Friday, September 03, 2010

A number of things having to do with numbers. Sort of.

So I tried to make a spreadsheet to turn into a pie chart displaying the results of my Hair poll.

By tried I mean I opened up Excel and then realized I didn't have the vaguest idea where to begin. And also, by then I was thinking "hair pole" - ew! And also, "mmmm, pie."

Recognizing that this looks more like a stubble pole...Also ew.

Although I'm not a huge pie person. Maude's mom makes an amazing pecan pie that I love. And my Gramma Lillian's rhubarb meringue pie was one of my favorite things on this green earth. But other than that, I'm kind of indifferent to pie.

One of the things I love, however, is when I get a lot of reader input. I realize that's sort of a stupid thing to say, because what blogger doesn't? The interactivity is a big part of what's amazing about blogging.

And maybe it's a duh, of course women care about their hair? Except that before I read comment after comment, I didn't have any actual evidence. Not that this is very scientific. Science, schmience.

Each of you left a little story - a window into your lives and minds. When this happens, and I read down through the comments, it feels like when you walk down a street at night around Christmas, and people have their trees and lights in the windows, and you get a glimpse of their lives and preferences.

And saying that, I realize I might sound creepy. I'm not. I swear.

(Though I must admit that Maude and I did maybe spend an inordinate amount of time peering out our bathroom window in San Diego trying to get a look at the just-purchased-by-the-totally-used-for-his-money-boyfriend boobs of our neighbor whose bathroom window was directly across from ours.)

This is really going nowhere good, is it?

I think mostly what I'm saying is, you all are so interesting. As always, you make me think, you make me laugh, you make me feel not alone in my thoughs.

Just pulling out a few:

Stevie is in front of the media regularly. If she doesn't feel good about her hair, it's hard to project the self-confidence she needs to.

VVK - one of two men who responded - would prefer to keep his head shaved. But he's a really big guy, and he's Indian, and he's well aware that how he keeps his head and facial hair affects the degree to which he's subjected to racism and bigotry.

Tia would hire her hairdresser to do her hair daily if she won the lottery.

Wendy was in the minority, in that she loves her hair and doesn't talk about it. And just pulls it back when it's getting in the way.

And moosiegoes currently has a haircut she hates, and spends maybe 25% of her day thinking about it. She fears this is a lot, but I know she's not alone in this.

Once again, thanks for being so thoughtful. And for making Kristin and me feel like we are not alone in the world of hair frets. I'm pretty sure that she's going to show G the post and be all, "See? Internet = proof!"

And he'll shake his fist at the heavens and be all, "Damn you, Al Gore!"


  1. The shaved head thing is interesting. I would figure that most men have thought about doing the shaved head thing and then got to contemplating whether they have the right shaped head for it, would it be too high maintenance, what will people think...

    Kind of like how women feel about cutting their hair. So do we really obsess that much more?

    (Or maybe those things never cross their minds?)

  2. When Jodie and I got married, my hair was waist-length, pulled into a pony. But long hair on a 44-yr-old with my face shape looks creepy. So now I wear a baseball cap every day. I have 30 or so. I think about my hair as much as sports. Which is confusing to Francesca, who keeps with fashion like most men keep up with the current ball season.

  3. I love pie. I would happily give up cake for pie. Unless it was a pecan pie and red velvet cake. I can't get behind nuts in pies. Sorry.

  4. i've been deemed the one with supermodel hair by my close friends, and any time i have a bad hair day or i'm not in the mood to do it, i get all sorts of anxiety thinking that i need to uphold the standard and bar they've set for me. it's exhausting and stressful.

  5. Cake trumps pie any day.

    My husband often talks about shaving his head, but then always comes around to "but I'd look like a sickly cancer patient." We are the palest couple on the planet, so I think he's right.

  6. Ok I missed the hair post but my hair used to look great then I had it cut short bleh now I am growing it again so I spend probably 5 mins a day tying it back or twisting it up. I love rubarb emringue pie and grow rubarb in my garden just so I can make this succker along with rubarb and apple crumble as well. Oh yeah pumpkin pie is another amreican thing like red velvet cake I havent tried but want to make. Apperently you can buy cans of pumpkin pie filling over there.....facinating.

  7. Geez my fingers are dyslexic today :S

  8. mmmmm, pie...(homer simpson voice).


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