Monday, February 08, 2010

Saturday snowmageddon (sn)outing

We examine the snow situation. Determination 1: very snowy. Determination 2: must leave the house.
We shovel. And shovel. And shovel.
We suit up.
We go on an adventure!
We are kind of over it, but we humor Mama by posing for a picture. We refuse to feign delight, however.

Aaaaand wow am I a full-on mommyblogger.

I think the last time I was snowed in I spent the day playing drinking Jenga with my housemates. And then at 3 am Maude and I ran around the block naked but for boots and hats. It might've been on a dare. But it might've been for self-amusement.

Because, you know, there was a lot of nakedidity in our lives back then.

It turns out that when everything is snowed under, and a car comes down the street with headlights on, hiding behind a snow-covered bush gets you pretty much nowhere.

As I recall. Age and motherhood takes a toll on the memory, you know.


  1. you guys look so happy! and I am infinitely jealous of how put together you look in the snow. I always just look like Nanook from the north.

  2. Thank you! I was unbathed, however, if that makes you feel better. I think it's just that both coat and hat are the same color.

  3. I know. I don't know when I became a mommy blogger. Probably when john got me all knocked up. Being snowed in was way cooler when I could get trashed and sleep till noon the next day.

    Jordan looks so cute!

  4. OK I know I was horrible yesterday but really its because I am jealous of all the snow believe it or not. I hate the cold but snow is such a novel concept to me.
    You guys look great and that raspberry coat and hat are so cool. Jordan looks for all the world like a cuddly blue snowman in that suit. Isnt Nick a sweetheart out there shovelling snow of the footpath. (Yet another foreign concept for me) :S.

    I hope it all disappears soon and things warm up for you guys :)

  5. Holy crap that's a lotta snow! Wow, Lisa-you look beautiful The snow and lack of heat works for you. :) Big J is adorable as ever.

  6. Has Nick got something to prove in terms of weathing the cold - I'm concerned over his exposed ears and hands and a light coat and cotton pants? Brr! Lovely photos from DC Winter wonderland. A beautiful family in pretty snow :) Big J's suit is just too cute for words and you look lovely in pink and warm in wool!

  7. I have been pouting for the last...god how long have we been covered in all this snow now?? But this post put a smile on my face. :)

    On another note, did you know we're getting more snow? I didn't even think it was POSSIBLE!

  8. Kiran - I think it's inevitable when you get all knocked up. And yes, snow was much more fun with copious amounts of alcohol and sleep.

    Go-Betty - It is totally fun as a novelty and then it is so not fun. I would love to trade you for the day.:) Or maybe the month, actually, since you all are in summer down there, right? Ahhh, for summer.

    kayare - It's insane, the snow here. The roads are thick with it. And thank you!

    HKW - The man does not get cold. It's extraordinary. Also, I was bundled up and then the shoveling was so much work that I was sweating profusely and pulling off layers. So he's not as underdressed as he seems.

    Marie - I am so over it. I'm tired of being cold and staying indoors. But I'm glad this post made you smile.

    And what the fuck is WRONG with this place?! Another 10-20 inches!!??! The federal government had better close. I'm totally stalking the OPM website right now.

  9. So at first I was all, "Oh my GOD California is amazing and fuck snow and I'm so, so grateful to live where I live," but then I saw your INSANELY ADORABLE PINK OUTSIDE OUTFIT and I was like, "I WANT TO LIVE IN THE SNOW."

    You're making me life very complicated. Which is to say: ah you're so cute!

  10. I cannot get over the cuteness of the snowsuit. Extreme Cuteness!

    Age and motherhood are pretty handy that way, no?



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