Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mammogram. Which seems like a word that should be incorporated into a palindrome. No?

This morning, when Nick asked how my day looked, I said, "I have a mammogram at 1:30."

Nick asked me if it was bothering me. When I said, "No, why?" he replied, "Because you've mentioned it about a hundred times so far."


It's not bothering me. Is it?

I guess it is.

I'm not scared. That's not what it is. In fact, I'm kind of curious. A friend of mine described it as "pinchy" but not too bad.

Really, even if your boobs are squished a bit, how bad can it be? It can't hurt more than breastfeeding does in the beginning. And my post-nursing boobs are more amenable to being squozen than they were before. So that part will be fine.

And there's no history of breast cancer in my family.

I think that the bothery part must be this: it means you're a certain age. I'm a certain age.

Kind of like when you go in to the doctor to find out if you're pregnant and then they're all, "Congratulations!" and then mark your file AMA - Advanced Maternal Age.

OLD. (And yet, still fertile! In an advancedly maternal sort of way.)

It's not something you think about. Until you do.

So that's it. My boobs and I are off for our very first mammogram.

Tra la!


  1. Sorry for you and your boobs. It's not too bad though. I agree, being told you need to get one definitely ages you! I had my "baseline" mammogram done last year (at 38) So I'm right there with you in the AMA catagory!

  2. Were you reading my blog when I wrote about the physical I had the year I was 35? It was like all of a sudden they were saying things like, "At your age" and asking all kinds of questions they'd never asked before and I was all, "What is up with you people?" And she said that the guidelines change at 35. And I was all, "I'm not OLD!"

    Sigh. Jerks. But your boobs will thank you for checking on them.

  3. It's 12:30 in Austin, which means you're at the doctor right now. I hope it goes well and isn't too pinchy. While we were in NC last week, my MIL broke the news she was diagnosed with breast cancer just days before. She hadn't had a mammogram in 3 years. It's so important to get checked. Sorry for being preachy and drama, it's just on my mind.

  4. I had my baseline mammogram at 35. It's not too bad - mostly just weird. But I have plenty of real estate with which to work. I think that helps.

    I agree with you on the age thing on all counts. The having to get a mmaogram age thing, the fertile age thing, the advanced maternal age thing. The AMA thing really irrated me. I feel like I am so much better suited for the whole baby thing because I am now 38. I was a train wreck at 27 and should definitely not been pro-creating and what do I get for my responsibility? Slapped with the AMA label (but I am not bitter much.) ;)

  5. I frequently think about you describing breastfeeding as rubbing your nipples on the sidewalk against your will. I sometimes get tempted to borrow that description with new moms.

  6. Haha! When my doctor and I were joking about the AMA thing, she warned me that some medical personnel might use the new, improved term for it: elderly! Jesus Christ.

    I had to have a bunch of mammograms in my 20s and 30s -- scary only because of the lump, and wonderful because it turned out to be benign. I'm glad you didn't have to do this while you were all freaked out with fear!

  7. I had a mammogram last year at the age of 36. After I went, I wondered what all the fuss was about. I guess I'm much more blase about being my breasts being squozen (great word!) than many ladies out there.

    Hope you find it as much of a non-event as I did.

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  9. Have ... fun? Good luck? I don't know what to say. Here's to healthy tatas!

  10. I hope the exam went well -- I'm totally dreading my first one (I'm turning 38 this year, so it's definitely on the horizon...). My mom once said it's like having your boob stuck in a refrigerator door with someone trying to push it closed. Doesn't sound like something to look forward to!

  11. cla517 - Yah. It is what it is, but still!

    Kate - No. I HATE the "at your age." It is true that there's this magic door into a whole new world when you hit 35 - like the medical community expects you to start falling apart or something.

    HKW - I'm so very sorry. No wonder your trip wasn't as fun as hoped. It is a very good message to get out. I hope everything goes well for her and it's all best case scenario.

    Angel JAM - I think real estate would definitely help. She had to do some pushing and shifting and squeezing to encourage it all into the vise thingy.

    It's true. I'm so much better equipped now as well. But they're thinking so clinically when they stick the AMA on there.

    KLZ - I think you should spread the message far and wide and terrify as many people as you feel like.

    A.S. - Elderly. Hilarious. Just about as hilarious as a kick in the shin. Grr.

    So sorry about all your mammogram worries! That would be terrifying and would make the whole experience so upsetting.

    Keenie Beanie - It is definitely made into a much bigger deal than I found it to be. Uncomfortable, but not terrible, and it was over relatively quickly.

    FoggyDew - That's pretty awesome! Thanks!

    Hillary - The woman didn't gasp about anything, so I assume that nothing looked crazy. I suppose I'll know once the radiologist looks at it and gives me the results.

    Luna - I didn't feel like it was as bad as that. It is kind of uncomfortable and squeezy, but not terrible. And it goes quickly. Plus, you can see what they're doing, which for me helped.

  12. Ok I am going to make my appt now. We dont get them over here until we turn 45 on the breast program. I have ginormous breasticles E cup in fact so am hoping that having plenty it will all fit very easily where it should and that the squoze bit wont hurt too much.
    I gotta make my appt now :S

  13. It's not bad at all! I promise! I had my first one ever a few weeks ago and it didn't hurt at all. Not even a pinch. Just relax and let the mammogram technician do their thing. I swear and promise and cross my heart!

  14. I hope it wasn't too bad. This aging thing is a real whack upside the head.


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