Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What about now?

In theory, I love the pixie cut. It's bold, it's great for summer, and it's easy.

However. I have a lot of the whole do I look like a boy?

I was carrying laundry upstairs on Sunday, and there's a mirror on the landing, and I caught this flash of myself, and I suddenly had this, oh, God, it's like when I was a kid and that one hairdresser in North Dakota cut off all my hair and the neighbor kids asked my mom if her little boy could play with them.

And now I have wear lipstick and dresses every moment until I have more hair. Crap.

So I set the basket down on the bed, where Nick was reading intently.

"Do you think I look like a boy?"

"What? No."

"You're not even looking."

"I think you're beautiful."

"C'mon. Look. Boy?"


"How about now? What if I turn my face this way?"


"If I clench my fist and sneer like Billy Idol?"

"Stop it."

"How about if I stick a pair of socks down the front of my pants? What about now?"

"I like your hair. Please give me my socks."


  1. It's adorable. You look chic and fabulous. And definitely like a girl. :)

  2. Very sophisticated! There is something about a pixie cut that just exudes confidence, IMHO.

  3. It is completely fantastic. And wonderful. Did I mention fantastic?

    Also, I would like a photo of you clenching your fist and sneering like Billy Idol.

  4. I like... stop fretting. Also, I don't think you'd look very good with some socks hanging out the front of your pants. :-)

  5. I think you look smashing! So strong and feminine. It's a very badass haircut.

  6. Gorgeous, definitively gorgeous.
    I don't know why but I have always been a little jealous of women able to pull out the pixie head and still look so feminine.
    And the dialogue between you and Nick really cracks me up: he sounds so sensible and you, you sound so ... oh well so you ;-)

  7. Love the pixie cut! You are gorgeous and it looks like a fun, classic and carefree hairstyle - enjoy!

  8. You are clearly one of those people that can carry off a variety of lengths. Rock it!

  9. I love it! It is definitely not too short. Plain gorgeous.

  10. It looks fabulous! It is very sophistocated and classy looking I could never wear anything like that and I'm jealous. And there is no chance that you look like a boy!!

  11. I LOVE it! If I wasn't full of curls with an apple pie face, I would jump to have this cut. You're beautiful. :)

  12. You have boobs, not man-boobs.

    (You look stunning!)

  13. Super cute! And you look nothing like a boy. Nothing! Way to rock the short 'do!

    I myself have a history of painstakingly growing out my locks then whacking them short short just when they've grown to my goal length. I've never ever regretted the shortest 'do's...they feel wonderful!

  14. You did the iphone commercial, right?

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  16. I am with Dagny I want to see the Billy Idol Sneer.

    Its a cute cut and as Rodders (Rod Stewart) would say 'You wear it well'

    I had mine cut short short when I was 14 and was always being mistaken for a boy. (had no boobs back then)
    One day I walked into local pools changing room and a girl came up to me and said
    "S'cuse me are you a boy or a girl?"
    and I replied (because I really am quite naughty)
    " I'm a boy, I just wanted to see if your changing rooms are different from yours"

  17. mysterygirl! - Thank you! And HI!

    Keenie Beanie - I always like them on people and I've never been shy about doing stuff to my hair...I just got all twitchy with this one.

    Dagny - Thank you, lovey. And I will see if Nick will take a pic of me doing that when he comes back.

    VVK - OK. And it's true, the sock pants are not my best look.

    Hillary - I am super excited to hear all those adjectives! Particularly badass! Thank you!

    GaL - Thanks so much! It is true that we are very much ourselves. He's funny but definitely sensible. And I don't lack sense...but it doesn't always figure in.

    HKW - I love that it looks classic and carefree! Thank you!

    lacochran's evil twin - OK, I will! Cool, thanks!

    A.S. - I took a picture of Victoria Beckham and my stylist was all, you want it THIS short?? Yes, yes I do!

    Tia - Um, no - lovely round face. Just maybe a little more hairstyle limited?

    Kate - Thank you! I appreciate it.

    kayare - Oh, thank you! I do think this cut would be very hard with curls - I don't know how it would work.

