Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Like most of us, I tend to multi-task. Especially now, with a baby, when it seems like there are always two things I need to do at once.I'm no longer opposed to brushing my teeth in the shower. And while I still don't like sharing a toothbrush, it's not as horrifying anymore. I mean, I let a kid who has his hands all over the floor stick his fingers in my mouth.

If that's not a way to get trenchmouth, I don't know what is.

Anyway. So I dry my hair, and I have the urge to pee...and then I think, well, that's a great way to electrocute yourself, vagina first.

Or is it? I mean, the electricity wouldn't be touching the water, right?
Or would it conduct, because the pee connects to you, and you're holding the hair dryer?
Also, taking a shower during a lightening storm. Certain death or myth?


  1. I put on my makeup while I pee. Much less dangerous.

    I'm pretty sure the shower thing is a myth, but I get nervous every time I shower during a storm anyway. Especially since we have no windows in our bathroom, so if the power goes out, OMG TINY WATER STALL OF DARKNESS AND DOOM.

  2. "Anyway. So I dry my hair, and I have the urge to pee...and then I think, well, that's a great way to electrocute yourself, vagina first."

    You blow dry your pubic hair? How... fancy.

  3. Lisa - Definitely a more reasonable multi-tasking choice.

    And tiny water stall of darkness and doom would deter me for sure.

    lacochran - Only when my merkin is at the drycleaner.

  4. Myth. I think. Although I have a co-worker who swears her aunt was electrocuted for watching TV during a storm.

  5. Unless you somehow pee on the dryer, drying your hair while you pee should be perfectly safe. The shower is dangerous because the dryer might get wet. A wet dryer is likely to short out and be a fire and/or electricution hazard.

    Also, I love the last picture.

    Also, also, *hugs*. :-)

  6. Hahahaha! Your drawings never get old :)

  7. OH! I just did a thing on showering during a lightning storm and, much to my chagrin [because I totally thought my mom was just making shit up] IT IS TRUE. SCIENCE!

  8. Mythbusters said you would have to be standing really close to an electric fence to get electrocuted by peeing on it. I think the same principle applies to drying your hair on the toilet. Just don't fall in!

    (Yes, I am that much of a nerd.)

  9. I saw the Mythbusters thing, too--they also did a test of the "death by peeing on the third rail" myth, and it's not possible. So I don't think it'd be possible for you to electrocute yourself with the hairdryer whilst peeing. Unless you dropped the hair dryer in the toilet... that would be bad.

    After a few years, you won't have to multitask quite as much, and you'll look back and wonder how you ever got anything done. :)

    Be careful out there!

  10. I nearly pee'd myself laughing at the exchange between you and Lacochran's evil twin. I get the giggles everytime mirkhen comes into a conversation lol not that it does come up very often.

  11. I'm not sure, but I'm afraid to experiment. Last time I messed with electricity, I electrocuted myself. Twice.

  12. Monique Esselmont9/21/2010 7:25 PM

    OMG!! You're too funny!! xoxo

  13. We have no bathroom counter. None. Our bathroom is teeny tiny and what little area we have above the cabinet is taken up by the stupid-ass trendy bowl sink that Shawn insisted we have (no really, when buying our condo, Shawn's only deal breaker was that it must have a giant bowl sink in the bathroom.)So when I blow dry my hair and I need to readjust the brush, I put the blow drier down in the sink. Which is usually fine. Except for last night when I put the drier down and the sink had enough water in it to make some snappy sounds and then the blow drier started smoking and I died a little. I really liked that blow drier. I guess what I'm saying is that if you like your blow drier, don't use it while you pee.

  14. i love when you do the drawings!

    byride sat on my lap while i dried my hair yesterday.

  15. Multi-task away! It's not possible to electrocute yourself peeing and blowing drying simultaneously, unless you fall in. The shower thing is possible, so please don't. Unlikely, but possible.

    Nice pictures :)


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