Friday, February 05, 2010

Snow! And dragon wrestling!

I was really wishing I could live-blog from Safeway, where I waited in line for over an hour with the rest of the milk-, eggs-, beer-, miscellaneous food-needing world. Mainly because I needed some entertainment.

The bulk of my waiting time was actually in the beer aisle, and this woman in front of me and I considered furtively opening beers and drinking to pass the time.

However, we did not.

And now I'm home - my office closed at one because of The Big Snow!

So for those of you stuck inside without adequate entertainment, I offer you a baby wrestling a dragon. Not to boast, but Big J's got some great moves.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. He's such a little cutie!!

    Our office also let us out early (yay for federal government closing!!).

    My boyfriend would have cracked open a beer waiting in line for that long. It's been ridiculous.

  2. Yes! He vanquished the dragon!

    Marie - Thanks. :) Yes - yay for the feds! And I totally should've. Really, would I have gotten in trouble? I doubt it.

  3. Big J's the man! The pictures are awesome! Happy weekend.

  4. Spent an hour at the Teeter in Ballston last night. My time was spent in the cereal aisle. Didn't even think of waiting in the beer aisle. Must be getting slow.

    J's victory over the dragon is one songs will be written and sung about for years and years and years. (And he looked killer cute doing it.)

  5. Aw, Big J is so adorable! My favorite baby move is when they try to use their feet in addition to their hands, and they bend their little legs all the way up and try to get a better grip on their toy that's just so cute!

  6. Working tonight and Big J vs. the dragon was highly entertaining. Big J 1. Dragon 0.

  7. Happy Snowy Weekend! Stay safe. Its refreshing to know jordan will be vaniquishing dragons ;-)

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  9. Big J-he did it! Stay warm and cozy. Please post some snow pictures if you dare to take the dragon wrestler out in it!


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