Friday, July 16, 2010

Stuff, I got. Time, I don't.

I've got stuff to say, but no time.

The kid is sound asleep in the closet, and I'm going to have to wake him so we can vacate the room before noon. Minutes! Minutes to wake the kid, change his bottom, and head out.

I'm postponing. Because who wants to wake a sleeping baby?

We're putting our stuff in a colleague's room so that we can do some more splishy splashing in the pool before we go. And then we head back to DC. To our very own crib.

This will make Big J happy. Which will make mama happy.

But I do have stuff to say.

I have stuff to say about hanging out at a country club and how I've realized I use the word "penis" in casual conversation more than most people and how I am maybe too candid about stuff. And how I've realized that I don't shock the group I'm with as much as surprise them.

I'm pretty sure it's surprise rather than shock.

And how we started with beer in the afternoon and then moved on to red wine and how I am maybe regretting it right now.

But I've gotta go. There's a kid in a closet who needs waking.

Happy Friday, all! Huggy hugs to you!


  1. "But I've gotta go. There's a kid in a closet who needs waking." This may be my favourite thing you've ever written.

  2. Hey, surprise is refreshing! Even shock is at least interesting. The worst sin is to be BORING. And, don't you know?, NEVER mix grain and grape.

  3. I love it when they turn you loose in a crowd.

  4. lol go you. Penii? and country clubs, well they are full of them arent they anyway lol. Dont ever change who you are LG Inappropriate conversations and all you are an absolute gem.

  5. Hillary - Hugs to you for that!

    J - Yes, boring is the worst. I am going to remember that: never mix grain and grape.

    Lisa - I LOVE the way you said that!

    Go-Betty - Ah, thank you. I've tried and found it impossible, so I'm likely to be very me from here on out. It was a lovely place and I while I'd love to swim with my kid every day, it's so not me.

  6. Oh, I'd love to hear more on the country club faux pas...sounds like my life mirrored. replace "country club" with community pool, and it's the same thing..sort of.


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