Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday bitty bits

Too much to do: I currently have too many competing projects and deadlines. Some people can start at the top of the list and calmly work their way down. I kind of start in the middle and spin around frantically.

80s music: I've been listening non-stop to the 80s mix that Russ, Kelli and I made reunion weekend. I was thinking maybe Jordan likes it because I played it for him in-utero but I realized it's probably because I dance around like a maniac while it's on. Love!

Aging: Sooo I just realized that a month from tomorrow I'm going to be a whole nother year older. Which means J is coming up on a year. Cripes.

New Favorite Chocolate: Have you tried Vosges chocolate bars? We got some as a present, and oh, happiness and delight!

Does this make me a terrible mother?: We need to get J a passport...which is all fine and good except that I still haven't applied for his birth certificate.


  1. My to-do lists are just like that!

    Good luck, dear!

  2. Good luck on the list! Reward yourself with chocolate and 80's music after each completed task :) I was just reading last week about the passport fees going up. I don't have a passport and have no idea where my birth certificate is.

  3. I tackle my lists the same way you do, evidently. If I even manage to get organised enough to make the list in the first place, that is...

  4. Oh no! Too bad you can't run to the post office or passport office today to apply, since the fee change goes into effect tomorrow!

  5. I tackle my lists the same way you do. It's silly - I get so frustrated with myself because I know I'm wasting time with all of my fretting and stress but I can't seem to sort myself out.

  6. You have to *apply* for a birth certificate? I had no idea. I would have assumed the city/county *had* to keep records. You know, Big Brother style. Huh.

  7. wait, what? they don't just give you a birth certificate?? i thought that's what hospitals were for! i assumed on the last day they hand you your baby with it's little birth certificate and push you out the door (in a wheel chair until you get to the car of course)

  8. Wait - there are people going around, doing lists in ORDER?!?! That means that they are either doing things inefficiently, or that they take the time to plan their lists out in advance so that tasks progress naturally.

    I don't understand people who have that kind of extra time, just for their LISTS.

  9. Oh I love lists, I even do lists in the weekend to get through my housework chores and things I need to do. I have the attention span of a itty bitty fruit fly so find my lists extremely helpful for sort of keeping me on target mostly...oh look I havent put those books away yet, oh hangon I will finish this pile of filing first...after I have made a cuppa that is....and done... And so the insight to my chaotic mind. (Lists let people think I am so efficient and organised...if only they knew the reality of what happens inside my skullroom.)

  10. I think that last one just makes you realistic. We waited seven years before we replaced Chloe's missing social security card. She survived. But you should have seen what someone did to her credit!

  11. Miss Dallas - Thank you! Stressy!

    HKW - Ugh, I am disorganized - I could've at least renewed mine before fees went up! Grrrr. But you know what? I think of you as so super-organized and it makes me feel better that you don't know where your birth certificate is. :)

    P - Today I made a ginormous list and posted it on the wall. The effect was immediately calming.

    Luna - I totally missed it! Bummer!

    Hillary - That's exactly how it is! I stress, get less efficient, stress some more, and then really don't know which direction to go in first.

    lacochran's evil twin - In DC anyway, you have to apply, as I understand it. There's some record of his birth at the hospital, but you have to go to some office to get the certificate.

    jen - I don't think so. Definitely not DC, but I don't think in other states either...I think they have to come from some government office. But I'm not certain.

    The wheel chair part was bizarro, I have to say.

    Dagny - I get all caught up in my doing of stuff! and skip the list-making. And the list people make their lists and then do their things...and why am I not naturally more like that?

    Go-Betty - I feel like list people are so much more efficient. I have to be on the brink of insanity to make a list...and then it makes me feel so much better. Is this the secret to looking totally organized?

    Lisa - Oh! Seriously? I hate hearing that. Scary!


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