Monday, September 13, 2010

Jordan's mommy

Nick and Jordan have a kind of elaborate and constantly evolving morning routine.

After J drinks his milk, Nick hoists him up onto his shoulders and they head out for their start of the day explorations.

They say hello to the homeless guys a couple blocks away. They go to the park and play on the slide. They stop and pet the dogs they know. They walk into Starbucks because J likes how it smells. Plus there are always a lot of interesting people to see.

They used to sit in the grass and bang on the fence of the apartment building down the road, but J is past that now.

That fence is so last week.

Nick knows the names of people's dogs, but not necessarily the owners' names. It's the same for others - everyone knows Jordan's name. He strolls around on the shoulders of his enormous father. When I'm along, I'm the entourage.

We'll be walking down the street and Nick will say, "Blue!"

And this little pug will be all waggy. Blue's owner will say, "Hi, Jordan!" And Jordan will be all squealy.

So this weekend I was heading to CVS. When all of a sudden I saw a man waving wildly at me - one of the neighborhood homeless guys.

"Jordan's mommy! Hey! Jordan's mommy!"

That's me.


  1. So many of Zeke's little friends refer to me as "Zekey's Mom." "Hi, Zekey's Mom, hi!!!"

    I kind of love it.

  2. i can't wait until someone calls me "declan's mommy!" mayhaps i should venture into center city with him more often, intro him to our local homeless? ours don't sound as nice as yours do, tho- do yours ever shout "fuck you, you whore" at you as you're sojourning to the office minding your own beeswax? no? then maybe i won't take the boy to work with me after all....;-)

  3. I really like that he used the word "mommy".

  4. Yup. You thought you had your own identity, didn't you? No way. You'll be Jordan's mom forever now. Although, I think it's adorable when my daughter's little friends come up and say "Jessica's mommy, can we do. . . ?"

  5. Wendy - That is super cute. I don't remember doing that to parents of my friends, but maybe I did?

    Coleen - A few of our neighborhood guys - the ones Nick talks to daily - seem very nice. And then there's one who yells. And one who seems strung out a lot. In other words, it varies. I feel like homeless women tend to be more violent and lash-out crazy but I don't know if it's true.

    Jessica - It's quite sweet, isn't it?

    Kate - Thank you. :)

    cla517 - I think it's adorable. I really do.

  6. I saw this today and thought you may enjoy it. It made me laugh...

  7. Such a sweet story.

    I'm convinced 25 percent of my neighbors only know me as Gus' owner.

  8. You know that probably made that homeless guys day really. I love this story and I love that Nick and J say hi to the homeless guys. Would make them feel not quite so disconnected from society maybe.

  9. So sweet to think Of Jordan and his Dad on their neighborhood adventures. Jordan's sounds just right. :)

  10. That is nice...Jordan is already a known personality...and you are his Mom!!! Lovely!

  11. Excellent!

    Before I had my boy, when I was pregnant, I was kid-sitting at the local Quaker fellowship and a little girl (no more than maybe 4?) asked me, "whose mommy are you?" I answered, "well, the baby in my tummy, that's whose mommy I am!" She asked me, "How'd that baby get in there?" I told her she'd have to ask her parents. :)

    Nowadays I am regularly referred to as "Dexter's mom," even by other moms; it's kind of embarrassing sometimes when we can't remember each other's names! But no one minds.

    Rock on, Jordan's mommy!

  12. One of Nate's friends referred to me as Lisa the other day. Not Nathan's mom or Mrs. Golden or Miss Lisa. I was stunned. In a good way.

  13. My son had a cool old "just like family" friend of mine.
    He's passed on now. My son adored him; called 'im "Uncle Harry O' Freckleback." While I was at work they cruised the city by foot. On weekends, my son would then teach me all the shortcuts and introduce me to the guy on that block. "Mom, I'd like you to meet Indian Jim, and Doug the Fiddler. Guys, my mom."


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