Thursday, February 11, 2010

The hair, always the hair

I got my hair highlighted this afternoon for the first time since October.

I was considering being a brownhead, since it was so grown out. However, the problem is that my normal hair color, as far as I can tell, is a flat kind of mousy brown. But I still have the blonde skin. My hair kind of needs to be blonde to brighten up my face.

And so I'm reblonded.


What I'm considering, and I'll have to dig up photos to post, is cutting my hair super short. And dyeing it platinum. I had it that way for several years and I loved it.

Although the last time I did this was in W's first term. A long time ago. I worry that by now I'm too old, and should just be more conservativey.

Also, if I regret it, it's a year of ugly-inbetween-no-style before it grows out enough.

I discussed it with my stylist, who is all up for chopping my hair this spring. Or not.


  1. Wow...platinum would totally be fun. And if you've had it before and loved it, why not? But yes, pictures!

  2. go for it! if you don't you'll look back in a few years and wish you'd done it when you "were younger".
    and if you regret it? a fun year with awesome wigs! it's a win situation no matter what : )

  3. You're not too old-- I can't imagine you ever being too old. I think you should rock it.

  4. dude. you rock. platinum hair rocks. do the math.

  5. You could just do what I do when I'm having a bad hair day... and shave your head. :-P

  6. Susan H - I will dig them out - this was back before I had a digital camera. It was fun, it really was.

    notsojenny - You know, you make a good point - it's not like I'm not only getting older. As for the wigs, hmm....

    mysterygirl! - Oh, big hugs to you!

    Hillary - Ha! Math is my weak point, but thank you!

    VVK - The thing is, shaved actually looks good on, probably not so much.

  7. Oh, playing with your hair is so fun! I think you should do it.

    Though I think you could also pull of myriad shades of brown and make them look HOTT, too.

  8. Just do it. I'm pretty much the same as you. I was born a tow-head (toe-head? I've seen it both ways and never know which one is right) and now my hair is the same as you describe yours - a mousy brown. Which makes me look so BLAH. But I usually keep a lot of highlights so I look like a blondie. And last year I went platinum blonde and LOVED it. It has since grown out and I'm itching to go back, but can't afford it right now. Wow, long comment. Sorry.

    The point is, DO IT!

  9. I agree-do it! You have the right face for it. I wish I could wear mine short, so I'm jealous.

  10. Hello gorgeous! Wait until Spring for platinum - people might not be over the snow yet.

  11. ooooooo. Couldn't resist commenting on this one. I LOVED your short, platinum look!! You looked SO awesome with that hair (and trust me, not many people do!). Made your pretty eyes sparkle more. If you're thinking about it, you should do it. You can always grow it out again (even though I know that was a pain) but still.... it's fun to switch it up and you know it looks good! oh yeah, and by the way, you are so NOT old and god forbid, please don't go conservative on me. I might have to show up on your doorstep and stab you with a fork or something.


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