Monday, December 21, 2009

Canadians, boots, bear suits. And snow!

Here is what I learned from my boot solicitations: I like your taste.

I liked all the suggestions. I know one might think, oh, how hard is it to pick basic black boots?

But it's like finding the perfect little black dress. Very difficult.

And holy cow are there a lot of cute black boot options, and really, I do best when faced with, oh, three choices. Not five hundred gajillion.

And so, thanks to you, I spent my online time this weekend on various sites - all your ideas - but mainly Zappos because seriously, they have 80 katrillion boots! Who knew?

I am torn between two pairs. These boots are going to be my Christmas present. And also, the only boots I buy this year. So they are worth some agonizing.

I will let you know.

And thanks to an Anonymous (it's always the Anonymousers, isn't it?) I am a little in love with this La Canadienne brand, which of course is much spendier than any shoes I ever buy. But I have never met a Canadian I didn't like. Which means probably I would love the shoes, no?

Also? Waterproof! Warm!

Those two words are pretty seductive when you are a person with nothing practical in which to ensconce your feet and then it SNOWS! And SNOWS AND SNOWS!

And you really want to take your kid out in it, because is there anything cuter than a baby in a bear suit pretending to sled?

In my unbiased opinion, no.
Also, do I want a bear suit for myself?

Hell, yeah.


  1. I want a bear suit too. Perhaps we can wear them when I am there when we go out to lunch.

  2. Absolutely! People might think we're furries, but what the hell.

    When are you going to be here?!

  3. Oh Big J in his suit is so adorable!!! I like the pink coat you have too, but think maybe bear ears on you might clash with the black boots? The snow looks like fun - what a great Christmas treat.

  4. That sounds like a fun weekend afternoon. Great pictures - Geeze that boy is adorable! Good luck on the boots decisions.

  5. I wore my 6-year-old La Canadienne boots through the East Coast slush today. My feet are warm and dry.

    Not to complicate the decision-making, but they are literally the best pair of boots I've ever owned.

  6. End of May ad beginning of june. My niece is graduating from high school, so, i know it's a ways off and we'd be rather hot in our suits with the humidity and all, but keep it in mind. :)

  7. Lisa,
    You are so stinkin' cute! I think you could wear a gunny sack and still look good. But a bear suit, now that would add the elements of very cute and warm. Do it.

    Happy Holidays from The Dark Side of the Moon. I mean, North Dakota. It's snowing, will be -10 degrees by Christmas Day. Maybe I should be shopping for boots too. Or a freaking ticket out. Cutest baby boy on the planet by the way.

    Jingle Bells,

  8. These pictures!! I think we all need bear suits-esp if we can look as cute as he does! By the way, you look fantastic!

  9. he's so stinkin cute i can't stand it!

    and yes, i want a fuzzy suit too!

  10. I started looking for boots yesterday and stumbled across this post. Most of the links still work, and I'm having a hard time picking boots. But! Some of them are less than $100, which is fantastic.

  11. Lisa - Gorgeous picture! My son has that bear suit too. I wish I had a bear suit but in black because it's MUCH MUCH more flattering. I also want those little footsie pajamas but the people at Carter's looked at me funny when I asked them if they could accommodate me.

    Black boots are REALLY REALLY hard to find. I totally agree!

  12. I love snow :( sadly we dont have it here well its a 6 hour drive in the winter to get to the snow. I want to travel to the other side of the world for a white christmas like in the postcards. Over here Santa wears beach shorts and and suncream.
    Black boots, so hard to find just the right pair. (very limited for choice here in the antipodes.
    You guys are too cute, the picture of you and Jordan beaming out those smiles would light up the sky at night.
    Yay last day of work for me and then its holiday for 3 weeks. First in 3 years :)

  13. You are an adorable family. ADORABLE.

  14. Hello cuteness! My 6 month old nephew has a similar bear suit and I've come to the conclusion that all baby clothes should have ears on them. Such a great picture of you two!

    Keep us posted on the boots! I need a new pair as well for waiting out in the cold for the bus in the mornings.

  15. those pictures are so sweet!! i wanna pinch some wind-nipped-lil-pink-cheeks!!

  16. So, uh, I'm Canadian and ...this is embarrassing ... I have never heard of La Canadienne. Please do not tell the government. I might get kicked out of Canada and I would miss the poutine so very much.

  17. hee hee i happen to be wearing my own pair of black canadienne boots right now and it is a rainy day. :)

  18. GREAT pics
    I have been looking for the perfect pair of boots my whole adult life. Granted, I live in Africa where they are harder to come by, but still. I did drool at all the suggestions tho - thanks LG readers!

  19. That last picture?


    Out of joy. But still.

  20. Susan H - I think bear ears are a neutral, much like black boots. But that's just me. :)

    Kate - Thank you! It was astounding snow.

    Annie - Anyone who owns their boots seems to say this!

    Rindy - Yay! Then maybe we meet up in sundresses rather than bear suits. Because it's not the heat - it's the humidity.:)

    Lynn - Oh, thank you! I have spent a number of Xmases in Minot, and man, is that the coldest I have ever been. I thought my face would freeze off. Boots! Sweaters! Hot chocolate! Liquor!

    Uncle Vik - He's so much bigger than when you saw him last!

    kayare - We all need bear suits! And thank you!

  21. brookem - Thank you! Yes, fuzzy suits for all!

    raven-smiles - I know - people had a whole host of awesome suggestions!t for footie PJs - I'll let you know if I find some!

    Go-Betty - I would trade snow and boots for beach weather any day any any any day!

    And thank you! We were having fun.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Dagny - We love you!

    Stevie - All baby clothes should definitely have ears. The cuteness!

    I will let you know about the boots for sure.

    notsojenny - Oh, the baby cheeks! Who knew!

    Hillary - Wellll, I just don't know what to think about this. Maybe they aren't legitimately Canadian? Because I know you are!

    xuxE - Yet another piece of proof I probably need those boots!

    Lisa - Thank you :)!

    Miranda - The perfect pair of boots are so hard! Perhaps harder in Africa...

    LiLu - Oh, thank you, my sweet!

    LJ - Thanks! :) He is my d-d-d-d-d darling!

  22. Dear Lisa,

    Please stop killing me with the cuteness. I mean, sure there are smirks and cheeks that are adorable. But BEAR SUITS and SMIRKS and CHEEKS?! That is just cuteness overload.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  23. Oh holy hell with all the cute. Those pictures basically make my brain do this:


    Also? I love your pink coat. Love.


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