Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another one of those hindsight is 20-20 situations

So back when I had the PPD and was just completely exhausted and resentful and overwhelmed, I almost handed our baby to a complete stranger.

She was young and pretty, and stopped to say hello one day when Jordan and I were waiting in front of the house for Nick to lock up.

She said, "What a cute baby! I'd love to babysit. I live right next door."

As she said this, she pointed at the building next to ours.

And I swear to you, I reached down for him, and was on the verge of flinging him at her and shuffling away as fast as my C-section might allow, all, "Hereyougo, thankyouverymuch!"

Nick stopped me mid-baby-lift and said, "That would be great! Why don't we get your number next time we see you?"

I promptly forgot all about her.

But we've since met most of our immediate neighbors. And the other day, Nick remarked on the fact that we've never seen that woman again.

"What woman?"

"The complete stranger that you wanted to give Jordan to."

Oh. That woman. She looked sincere, as I recall. And she had on a nice outfit.

Good thing I didn't hand the kid over.


  1. A good thing, indeed. Though, it would be an interesting thing, to ask around and see if any of the immediate neighbors you HAVE seen since then, know who you're talking about.

    Is it possible to have a babysitter mirage?

  2. Hillary - I know!

    Dagny - We should ask the neighbors. I'm sure she's a legitimate person.

    By the same token, she could've been a figment of our imagination. Hmm.

  3. That's a little frightening actually! Hopefully, she just moved or something and wasn't some baby snatcher.

    It's funny. I had PPD as well. I didn't want to give Jess away, but I wanted to run away. Same idea, just opposite solutions. (BTW, I have no idea where I thought I'd be going, but still. . . )

    Now, aren't you glad you kept Big J? :)

  4. let us know if you ever see her, would ya?


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