Thursday, September 23, 2010

And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert.

Nick is currently in Roanoke, Virginia for work. He sent me this picture last night.

He took it in the convenience store down the road from his hotel.

Now, there are things I like that not everyone else does. For example,one of my favorite sandwiches is one Jane made up years ago. Plain bagel with cream cheese on one side and peanut butter on the other and dill pickles in the middle.

And there are combos you see regularly that I dislike. I hate fruit in savory food. I don't want raisins in my rice, or grapes or pears or apples in my salad. The only exception is this amazing sesame chicken with prunes dish that my mom makes.

So, I may be biased, since I've never understood the appeal of clamato. Like, who wants to drink something that tastes like clams in the first place? And then clams with tomatoes?

And who decided clamato plus beer would be delicious? Do people really drink 24 ounces worth of clamato beer? Maybe if you were having beer for breakfast you'd be all, well, it's also got a serving of fruit (because they are a fruit, you know, those 'matos). And trace amounts of clam protein.

Maybe? Would you?

Because look. Clearly, there's a market for it.

Which brings me to this: how come Nick never has cases anywhere that I want to go?


  1. First of all, ew. Second of all, love the Kris Kristofferson reference in the title.

  2. Ew! I don't think there is any clam in the clamato products. Luke's family has a signature cocktail with clamato, he is allergic to shell fish and hasn't died yet from drinking the cocktail. I had one sip and nearly died from grossness.

    I like grapes in chicken salad, but I'm with you on the raisins. Very interesting Jane sandwich, you had me until the pickles.

  3. Wendy - Yes, ew. And I had Johnny Cash in mind - I didn't know Kris Kristofferson sings it as well!

    HKW - After your comment I had to look it up, and it says clam broth. Somehow I had the idea that they squoze clams to get the juice out...but that makes very little sense, huh?

    It horrifies me, the idea of a clamato cocktail. But in my just-now investigation, I learned that the Clamato Caesar is very popular in Canada.

    Any Canadians care to weigh in?

  4. Canadian here :)

    Clamato Caesar is okay. But I don't know how popular it is - it's definitely not my first choice for a drink. I would say the whole thing is just a marketing campaign.

  5. canuck report also:
    Clamato with vodka (aka a Ceasar) is amazing. then you rim the glass with celery salt, add in a stalk of celery for stirring, and other stuff (Tabasco, Worcestershire, S&P). Then add condiments like pickled asparagus, horseradish for kick, cherry tomatoes, anything you like. it's more of a liquid salad than anything, we love them up here!

  6. I have to tell you, I love me some Bud Light Chelada with Clamado. I don;t know if it's just my redneck roots, or too many camping trips, but YUM YUM they are so good.

    I can never find them in Chicago, so I'm going to guess it's more of a regional thing. Nut when I'm hungover, or just generally in the mood for a breakfast beer, I always want one.

    Yeah, I said breakfast beer. Redneck, remember?

  7. Here in Quebec it is actually VERY common. Common enough that some waitresses actually ask you if you want clamato when you order beer.

    Personally, I never understood it, but supposedly it cuts the bitterness in beer.

    Though this is the first time I have seen it done outside quebec

  8. The funniest thing to me is that it comes in a light version.

    Like there was someone in the focus groups that was all "clams, yes. Tomatoes, yes. Beer, yes. But the calories? I think the calories is what would keep me from drinking it."

  9. That sandwich actually sounds kind of perfect. Clamato, however, does not.

  10. I'm not doing myself any favors, but I've had one of these Budweiser/Clamato drinks. We call them "brunch in a can" here in coastal NC, or the poor man's bloody mary. The whole "clam juice" idea is kind of off-putting at first, but it tastes delicious.

    I should mention, I've only seen them consumed after a night of drunk camping at the beach, and always between the hours of 8am and 11am.

  11. Totally agree with your fruit in savory food aversion. The raisins in rice thing is a regular citation among my rules about food. Others include soup should NOT be cold and liquids to drink better flow like water not ooze like mud.

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

  12. I saw someone buying this at a hispanic grocery store. I assumed he drank it but maybe he wanted to take it home and show the missus for the novelty, too?

  13. It doesn't actually taste like clams. Maybe a slight hint of it, but not really. It just tastes like really rich tomato juice.

    And it is DELICIOUS with beer. Like, REALLY DELICIOUS.

    (Also, most Bloody Mary mix uses clamato)

  14. Eeeeewwww... That's just nasty looking. But hey, I've seen people drink worse things. As for the fruit and savory foods, I'm sorta with you, but there are some exceptions that I'll allow. Prosciutto wrapped melon, for example. Oh, and once I had this lamb dish with prunes that was divine. Crap, now I'm hungry.

