Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are widening the corridors, and adding more lanes...

So as you know, Nick and I walk most of the way to work together.

On our route, it turns out there's this preparatory school that I'd passed a million times but never noticed.

I grew up in cities. But since Nick grew up in a bucolic setting, I think the idea of city schools, crammed in among offices and retail on city blocks and without any grass or playing fields, really intrigues him.

Nick saw the prep school sign one day, and that was that for him. That's where he went to high school.

For entertainment during daily commuting purposes, I mean.

He now has to sing the XYZ Prep song every time we pass it. Every. Time. Which is almost, oh, every morning.

He sings it to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree."

We commute during rush hour. There are always a number of people walking down the sidewalk with us.

In case you're wondering.

The lyrics change daily. Sometimes they are about academics. Sometimes they are about sports. He likes to give me details of his high school days there as well.

One day last week I was really in a hurry and was two steps ahead of him the whole way, so as we approached the building I was all, "Don't sing! You won't be able to keep pace!"

And he boomed, "On the contrary! I was in the XYZ Prep marching band! Singing our marching song only speeds me up! Oh, XYZ Prep, oh XYZ Prep..."

He began marching quickly. In a very knees up, arms out march-y way. While singing. Loudly.

He added, while pointing up, "We had to march back and forth on the roof, of course, since there wasn't much room for practice."

Two people we were passing looked up to where he was pointing.

"Did you ever lose batons over the side?"

"Batons! We lost people! You can get caught up in the marching, and forget where the edge is. Plus, the tether ball courts were up there. You have no idea how many tether ball fatalities we had."

He then resumed singing.

"Oh, XYZ Prep, oh XYZ Pret, reigning tether ball champions!"

If you think there is any remote attempt at subtlety here, you're mistaken.

Also, I just realized I backwardsed us in the drawing. But I cannot bear to re-draw. Please just imagine me in front, trying to hurry him along. Instead of walking behind, looking slightly horrified.


  1. Nice dress and galoshes Lisa! haha! Nick sounds like a riot! Now if you could just record his songs for posterity....or, just to play when he least expects it: )

  2. The drawing is...uh-mazing.

  3. I really love you guys for each other. Perfect!

  4. OMG! I'm at work, in my cube LMAO. I love it! Carolyn

  5. I, um, love Nick. I hope that doesn't make things awkward between us.

  6. Kate - They're actually my new leather boots. I realize the detail doesn't come through in the drawing.:)

    I would really like to video them for my blog, but he won't let me.

    moosie - Thank you very much! It's not great, I know, but I did work hard on it.

    Dagny - Thank you! I do feel lucky that way. Most of the time.

    Carolyn - He makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time sometimes.:)

    Hillary - Not a problem at all. I'm very open minded about people who love my husband from Canada.

  7. Nick has a twisted sense of humor-the best kind!

  8. you need to put a little video camera in your hat to get all this stuff on tape... you'll be on your way to a Golden Globe in no time!

  9. you need to put a little video camera in your hat to get all this stuff on tape... you'll be on your way to a Golden Globe in no time!

  10. For some strange reason, this post reminds me of that scene from Bull Durham. In the version in my head, one day you lose it and yell at Nick "You lollygag to work, you lollygag home. You know what that makes you? What does that make em' Big J?" At that moment Jordan speaks his first words to yell "Daddy's a lollygager!" To which you reply, "A signing lollygager!"

  11. This totally made my day. I was a proud member of my high school marching band, and though we didn't practice on the roof, we did have a sousaphone player who ran into the goal post on the football field.

  12. The drawing is one of the best I've seen. And the story is simply magnificent! I'm working from home today with snow falling outside (in Austin TX!) and was able to really laugh out loud like this post deserves - not toned down like when I'm in the office :)

  13. So how many points does the sousaphone player get when he falls off the roof and takes out half a dozen people? Does he get more if one of them is the principal?

  14. You've officially made me want to have you over for dinner. Which is only slightly weird since we've never met and live in a different state. But you're so fun!

  15. kayare - Nick makes me laugh on such a regular basis. It's good.

    notsojenny - The only problem is, Nick would be pissed at the secret filming. I know he would.

    Refugee - I love that Jordan's first words are an entire sentence with a complicated word.

    And I don't really remember Bull Durham. People love that movie, but I never really got the appeal.

    Stevie - I'm sure that hurt, but boy, that made me laugh out loud when I read it.

    HKW - I totally thought of you while I was doing it, because I know you like the drawings! And yay for working at home in the snow! Snow?! In Austin!? What's going on with the world?

    VVK - HAHA! I think he should definitely get more if one of them is the principal. Taking out the principal would balance out the embarrassment of marching yourself off the roof, don't you think?

    Jennie - That is a fantastic compliment! Thanks so much!

  16. was it Emerson? I was a substitute teacher there when I was in college!! I would love to work on some songs and routines with you when I am back in the spring! ;-) The Glee-ification of the morning commute. I sooooo support that

  17. Hi! I just found you by way of Jennie (she likes purple). I was thrilled that the first entry I read was titled after Cake lyrics! And you're in DC! And you're hilarious!

  18. Nick is SO like my boyfriend. Sounds like we must both appreciate the weird ones. Nick sounds wonderful though - if you can't laugh, you can't have much, right?


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