when they're playing with their grand-kids... I've been watching this happen for the past few days. it's amusing...

  7. Heeee! This made me laugh out loud. Happy New Year!


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