Monday, September 20, 2010

Lucky 13

Yesterday, my little dumpling, you turned 13 months old.

I always used to think it was so weird and irritating that parents would talk about their children's ages in months. Like a year, year and a half, two years wasn't precise enough. It had to be 12 months. 18 months. 24 months.

I was seriously all, "What the fuck is this 24 months business? Say two."

In my head. I didn't really berate parents out loud. Mostly because I tried to stay away from them. More in an effort to not be around children. Screamy, sticky, snotgobbling children.

And here we are, my screamy, sticky little snotgobbler.

Unfortunately, all those adjectives are oh so true lately.

You have a cold or allergies and your nose has been running nonstop for four days. Dad pulled the biggest booger imaginable out of your nose this morning. It was almost as big as your head. No lie.

We're headed to the pediatrician this afternoon.

Mostly because you are so congested and you can't sleep and you have this thick cough when you lie down, which I don't want to get stuck and turn into something worse. Also, we've spent three nights not sleeping and I just feel like none of us can take it anymore. We're all at the breaking point.

I know that our whole lives were like this when you were itty bitty, but it's hard to remember those days. I think it's kind of a protective amnesia sort of thing. Otherwise nobody would procreate more than once.

On a positive note, I've realized why parents say the months - because there's a huge difference between 12 and 13. Between 13 and 18. Huge.

You now not only say "Mama" and "Dada" but also, "hi!" and "hot!" You love saying "hot!" And then you do your best imitation of blowing on food in the way I do.

You've gotten to be kind of a difficult eater, and some days I have to resist the urge to pry your mouth open and just shove the food in. Sometimes I have to walk across the room to keep myself from doing so.

Although you fairly consistently love pasta and steamed broccoli with garlic and olive oil. By fairly consistently I mean: except on the days you don't.

And the other day you said, "pasta." It was more like, "pahta" - but it was pasta nonetheless!

You understand and love the words "walk" and "bath" and "yogurt" and "wall." You pick up books and galumph over, crawling as best you can with a book in one hand, to have us read to you.

We've been taking you to the park and you hate the swings with a passion, but you dive head first down the slide, squealing in delight. You then try to eat the wood chips at the bottom, which is beyond gross for so many reasons in a public park in DC.

You keep us very tired, but you make our lives so rich.

I love you like crazy.



  1. I remember when I living with my brother and his wife when I first moved to D.C. They're daughter was 16 months old when I moved in and 18 months when found my own place. What an amazing time, she was a different person virtually every single day. It's incredible how much they change.

  2. Feel better soon, little man! Seriously, he looks like a little man! He's getting so big!

    Babies are SO much fun at this age. Their personality really starts to shine through and they learn so much! I'll be in DC next month to visit my niece and nephew who are 3 1/2 and 14 months, respectively. I can't WAIT.

  3. Aww, so sweet! Except for that part about the bugger. I love the image of Jordan diving down the slide. Happy 13 months to all of you! I hope Jordan feels better soon and you all sleep well tonight. I'm sick today too but the weather is so nice I didn't want to stay home in bed. So I'm out spreading germs like a many-many-month old should know better than to do.

  4. He is so precious. And now I have to take my baby boy out for a driving lesson. There may be screaming of the grown up variety.

  5. My niece could never get the blowing on food thing, she just always said "foo, foo" over her food. Then it stuck and turned into "No, too hot, you have to foo it first" and we still calling it fooing, even though she's 7 now.

  6. Oh, I hope he feels better soon! Hopefully they will consider allergies...

    And thank you for explaining the months thing. It makes sense now that you've said it, and I'm a little surprised that didn't occur to me before, but I suspect I will be more tolerant now. :o)

  7. Happy 13 months, baby J!

  8. Happy 13 months, Big J!! Sounds like he's doing just great! Sorry about the nose, though, big boogies and all. Icky.

  9. Josie is also a big eater of wood chips in the park. I just tell myself it's another way of putting fiber in her diet. Happy 13, Big J!

  10. That boy is one bundle of cuteness! Way to go, Big J! Feel better. :)

  11. Wow 13 months already. Yeah they change from being screaming , sticky snotgobblers to slobby, grunty, pantry hoovers. Well that teenager who lives in my house (Ben) did at any rate.

    ewww did you know that in some cultures they suck the snot out of babys and kids noses as a way to clear them.......*blerk*

  12. amazing! byrdie is all about saying 'hawt' too - although she's saying kinda of raspy and marilyn like. big j too?

  13. cute cute cute cute! I also used to get annoyed at the whole counting in months thing. I do think when they get to 2 you need to stop though! "my child is 36 month" is just too much!!

    Hope Big J feels better soon!

    Been crap at commenting of late, but still here, still reading!

  14. happy 13 months! i never got the month thing either. but they way you write about it? now i do! xoxo

  15. I'm keeping a good thought for Big J - and all of the adults he's keeping awake too.

    I've always understood the months versus half yearly increments thing. If you want my brain to start itching, however, start using the weeks measurements.


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