Friday, December 04, 2009

Hand and toe lint

I don't know if you've ever been with a man who gets belly button lint?

I blame it on the size of his belly, but Nick contends every man gets it. I don't know.

What I do know is that it's completely astounding. It's like he walks around with his own personal Charybdis.

I bring this up because of the following. Prior to examining my son's little hands and feet, the man belly button lint was the only experience I'd ever had with weird accumulation of body lint.

You see Big J's clenched little fists? He clenches his toes as well.

And it turns out that when you keep your hands and toes all tightly clenched, you accumulate crud in them. And now that he sticks his hands in his mouth, his hand crud is wet crud. He keeps his hands clenched in the bath as well.

Prying them open is very difficult, particularly when you are only using one hand. I only get some of it. Clearly I have not yet learned to laser beam them out. Plus I realized the instructions also indicate you should be teaching your kid the "pull my finger" trick.

It's all too much to manage at once.

So mainly I clean his hand crud while he nurses. He doesn't appreciate it, but he's torn, so torn. Boob? Defend the hand? Boob? Hand?

It makes us a very simian little scenario, I know.

His toe lint, though, is kind of fascinating. It correlates perfectly with the color of his socks that day.

Yesterday's? ORANGE!

Happy weekend, all!


  1. toe, finger and belly button crud is so interesting and disgusting. It smells atrocious too. Like rotting or dead something. Maybe baby crud isn't as bad?

  2. I once suggested to Sibling that she use the twins as lint rollers. I mean, they're generally pretty sticky, and they're totally washable. It wouldn't hurt them at all - in fact, they'd probably love rolling around, getting all linty!

    She wasn't amused.

  3. I think most men get belly button lint... especially those with any amount of hair in the region.

  4. I thought it was a body hair thing, but the linty fingers and toes might disprove that theory. But, yes, my husband is a belly button lint factory. Every. Single. Day. WTF? Where does it come from?

  5. I'm a girl and I get belly-button lint. *shrugs*

  6. I get toe lint. I think it's because my toes are very tightly squished together from years of forcing my feet into pointe shoes. My feet are permanently smushed. It doesn't matter that I clean my toes daily - I still accumulate toe lint.

  7. My husband is always cleaning out his belly button lint. I'm always asking him "Dude where does it all come from?"

  8. I get the bb lint as well. My GF finds it fascinating....

  9. Rindy - The baby stuff is kind of gross and rotting if you leave it. I know this because it took me a while to discover it in the first place. Bad mom.

    Dagny - I think that's hilarious! I wish she'd done it and you'd filmed it.

    This reminds me - my brother and a friend of his came to a Halloween party I had years ago. His friend was Sticky Man. He wrapped duct tape around himself sticky-side out, and then bounced around. He annoyed a lot of people and left with a lot of bits and pieces of various costumes stuck to him but he was really funny.

    VVK - The hair is definitely a big factor.

    Lisa - I think for bellies, the hair factors in. And it is mysterious! It's like Nick generates it on purpose! He starts the day squeaky clean, and comes home at night with a pound of bb lint! With the toes...I dunno!

    Caroline - I get a little, but not in the quantities Nick produces!

    Hillary - Interesting. The clenching scoops it in or something.

    Tara - I ask Nick this very same thing!

    Daniel - I have a terrible story about Nick's bb lint and an old girlfriend, but it's for another time.

  10. I secretly love cleaning the lint out of baby hands and feet. Okay, well not so secretly anymore...

  11. Lis - I wish I knew you in real life...I just want to hug and cuddle and squeeze big J...finger and toe lint and all. He's so adorable.

  12. How about under the chin lint? I swear I find all sorts of lost coins and hairbands under there, almost as bad as all that crap you find under the sofa cushions. (Sofa. Couch? What do you guys across the sea call it??)

  13. I am fascinated that I find this so horrifying and disgusting, considering I am not at all phased when you blog about poo. Interesting.

  14. Haha! My 2 month old often wears those socks that look like little mary janes, so she gets the black toe lint. Lots of it! I use a wet wipe and floss it out from between the tiny toes when she's on the changing table. Then follow up with a dry cloth. Using the wet wipe is much easier than trying to wedge my fingers in between the toesies.

  15. mrsmac - I do too. (I also love really gross things like popping pimples.)

    Megan - What a nice thing to say! Thank you!

    Miranda - That is truly hilarious. I haven't found that, surprisingly.

    As for sofa/couch - I dunno. I alternate and I don't know which word Americans use more. Probably couch.

    nicole - I find it entirely fascinating and disgusting. Same with the ear wax. I love getting that.

    I understand, though. It's totally different than poo.

    A.S. - I sometimes use a Q-tip. That works really well. But my kid has big toes and I find it kind of entertaining to tickle his toes and get the lint out.

  16. Hubby gets lint in his belly button too. It must be boys.

    But Jordan's TOO cute!!!!

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