Friday, August 20, 2010

Listen. Our lives are pretty small at this point.

The only way you are going to find this remotely amusing is if you're over a certain age.

And even then, I'm not sure.

As you know, Nick takes J on a walk around the block every morning. They know the homeless guys in the neighborhood. They pet dogs. They meet new people.

This morning they met a man at the top of the street who told Nick he was a Vietnam vet. He'd also been a Navy SEAL. He'd been decorated by the President.

I said, "Wow!"

"I'm not sure all of this is true."

Suddenly! I realized the potential that this conversation had!

"Hmm. Well, you may be right. He may be crazy...But he just may be the lunatic we're looking for."

And Nick - my true love - replied, "Turn out the lights. Don't try to save him."

"He may be wrong, for all we know."

"But he may be right."

Sooo, yah. That was breakfast.

And with that, I leave you for LA. I'm trying to convince Nick to do a post or two for me while I'm gone, at the suggestion of FoggyDew. He's very busy, so we'll see.

Happy weekend, all!

PS. Photo above, taken yesterday during J's birthday celebration? Seersucker pants! Hard to tell in the photo, but they are. Definitely think the man in seersucker pants needs to blog.


  1. I'm only 25, and I appreciate this. :-) But also probably only because I was in Vegas last weekend, and a cover band performed that song and it's been stuck in my head all week.

  2. Have a safe trip Lisa. Enjoy your cake, even though you'll come home soon, safe and anyway ;-)

    I'm going to be singing that song now for the rest of the afternoon...

    And we all enjoyed the weekend for a change.

    Oh and my son just joined the Navy Seals in May....If he ends up homeless after all that work I'll be one mad momma!

    Safe Travels,
    Prairie Lynn
    PS say hi to Cali for me!

  3. I got it!
    BTW - this may sound really odd but I really love all the wide trim in your house. I especially appreciate that you have kept it as part of the rehab. Seems so many people don't (at least where I currently live in Florida.)

  4. Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick!

    Have a great trip. :-)

  5. I wouldn't break out the 10 practical rules for dealing with crazy yet, it might be true, and he sounds nice.

    When you mentioned a trip to LA, I thought to myself, in this order:
    1. Ut-oh, Lisa doesn't like to fly on planes. Let's hope she remembers to pack chocolate and licorice.
    2. I hope Nick posts! I hope he has time to post!

  6. Tabitha - Oh, yay, you got it! I hope you had a great time in Vegas!

    Angel JAM - Oh, thanks! We LOVE the trim! They replaced some, but did an amazing job matching, and fixed the rest. It used to be this gross, dirty cream color. The white makes a big difference. We've tried to keep all the old details.

    Keenie Beanie - This is exactly what we need! Thanks!

    HKW - Oh, I love you so! I have licorice, thanks to a Dutch friend. And J and I are taking a walk down to CVS for lip gloss and chocolate purchases later this afternoon. :) And I hope Nick has time as well - thanks for the encouragement! :)

  7. I was hoping you gave him the blue ribbon for, um, services above and beyond *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*


    You told me not to drive but I made it home alive so you said that only proves that I'm insane.

    The hubs and I have extended conversations like this all the time. Life truly is a song.

    Happy travels. Enjoy your alone time. And make it home alive. :)

  8. much appreciated.
    because this happens in my home too.

    and seriously, would you guys just adopt me and my husband already??

  9. Proof that you and Nick were destined to be together. Have a wonderful time (alone) in Los Angeles.

  10. Now you can rip one of your famous farts on the plane

  11. I LOVE that Nick went with it. My hubby would get it, but look at me like I'm nuts! (But, if I said it to my brother, he would have gone with it!)

    Have a great trip, enjoy your big bed ALONE in your nice, quiet hotel room ALONE. Not that I'm envious or anything. :)

  12. Took me several reads but I got it. :)

  13. Have a wonderful trip! May your travel be smooth and your quiet time be lovely (rather than lonely).

    I got the reference, but I believe the lyric is *I* just may be the lunatic...? Hm... :)

  14. thank you so effing much for the earworm! BTW, I nearly made my husband wet his pants with the Friendly's story. That so sounded like something either of us would do.


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