Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday tidbits

Diaper rash: Big J has terrible burny red diaper rash. He cries and cries when his diaper is dirty. Which happened at 4:30 this morning.

It's terrible knowing he's in such pain. He clutches your arm with his chubby little hands, looks in your eyes beseechingly, and wails, tears pouring. He doesn't stop sobbing until you've slathered on the Butt Paste.

Nick took him for a walk all bare-assed this morning, in hopes that air would help. To be clear - Jordan was bare-assed. Nick had shorts on.

4:30 am: Who, I ask you, shits at 4:30 am?

Morning walks-around-the-block: J has his wake-up bottle, and then you pick him up in your arms and head out the door. He's getting too heavy for me to carry for very long, though.

Of course I want him to grow up, and yet I want him to stay little. I love my little snuggly boy.

My hair: Here's the thing. The platinum is fabulous for a couple weeks. And then the roots come in, and they bug. I've made an appointment for Friday. I'm going to get it cut shorty-short.

Unless I chicken out.

J's hair: Jordan is currently heading towards a baby-fine mullet. Nick wants to chop the back. I didn't think I'd be all, nooo! My baby! Don't touch his hair!

But I seem to be.

Vengeance: Remember duplicity? I think I'm more vengeful than I'd like. When I can't fall back asleep (see above - 4:30 am), I plot.

Zen, I am not.


  1. In my family, the tradition has always been for a kid to get his/her first hair cut at / around their first birthday. Its a small family party. :-)

    This tradition is fairly wide spread in India.

  2. Magic butt paste recipe: 1 part zinc-based diaper cream, 1 part antibacterial ointment, 1 part lotrimin (anti-fungal). Slather liberally on baby tushy.

  3. Awww, poor J!

    You would look SO GOOD with shorty short hair. Or longer hair. But I'm sure it would be fantastic.

    I want to help with the plotting! Can I help?

  4. When else will it be acceptable to sport a mullet? I say let the baby mullet reign.

    I cut my hair short-short in college. It was fab and un-fab. Fab because I loved it short and I dyed it lots of different colors to switch things up -- blond, platinum, light grown, red. Un-fab because I am a chronic ponytail-wearer when I'm lazy and short hair meant no ponytail.

    I think you'd be able to pull off short hair quite nicely. Do it! Chug chug chug chug! Sorry. My inner peer-pressurer came out just then.

  5. can't wait to see the short hair! so many cute shortshortshort styles and if anyone can pull them off it's you!

  6. I've heard Lotrimin is the key. Lotrimin, then butt paste, and air/sun.

    The hair -- that's what I hate about color. I love platinum, but it's high maintenance and it's the same way if you go darker. Boo. Why does fun have to be high maintenance? Defeats the purpose of fun.

  7. VVK - I know a year is pretty standard...it just pulls at my heart.

    Wendy - Thank you. Betty is going to try your recipe when he wakes up.

    Dagny - I like the shorty short but nervous, nervous!

    And naturally I would like your help. You're the ideal candidate! Not because you're not a nice person, but, oh, you know.

    Nicole - I'm going to quote that to Nick. It's true - when else?

    I bet that was fun! It is true that with short hair you can be less careful, because it gets damaged and you just cut it off.

    Hahaha on the chug chug chug!

    jen - I'm not making any promises. I've chickened out once already.

    Lisa - We've been trying to do sun. My mom went to CVS looking for probiotic and I read her Wendy's list.

  8. Magic butt paste recipe: 1 part zinc-based diaper cream, 1 part antibacterial ointment, 1 part lotrimin (anti-fungal). Slather liberally on baby tushy.

    AMEN!! He probably has a yeast infection diaper rash and it won't go away without something. Lotrimin mixed as above will do the trick.

    Also, oatmeal baths are good for getting some of the awful, angry red to calm down.

    Can't wait to see the new hair!

  9. baby mullet! BABY MULLET! I fully support you NOT cutting J's hair. How cute are babies with mullets? Plus isn't it kind of a rule that you do embarrassing things to your kids and take pictures so you've got photos to use for blackmail during their teenage years?

  10. Oh god, I hate that for your poor little man. And I'm with you on not wanting to cut their hair. I was always messing with my kids' hair and hated the idea of cutting it.

  11. mine took his first trip to the barber shop on saturday. (he'll be one august 13th.)his curls were so far into his eyes that he could barely see, so 'twas time. don't think i didn't tear up a little when he cried out of fright, though. we all made it through, and he looks super handsome!

    you, on the other hand, should go for the haircut. or, perhaps a mullet of your own???

  12. Just out of curiosity, what kind of diapers is he in? My guy had a horrible bout after using a certain well-known, supposed-to-be-high-end brand, and once I switched to the cheapies, it cleared up. Apparently it's a pretty common thing with their new and improved line - something in the lining is causing a sort of chemical burn/rash for a lot of babies... Anyway, you may want to try switching to see if it helps. Also, remember your squarch bottle? Instead of using wipes, try putting some warm soapy water in there to clean him off. Poor little guy. :(

  13. cla517 - Betty slathered the magic recipe on a screaming kid. We are going to see how it goes. I am going to get some probiotic and I'll look for oatmeal bath as well - although he screams when you put him in water at this point. Eee.

    Hillary - Ohhh! I must spike it in front and take a picture! He will hate it, I'm sure. If now now, then in 12 years...Ha! I should wait till his little bottom clears up though. It's just mean to have both ends messed with.

    Lisa - I am very much a short hair on guys person...and yet I just love my little boy's soft hair getting all long in back.

    Coleen - He and I share a birthday! I love August 13!!!

    Oh, baby curls are delicious! J has just barely stopped looking bald, his hair is so straight and fine. But long in the back!

    Luna - He's in Pampers (but not the terrible new Dry Max burn your babies bits kind) during the day and Huggies at night. We've been using Pampers since he was born and he's been fine. We tried Target and he got a burny rash that went away immediately as soon as we stopped using them.

    Yes! The squarch bottle! That is a GREAT idea. Thank you!

  14. Best thing I ever found for burny diaper rash is 100% pure ALOE JUICE - that you keep in the refrigerator. Diaper rash is actually a skin burn and the aloe soothes it the way it does with any other kind of burn.


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