Friday, July 30, 2010

Pixie cuts, men like hair, and creepy little celebrity aliens

One way or another I am done with this hair.

Although I don't know why I said "one way or another" since we all know I'm headed to a professional to cut it. I used to chop and color my own with no compunctions, and the result was never good.

Also, remind me sometime to tell you of the time my dad dyed my hair in the garage. Also not good.

I googled "celebrity pixie cut" yesterday and found a bunch of examples - Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman - that I like. Shorty short.

Nick is not particularly excited about the super short, but as far as I can tell, men rarely are. They like women with long hair. Fact.

Another fact: If I were single, I wouldn't have gone platinum and I wouldn't be chopping it short-short. Not in DC, anyway. Too judgey. I'd have kept the subtly highlighted blonde bob.

But back to the celebrity hair googling. Since one thing leads to another, I came across a picture of an Olsen twin, as an example of choppy hair or something of the sort.

I don't wish them ill, those Olsen twins, or even think about them much. But they creep me out, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn they're only temporarily on earth from another planet.

Maybe because of the deer-in-headlight eyes and the fact that they never seem to open their mouths. Or maybe I just have really good alien-dar. Not sure.

But I'm certain one of them is going to come to a bad end.

Aaaand I'd say that's about it for my celebrity predictions.

Fingers crossed on the hair. Fingers even more crossed that our friend J is willing to sit through an entire hair cut without having a boredom fit.


PS Also, since I'm a linguist nerd, I though, what if you take the commas out of the title? Or insert alternate punctuation?

Pixie cuts men like hair. And! Creepy little celebrity aliens.

Pixie cuts. Men like hair and creepy little celebrity aliens.

You'd think I had too much time on my hands, which I assure you, I do not.

Poo, maybe, but time, not so much.



  1. Love the pic of you and J. No one looks as good in a birthday hat as a toddler!

    The Olsen twins...ugh...scary, aren't they? They tend to look like Gollum, in heels and raggedy old Snuggies.

  2. You look great with any haircut. Love the alternative titles, you linguist nerd, you.

  3. Exciting! I heart Carrie Mulligan's pixie cut. Yours will be gorgeous!

  4. Susan H - Those hats are pretty unflattering, aren't they? I think little kids are the only ones who can really pull them off.

    And yes - that's a great way to describe them! So bizarre!

    Lynn - Thanks, but I don't know. I loved it when she was done cutting but now have gotten all what if I look like a boy?

    HKW - I don't know Carrie Muligan - must look her up. As for me...not sure, not sure!

  5. I love pixie cuts. I think they can look even more feminine than long hair. I usually keep mine a short pixie or a slightly grown out pixie. It's easy, sassy and cute!

    Do a search for Jessica Stroup Pixie Cut. Hers looks fabulous (in my opinion).

    Can't wait to see yours!

  6. Wait. You have a pic on your own blog, in a red dress and a cute as all heck pixie, don't you? I'm going to do a search. I've emailed you some cute ones as well.

  7. I love that photo! You have a point about the shorty, short hair. MathMan has seen me in every shade - platinum, charcoal, auburn, cherry red, 34 shades of brunette and now silver. Never a complaint. But when I cut my hair super short after I had Nate and he couldn't keep his sticky baby hands out of my hair? You'd thought I'd cut off MathMan's willy or something. Hated it.

    I can't wait to see your short cut. I'll be envious as I pull my hair into another bun.

  8. I love a good super short hair cut, and I miss my Annie Lennox style hair do.

    But, I must correct you on one small thing - men like pixie haircuts on some women. On their daughters. My husband is constantly pushing our 13 year old to get a pixie cut. Probably because men like their women with long hair [I now have shoulder length hair, by the way.].

  9. Stevie - I like them as well. I love the boldness that it takes to wear them. Jessica Stroup is so very cute! I just googled her. Cute!

    freckledk - Shorter than that. Much shorter. But along the same lines, you are right! Thank you for the pics, lady. :)

    Lisa - Wow - that says a lot! You can have it any color, just have it long. I know. Men like hair. They just do.

    If I had your good hair, I'd keep mine long.

    Suniverse - Now, that is very interesting. My dad didn't want my mom or me to have short hair when I was growing up. He liked it long, no bangs. I don't actually understand why fathers should weigh in on their daughters' hair, although mine weighed in on everything, so not surprising.

  10. Kathy Griffin on the Olsen twins: I was sitting at the Olsen twins' booth. And let me tell you something, I'm fucking scared of those little midgets. Have you seen them in pictures, the way they put their heads together with those big eyes like "Children of the Corn"? It's scary!

  11. Men do like long hair. What's with that? I grow mine out then chop it off to donate. It's a cycle and every boyfriend I've ever had has always told me not to cut it. Then I do and they say it looks good but I swear they are just waiting for the long hair to come back. I think all women should chop off their hair in revolt.

  12. Personally, I prefer:
    Pixie cuts, Men like. Hair AND creepy little celebrity aliens!

    Reads something like a tabloid headline, does it not?

  13. lacochran's evil twin - I am not a Kathy Griffin fan, but in this case she is EXACTLY right!

    Grace - I don't know, but they do. You look like you have beautiful hair, and it seems to me you could do whatever you wanted and look great.

    Tucker - Yes! That's fantastic! Thank you for playing.

  14. I almost exclusively dye and cut my own hair. In fact, I've went to a hairdresser about five times in my life and the last time i went I was 17. 13 years ago! I also hate short hair on me - I had a bob for most of my teens and I feel much better with long hair.

  15. I hate my hair. I need a haircut.
    I am just getting over the short hair. love love loved it at first very short tousled look but growing it out........yeeeouchies.

  16. Bwahahaha!!! That was SO good, thanks!

    Love the hair, but I'm not a guy.
    Hint (& forgive if I already said in another comment/post): If you wanna stay blonde with less aggravation, I think streaking's the way to go. Cheaper, too, if you bought a cap & got Nick to do it ::snicker::snicker::


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