Monday, December 14, 2009

Your kid, my kid

So when Big J is all smiley and happy and wonderful, or doing fun new stuff - sitting (propped up)! using hands! babbling! - which is a good percentage of the time, he's my kid.

As in, "Who's my baby? You are! Oh, I love my boy!"

And when he does things like wake up a lot. like, say. . . Every. Two. Hours. All. Night. Long - for no apparent reason - he's Nick's baby.

As in, "WHY is your kid waking up so much? Doesn't your son know it's 4 am and tomorrow is Monday and more importantly, Mama needs sleep?"

It's kind of like when I was 10 and my brother was 7 and we really wanted a dog.

We promised and promised and promised our parents we'd take care of it. They finally relented. And of course, Betty wound up doing most of the work.

At those ages, I was still bigger than my brother. And he still believed everything I said.

And so when I told him that the front half of the dog was mine, and he got the back half, it made him pretty upset.

As you may imagine.


  1. Oh wow, that's a great trick you pulled on your brother. Big J is simply adorable. I hope you get a full night's rest tonight!

  2. I feel bad about it now. He was so upset to have the butt half of the dog.

    And thank you - we are crossing fingers for more sleep!

  3. My older sister did stuff like that to me all the time. I'm still not over it.

  4. I'm remembering that one when I have kids. Only I have the equipment to take care of the head-end of the kid, so surely he gets the butt-end, right?

  5. Hillary - He got bigger than me not long after that and I stopped being able to push him around.

    Lisa - Hahaha! You will have to let me know if he falls for it. If so, you have such the better end of the deal. The butt end of a dog is so much easier than the butt end of a baby. In my opinion.

  6. Hehe. My sister used to inform me of all kinds of "facts", simply because she knew I'd believe them.

    For example, did you know that if you swallow your gum, it will stick all of your insides together and you'll be curled up in a ball for the rest of your life?

  7. I totally do that to my husband with our kids! Whenever they're doing something cute or impressive, I'm all "Look honey! My son is singing the Indiana Jones theme song!" (which is impressive for a two-year-old, by the way). But whenever they're doing something messy, frustrating, or just plain WRONG, I'm all "Oh look, honey, YOUR SON discovered that he's tall enough to play in the toilet."

  8. my parents said stuff like that all the time - whenever we got into trouble it was "come in here and see what YOUR DAUGHTER did!"
    and even when they were pissed at each other it was "well, YOUR MOTHER wants it that way so that's what we're doing"
    etc. i guess everyone wants to claim the good things as the licky face side of a dog : )

  9. Dagny - I had NO idea! Holy cow! I'm so glad you didn't swallow your gum as a kid.

    queen of entropy - Hahaha! Absolutely! I also tell him when HIS son had an enormous poo.

    notsojenny - I think it's true - good as their own, annoying stuff get's assigned to someone else.

  10. the other night husband promised I could have one full night of sleep and he would do the night feeding. when the baby woke up, I tapped him and he said - oh it's 3 in the morning. I meant the "middle of the night" feeding. hmmm. sounded fishy. i was too tired to complain.

    husband slept till 7 that morning and when he woke, he stretched and said - I wish I could sleep in!

  11. This is pure brilliance. I am 100% stealing this idea and applying it to as many facets of my life as possible. The end.


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