Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the snows of yesteryear are right here. In case anyone is still wondering.

Um, it's snowing. Uh-gain. And still.

It's the same damn thing everyone is saying. There isn't a whole lot more to say. Except holy crap, is this a lot of snow!

We look out the window first thing in the morning.
It's very blowy outside.
The snow performed a swirly dance.
And left lace on this window.
And now, in lieu of cars, we have powdery white mastodons silently sleeping on the street.
It's lovely and peaceful.
And also really fucking annoying in a hard-to-walk-blow-straight-up-your-nose-if-you-poke-it-outside kind of way. Enough with the neiges d'antan already.


  1. Ooooh, very pretty! Mastodons made me laugh. But what about the heater issue? By the minimal swearing in your post, I'm going to guess that you are at least warm???

  2. Susan H - Isn't it pretty out? But the wind is crazy and there are all these very high drifts. They really do look to me like parade of huge white animals!

    And thank you for asking! NO! NO HEAT! We have to buy a new goddamn boiler - which cannot be installed before next Tuesday or Wednesday at earliest. It was either that or buy an expensive new ignition thingy for an 18-year old boiler. And that couldn't be installed before this weekend.

    We are, however, all cozying up together in space-heated rooms. It's kind of like indoors camping. I'm so glad Betty is here.

  3. I'm so glad help is on the way in terms of the boiler and you all have eachother to snuggle up to! That is a hell of a lot of snow. Snow flurries are in the forecast in Austin tonight but that's pathetic compared to the blizzard you're in the middle of!

  4. Wow. Now I'm extra happy and excited about the adorable blue snowsuit - at least big J has warm snuggly clothes...

    At least you can look at the pretty windows from inside, out of the wind!

  5. Welcome to my world 6 months at a time! Hate the fucking snow already. Oh and don't get me started on the 25 below BS. When I remind my hubby that I was born and raised in Newport Beach CA. He gets a giggle.
    Sadist. Two more years and my baby goes off to college and I am out of here! Although, to balance it out, we had 15 homicides in the whole state of North Dakota last year. All committed in winter I'm sure...

    Hang in there Lisa & drink more. Oh and be aware that babies are made in the cold...

  6. Holy shit, that's a lot of snow.

  7. HKW - You said hell! Heather! Hahahaha!

    I will be so excited when we actually get the boiler. It's a good thing we all like each other so much.

    Dagny - That little pumpkin has been wearing a fleece sleepsack over his clothes for warmth for the last however many days.

    And yes, it's pretty as long as you're not out in it!

    Lynn - Oh, I know. I feel for you. It's brutal up there. Any skin you have exposed when you leave the house freezes instantly. I remember it vividly. Newport Beach to North Dakota is some enormous switch. Winters like this could make me homicidal, that's for sure.

    Jennie - It is! It certainly is!

  8. It sure does look beautiful-even if it has an evil side! Picturing Big J and the gang circled around the space heater-toasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate before retiring to the tents! You all look great in the snow pictures. :)

  9. Fuck me, that's a lot of snow!

    Beeoootiful pictures!

  10. Holy Crap! Part of me is really sorry I missed DC's winter this year, but part of me is also happy to be wearing skirts without hose, and open toed shoes right now. Yikes. Stay warm!!

  11. Your writing is lovely and peaceful. And then I get to the last paragraph and spit take my coffee. Je pense que l'année prochaine, ce seront les neiges d'antan.

  12. Lyrical, full of pretty photos and hilarious! (as long as no one hands me a shovel.)


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