Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chelada report and gifts from the rurals of Virginia

Consensus on Chelada: Better than expected.Yesterday Nick spent house and hours outside painting. And when he came in, thoroughly drenched in sweat, looking like he'd been in a wet T-shirt contest, he said, "I think it's Chelada time."It was a spectacular day, so we headed out back, Cheladas in hand. And then took turns taking pictures of each other.

I know that this is more of a breakfast beer, and we had it in the afternoon, so maybe that colored our experience. Also, we weren't hung over or camping. All that said, I wouldn't go out of my way to have them again.

They weren't thick, which was my big fear - that thick tomato-y texture. And they didn't taste like clams. They were a slightly scary Kool-aid red.

They were just kind of spicy, and mildly beery.

Of significantly more interest to me was my new shirt. Nick brought it back for me from somewhereinruralvirginia. I don't want to make you jealous or anything, but I have two more: one with wolves, and one with unicorns.And this is my new hat. Same store.


  1. Your sacrifice in drinking the Cheladas for those reading your blog, and considering it themselves, will be aptly rewarded... um.... sometime. Perhaps in the afterlife? ;)

  2. Love you sacrificial Chelada picture!!! The story is great!!! Yes, totally jealous of the shirts....I think you need a bear one too.

  3. Just Plain Tired - Anything for my readers. :)

    Rosalba - Hahahaha! Thank you! I definitely need a bear one! I'll put in the request for his next trip.

  4. Is is this shirt:

    If so, you should read some of the comments on that shirt:

    It's become one of those internet jokes that takes on a life of its own. It even has its own Wikipedia page:

  5. VVK - Nooo! But that is spectacular! And the comments are hilarious! Oh, what a delight.

  6. Twice now, I've looked at the title of your post, and twice now, I've thought "Chlamydia Report? Wow, now THAT'S looking out for your readers."

    I think the Chelada may be worse.

  7. You could ask Nick in future, to buy only orgaqnic cotton/hemp blend, union made, organic dyed T-shirts. It'll be much better for the environment, plus, they're so much more expensive, that he might decide to buy only one.

  8. Well. I'm glad you didn't like it. Do you have any idea how many new liquors and drinks have come out since I got sober?! SOMEONE has to taste them for me!

  9. It's because you had the bud, not the bud light, I'm sure of it.


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