Tuesday, December 08, 2009

You're lucky to be drinkin' here for free cause I'm a sucker for your lucky pretty eyes

You know how I was having all those production problems with the milk before?

We're all good now. (And tomorrow I go back to work and figure out how to maintain.)

It increased - with the help of daily oatmeal and an herbal tea we like to call Boob Tea. So Big J has been an only boob man for quite some time now.

It is a weird thing, though, the milk-making. One of the more bizarre things I've ever experienced is milk squirting straight out into the air from my body. It's not like peeing, where you can clench and stop it. I tried.

Because sometimes Jordan will squawk, and all of a sudden my boobs will be like, "Hi! Here! Have some milk! Nownownow!"

Kind of like if you sat down at a restaurant to order and the server immediately flung an appetizer in your direction.

But now I really like the nursing. It is such an amazing connection. And it just makes my heart so warm to have my sweet boy all snuggled around me. He settles in and he pats me with his chubby little hand. He's just so incredibly comfortable.

Sometimes I am sitting there all beaming, thinking about how much I love him, and how comfy and happy he seems. He'll close his eyes and make these "Mmmmm! Delicious!" noises.

I'm all, oh, he knows I'm his mother, and he's feeling so nurtured. He's so delighted to be all cozied up next to Mama. We're sharing a moment.

And then suddenly he'll finish eating and open his eyes. He'll pull his head back, his brow will furrow, and his eyes will get very wide in surprise.

And then, then he'll get this huge smile on his face all, "Hey! You're here too! This is great!"


  1. i like that he's givin the ol' 1-2 punch in the photo

    and you make it sound all nice but breatfeeding still scares me into delaying my first baby on a daily basis

  2. yes, i agree with notsojenny. Breastfeeding sounds all warm and unicorn and puppy-like, and yet freaks me out. particularly considering how sore my boobies get with just my normal hormones.

  3. Only you would take a Liz Phair song and apply it to breastfeeding. And that is why I love you so.

  4. Ah, and they never outgrow that. "Boobs! Whoa, there's a person up ther...BOOBS!"

  5. he looks so much like nick in that photo! i really am just dead of the cute.

  6. He is a darling boy.

    my son is the same age, and we just got the BF stuff worked out too. I have moments where i feel like this (and then ones where i cant wait for BF to be over!)

    Yes- nice choice of lyric for your post-title

  7. Ah, haha! How do you do that? You capture it so well.

  8. I'm so glad your breastfeeding is going so well! It really is a magical thing, isn't it? You're sustaining another human life, with just your boobs!

    One small warning - in the next month or so, those cute pats that he gives you will turn into grabs. Be sure you keep his nails trimmed, because nothing hurts more than baby fingernails scratching on nipples!!

  9. notsojenny - It really was dreadful for a while. And if you want to be afraid of pain, fear the post-pregnancy sex. I am not kidding.

    Rindy - I don't know. At a certain point, mine just stopped being so sore. I mean, they are every once in a while when they're really full. But otherwise, they're kind of like, oh, knees or something. Tough.

    freckledk - I love my Liz Phair!

    Lisa - Hahahaha! I never had enough to have that happen to me before.

    Sgt. Social Worker - Thank you! Yah, people keep saying he looks just like Nick. Except with trendier taste in clothing.

    feisty - I'm feeling very sentimental and like I want every single moment possible with him before I head back to work. But there are definitely times when I think how nice it will be when I have my body back.

    A.S. - Awww, shucks ma'am. Thanks! :)

    Luna - EEEEEEEEE! That sounds very terrible.

  10. man, yours is the only blog that makes me laugh out loud consistently. thank you.

  11. Ditto Lisa (the other one, not you). C'mon, he's a guy and they're boobs. Doesn't take much to distract us. As soon as you're done with the whole breastfeeding thing, his lifelong search for another pair starts.

  12. My son is a few weeks younger than yours and I've had a similar experience. It remains disconcerting to me that my boobs put this guy to sleep however.

    That said we're trying to get him to sleep in his crib more which he has LOATHED thus far. Th dr. told usto let him sleep in his bouncy chair for awhile...but he's too big for it now. How did you get Jordan to sleep? Did he really only get upset for a minute?? Please tell me this gets easier...

    And yes, great song. If you're ever in Chicago you can have a drink on me.

  13. glin227 - Thank you! That's so nice!

    FoggyDew - Hilarious. And surely true.

    KLZ - We've put him in his crib from the very beginning and he's fine with sleeping in it. However, getting him to sleep in the first place is sometimes easy and sometimes really hard. At night I nurse him lying down on the bed in the dark. He falls asleep nursing, and I carefully get up and swaddle him. And then put him in his crib. If he wakes up, however, it is a long ordeal getting him back to sleep, and I usually wind up nursing some more, but I keep him swaddled, which pisses him off. Nick does a great job of patting his back and soothing him back to sleep. But some nights that's an over and over and over process.

  14. KLZ - Also...I know that we're supposed to start teaching him to fall asleep on his own, not nurse him to sleep, or pat or rock him to sleep. But our attempts so far have been feeble.

    AND I love Chicago, and next time I am there, I will totally take you up on the offer!

  15. I was going to leave a comment but this last one had me laughing so much I forgot what I was going to say! WTF!!

  16. I was going to leave a comment but this last one had me laughing so much I forgot what I was going to say! WTF!!

  17. I really like your response to the anon Lisa.

    had to read it a couple of times to fully enjoy its genius.

  18. Re: painful post-preg sex: pardon my ignorance, but why is post-C-section sex so painful? I know one's hoo-ha will be very dry, but doesn't lube take care of that? And how long (how many times?) before it ceases to be painful?


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