Monday, July 19, 2010

And after one hour more 'twill be eleven. And so from hour to hour we ripe and ripe...

Today, my little pickle-eating friend, today you are eleven months old.

There are days where you are so utterly charming, and I am so in love with you and I feel like time is fleeting.

I just revel in being your mama.

And there are days like yesterday where everything is a whiny whiny drama trauma.

Dad calls those days "challenging" - whereas I call those the "only child" days.

Meaning, keep this up, buddy, and you're definitely going to be an only child. Which means you're more likely to be a serial killer, according to some article I read on the Internet.

And nobody wants that, do they?

I doubt it's true. But it's a good threat, don't you think? And better than stabbing myself in the ears.

But back to the positive.

This has been a huge month for you. Huge!

We had a houseful of guests over 4th of July. You could barely sleep, you were so excited. You fell in love with Kelli. I knew it was love when you crawled in her lap and wanted some of her cereal.

And then, then last weekend, we went on a trip! You played with big kids! You slept in a closet! You swam in a big pool!

We discovered that you love ice cream sandwiches, ham and cheese omelets, and dill pickles.

You can crawl with astounding alacrity. And you stand up and sit down with a great deal of dexterity. You've learned how to go up and get down one stair. It's only a matter of time with the rest.

Once you really started moving, you lost interest in talking. But recently you've added things like "Gak!" to your vocabulary. You and Dad go back and forth with the "gak!" "Gak!" "GAK!"

At which point I generally ask him, the English-speaking adult, to use real words with you.

We've put up a number of baby gates, and you definitely notice the lack of freedom.

Sometimes you stand at them, shaking the bars. We're in the room with you, so it's not like you're trying to get to us.

I'm pretty sure it's more that you're all, "They may take my life, but they can't take my freeeeeedom!"

(Unfortunately, however, when you're a little older, I'm going to have to break it to you: Mel Gibson is a douchebag.)

We all love you like crazy, and you're the best thing in our world.

Even if your poo does make me retch once in a while.

Love love love,



  1. He is too cute. That picture is adorable and making me melt.

  2. I'm an only child. I guess it's just a matter of time before I start murdering. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Lisa - He was cracking me up with the dill pickle spear. He had two of them.

    Nicole - Oh! Forgot to mention - it's only boys! Doesn't apply to you!

  4. Happy 11 months! The baby gate freeeedom shake description is too cute. My Mom is from the Midwest and says "Gad", which is close to Gak, or maybe J is a natural at superhero sound effects?

  5. Whew! I was a little worried about the serial killer thing. But I have a little GIRL only. I think that just makes her a princess!

    Thalidamide spoon made me laugh! The people in the office much tink I'm nuts!

  6. 11 months! That doesn't seem right. He was just a newborn what - yesterday? Yesterday he was a wee little thing and now he's eating pickles?

  7. "We discovered that you love ice cream sandwiches, ham and cheese omelets, and dill pickles" - a child after my heart. Great photo!

  8. What? 11 months?!? Where has the time gone? I also love the pic...I love pickles too, and seeing it made me want one! :)

  9. OMG, that cheeky smile! I think one of my ovaries just flipped over.

  10. Lady Killer maybe but not a serial killer. I don't like dill pickles, Gak! Give him my share, and a kiss from the Dakotas, where all hail broke loose last Monday and destroyed my gardens :-( But looking at that baby? all better now.

  11. Ya the dill pickles, it was all my niece would want to eat at that age...weird lol.
    Ahhh did I breed a serial killer ? I prefer to think of my son as a Cereal Killer especially when I walk into my kitchen in the morning and the remenants of a midnight feast of nutrigrain or porrige is all over the bench.
    J is just the cutest wee man though. :-)

  12. Smelly poo? No way! He's too cute!

  13. HKW - He yells in protest while he's doing it. Definitely displeased.

    And we have Midwestern roots, so maybe? Or maybe he's an itty bitty superhero...

    cla517 - Yes, definitely breathe easy. Princess!

    I do feel bad about the Thalidomide spoon...

    Hillary - I know! One day it's all boob all the time, and next thing you know it, pickles!

    Lynn - Now that I read them like that, all together, it actually sounds like a good combo to me. And thanks - I love the pickle pictures. :)

    EricP - Sigh. You and Nick. You have this large, impressive vocabulary, and here you are with the Gak!

    MyTruth0812 - I don't know! I never believed all those people who told me how fast time would go...and then it went!

    Keenie Beenie - When he is smiley, he's just the most charming thing I've ever encountered.

    Lynn - My gramma in Minot used to make the BEST pickles - dill, bread and butter, and these very thick, sweet ones in syrup that I used to love. I think they'd choke me with sweetness now, but I loved them as a kid.

    As for all hail breaking loose - oh, no! Hail is so pretty and so destructive! Hail no!

    Go-Betty - Hilarious! I didn't think he'd be all that interested, and then he wanted the whole spear!

    And hahahaha! I'm sure he is a cereal killer. I cannot remember where I read this and I'm sure it's ridiculous but it's one of those "facts" that I quite enjoy.

    Lisa - Hmm. I invite you to stretch back in your mind to the good old days with your incredibly cute kids...

  14. I love this post, and this photo, but not the gag-inducing baby poo. That's definitely one thing that stands between me and parenthood.

    I heard a story from a coworker about how his daughter had just learned to crawl, and when they turned their backs they noticed that she was on the other side of the room, smearing poo on the oven window.


  15. I want to squeeze him he's so darn cute! And now I want a pickle AND a baby - go figure! Happy 11 months to both mom and baby, i mean, big boy.

  16. "You slept in a closet."

    Now he's ready for dorm-living.

    And do all kids this age love pickles? Because I hope so - it's beyond cuteness.

  17. He and Josie need to get together. She's got a sense of adventure when it comes to food as well.

    He is too adorable.

  18. Such a sweet pickle eater! I would ask you, where does the time go? But it finds a way, doesn't it? He's the best!


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