  15. The song was written by Kristofferson and appeared on his first album, but the Johnny Cash version is more famous.

  16. Clamato Caesars are huge here - maybe it's a geographical thing, Sarah? A west coast / east coast thing?
    It's impossible to get a bloody mary here - it's all caesars caesars caesars. It's very upsetting for someone with a shellfish allergy who cannot drink Clamato.

  17. I think the Clamato Beer takes the mash-up concept a little too far.

  18. ok, the only thing you should put in beer is your lips as far as I am concerned.
    Tonato juice and clamato which incidentally being a seafood lover actually sounds hideous should not go in your beer. I mean this is beer folks it doesnt need any added ingredients, maybe apart from a bit of lime or orange but that its NO CLAM JUICE extract or otherwise. *blerk*!

  19. Oh yeah tell nick to buy some and bring it home then you can taste it for us and tell us if it is as revolting as it sounds. :-)

  20. Ugh! Never heard of that! Makes me ill to think about drinking it!

  21. Hillary - perhaps?? All I know is when I go out - which, admittedly isn't all that often - I never see ANYONE with a caesar in their hands. And if I'm going 'for drinks' my girlfriend & I just split a bottle of wine.

  22. It actually sounds kind of yummy to me...I can totally see pickled asparagus or green bean as a garnish. But then, I tend to be an adventurous eater/drinker.

  23. I can't fathom drinking that type of flavored beer. But that flavor in anything has little appeal to me.

  24. That really sounds pretty grim.

    Hope you're getting a bit more sleep and Big J is feeling better. My baby gal is juuust starting to sleep through the night for the first time, but her latest torture is to wake up at ten to five and have a tantrum of most spectacular proportions. Its a whole new kind of ugly!

    Hence the lack of blogging or commenting. But I'm still here - I'm still reading! xxx

    (ah pants - this has come up as Seka, my work address. If you google Seka theatre you will see who we are. If you google Seka you will come up with a porn star. Not to be confused!)


  25. I am not sure I would like this. But the Cesear sounds like it has potential. I have had something similar, a Bloody Bull, made tomatoe juice and beef bullion and vodka, etc.

    I also understand the food thing. My husband has a fruit and dessert rule. He feels that fruit is healthy and dessert is not so fruit should not be a part of dessert. Consequently, no fruit pies, tarts, etc. More for me!

  26. Sarah - Thanks for this comment and the one below - you started an interesting dialogue about regional Canadian preferences!

    Soph - The way you explain it makes it sound good!

    Maiden Metallurgist - I love that you said breakfast beer like it's the most normal thing in the world. :) Love!

    Kenya - That is very interesting to me. You're having beer? Then you probably want some Clamato with that. Huh.

    KLZ - You made me laugh. I didn't question the Light version, because I am the person who drinks Diet Coke while eating Snickers. But you're so right!

    Jessica - It is yummy, I assure you.

    saratogajean - This really amuses me - "after a night of drunk camping at the beach, and always between the hours of 8am and 11am." There's a lot more beer for breakfast than I'd have assumed!

    Keenie Beanie - I'm OK with some cold soup, like gazpacho. And I love really thick milkshakes, although I do consider them a food rather than a drink, now that I think about it.

    lacochran - A Texan friend of mine said that this is a very Mexican drink. So perhaps not a novelty for him? Definitely for me.

    Stevie - I am now very very curious. Also, I had NO IDEA most Bloody Mary mix was Clamato! I like them! So I've probably had it and liked it. Huh.

    Luna - Oh, I LOVE prosciutto and melon! Hmm. Maybe I'm OK with it in combinations of two? But not whole dishes?

    Wendy - I'm glad to know this. I'm so musically oblivious. I only know the most famous/overplayed versions of anything.

    Hillary - The idea of it being all Caesars Caesars Caesars up there just makes me giggle. I don't know why.

    Lisa - I thought so, but after reading all these comments....If Nick hauls some home, I will let you know.

    Go-Betty - I have asked him to bring some home! I have to try this! Even though the idea still kind of grosses me out.

    susan o - That was how I felt when Nick sent it to me...but now I feel like I have to try it.

    J - Once Sophie added the garnishes, it got appealing!

    Just Plain Tired - I am definitely not a flavored beer person, but I do like shandies, so I can understand mixing. But fruit flavored beer - ick.

    Miranda - I am going to google both!

    Big J is getting better but it's slow, and I now have the full on snots. And I wonder how he kept playing so hard while sick? I'm exhausted.

    As for the 4:50 tantrum - that's just evil. I hope that phase passes. Ugh. Strength to you!

    Angel JAM - The Caesar definitely sounds like it has potential.

    And I am sort of like your husband in that if I'm having dessert, I want it to be chocolate. Fruit pies don't interest me one bit.

  27. Seriously, you guys think Vegemite is is the Devil's food??? And you have something called Clamato, which seems to be a mixture of clams and tomato (I'm afraid to google). And you put it in beer?

    I might die from the irony.


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