    Tori - Heh. Thanks, my friend.

    Anonymous - Thanks!

    Lisa - Yay, thank you!

    jen - Yes! You're so right - new hair is scary! And nobody rocks the sock penis, as far as I know.

    Stevie - Thank you! It's like a tic or something with me. I grow and grow my hair and then it gets there and I chop it. Nothing feels better than super short. But then I want it long again, and growing it out sucks. What is this???

    adam.purple - I don't know the commercial, but no, not me!

    Go-Betty - HAHAHAHAHAHA! I would really like to meet you in person. And thank you very much. Also, I'm going to call him Rodders from here on out.

  18. hee hee hee hee hee

    No, you do not look like a boy (your features are much too delicate for that). You look FEISTY! :)

    When I had short hair, the other thing I liked to wear with it (besides lipstick) was dangly earrings. They are awesome.


  19. Karen - Oh, thank you! Feisty! I love it! It's so interesting you said that because I am having an earring crisis with the new hair! Because I think most earrings are now too big for the hair!?!

    Coleen - Thank you! And although I must admit it didn't occur to me (I hate saying that - how could it not have!?) I would have to posit that the problem with the sock penis is it isn't the kind you can stick places. Or anyway, not the kind that I envision being able to stick in the places I might put my imaginary penis.

  20. Cupcake, you're rocking the Annie Lenox look, and who cares what you look like anyway when you wield such a sharp pen?! You are hilarious and dead on!

    But I know what it's like to wonder. The main character in the story I'm posting at www.afacebookstory-oneclickaway.blogspot.com is always wondering... about the cute young guys, about "what if I'd married him?" (and you know who "him" is - we all have one!). I only get to daydream. She gets to go WAY beyond wondering. Very fun - I hope you'll take a peek.

    And stop peeking at yourself in the mirror - you look gorgeous!!


  21. Oh, and BTW, there's a character in the story named Gloria, and she's the MILF. It should be taken as a compliment. I hope you'll check it out. The main character has a dark side a mile long.

  22. You look beautiful. Definitely NOT a boy.

  23. As a boy, you definitely do not look like one of us. Although I'd like to see the Billy Idol photo, that'd be funny.

    And it's not fair to pose questions like "Do you think I look like a boy?" to Nick. It's like asking him if something makes your butt look big? There's no right answer...especially in the funny way you expand on the questions.

  24. Gosh you and I are so much alike. Every time I cut my hair short I get a million compliments. But do I leave it short? No. Because in my head, where I live, I feel like a boy. But oh god do I admire the chicks who look like you and have that great color, cut, feminine ears, face and shoulders, who pull it off so sexy like that. I'm always left thinking....if I looked like her and was built like her I would totally do that! Oh yeah, and if I didn't live in NORTH DAKOTA where, if they do know how to cut hair it's a five month wait! Who does that?
    Enjoy this cut Lisa as much as you can because not only does it ROCK, you need the ease of it these days. I'd call that new do Jealous.

  25. Elizabeth - Thank you! How wonderful! I will definitely check it out!

    Masala Chica - Thank you, lovely.

    FoggyDew - The hair spikes really well. I will take on one of these days before it gets too long.

    And you are right - it's unfair. He's kind of stuck there, isn't he?

    Coleen - What kills me is that I didn't even TRY. Argh! :)

    Lynn - Exactly. It is fabulous, it is chic, it is all kinds of nice things...and I need to grow it out. It's like grass is greener on your own head. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! You made me feel great!

  26. I've had nearly this exact cut for 10 years now. I've tried to grow it out twice but NOTHING can beat how absolutely easy it is to maintain. Bold, sassy and stylish without the work.
    Sadly, I stopped wearing my dangly earrings because, like you, I think they look strange with such a cropped do.

  27. You look just as cute as you did back at AES in the 80's! AMAZING!!

  28. no way do you look like a boy!!! The cut is adorable and only a few beautiful ladies can pull it off...like halle barry and YOU! :) - MPD


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