Friday, September 24, 2010

Clamato-clamahto, Kristofferson, Cash, and Frankie

So this week quite a number of things were called to my attention.

For starters, I have a good number of Canadian commenters! I love this! I always like Canadians. Always. I know for a fact there are Porsche driving assholes up there (harassing my Hillary!) as well, but I've never met one.

Also: the Clamato Caesar! Which initially sounded terrible to me. But now I feel like I must try it. And now Nick is going to try to bring back some Clamato Bud for us. The store he went to only had it cold, and he thought that skunked Clamato Bud would probably be a bad introduction.

Also also: Nosefrida! It arrived last night! I haven't used it yet. Mostly because J is doing better and I'm trying to give him a break from the trauma. And, I don't know, the physical snot sucking, even though I know that I'm not actually going to come into contact with the snot...Not that I haven't had snot all over me at this point.

Enough snot talk.

I further learned that Kris Kristofferson wrote Sunday Morning Coming Down. Not Johnny Cash. Huh.

Here's the thing. I was raised so musically unaware. As I've said many times, my dad listened to opera and show tunes. I've been told by a number of gay men that he had the gayest taste in music. In fact, my father was told that by some of his gay friends.

And Betty never turns on music. I'm like her in that regard. I listen to music in the car or when I'm working out. Otherwise, it's more noise than I want. My head is busy enough.

So whenever I hear a song, I assume that's the artist that sings it. Basically, whoever sings it first - not first in the world - first in MY world - is who sings it.

I mean, it used to be that way. Until I realized that lots of people cover lots of songs. This is probably the most egregious example.

In the 80s, I loved Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Loved. I listened to their album Welcome to the Pleasuredome 73 katrillion times. Now, everyone knew Relax and Two Tribes, and maybe The Power of love.

But did you know that this album also included the songs Born to Run and San Jose?

Right. So for years, I just assumed that those were Frankie songs. No matter that Bruce Springsteen was insanely famous. And had an album called, uh, Born to Run.

The moment of realization arrived yeeeaaars later, when Maude and I were driving cross country and hit California and she put on Dionne Warwick singing "Do you know the way to San Jose? I've been away so long..."

I was all, "Oh, she's singing Frankie's song!"

Happy weekend, all!


  1. I didn't understand about covers for a long time either.

  2. Sophie's Sean9/24/2010 11:46 AM

    As a Canadian (who doesn't drive a Porsche), I've never really understood the whole Clamato deal but as a Canadian, I feel that it is my patriotic duty to defend our quirky traditions so when you and Nick and J come for a visit, Sophie and I will bring you out for brunch and we will have Clamato Caesars, 'cause that's how it's done.

    And I have had the same issue with covers, even when it's the original artist re-doing his own song, i.e. for me it is the unplugged version of Eric Clapton's Layla that is the standard.

  3. The Clamato Caesar may be the signature cocktail I was introduced to by Luke's family. I didn't know it was a cover cocktail!

    Did you know Bruce Springsteen originally wrote "Because the Night" (belongs to lovers...)? I saw Bruce in concert last year and this song was in the set. The guy next to me had been going to Springsteen concerts all over the world for decades and told me Bruce sings a different version than the famous single, he sings the version he wrote before Patti Smith helped him finish it. I had no idea.

  4. I don't think a person can say they read anything worthwhile unless they've seen and/or read about snot sucking in a post. ;)

  5. I remember being traumatized when my dad started singing along to Depeche Mode's version of Route 66. And not just because my dad is tone deaf.

    Good luck with the nose frieda. I've been curious about it, but still too grossed out at the thought of sucking boogies to get one myself!

  6. I now almost see it as my duty, as a 'Merican, to burn my Johnny Cash collection and get it to you as fast as humanly possible. Especially American Recordings and American IV. Do you remember Cash's version of Hurt by Trent Reznor? How about him singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters or Personal Jesus? Best of all is We'll Meet Again. Haunting.

  7. Kate - It seems so simple, no?

    Sophie's Sean - That would be wonderful. I hope we make it up to visit sometime soon! (And then we can meet the newest family member!) I've only been to Toronto once and absolutely loved it.

    HKW - Cover cocktail! So clever!

    I did not know that, and I love that song. And how awesome that you saw him in concert! Oh!

    Just Plain Tired - Hahahahaha! I have to agree with you.

    Luna - I am tone deaf. Hearing me sing is pretty horrendous. Which is why I only do it around close, close friends.

    I'm curious...and avoiding.

    FoggyDew - Haha - I totally appreciate the sentiment! I love that Personal Jesus song, although I'm sorry to tell you I have the Depeche Mode version in my mind. It's pathetic, I know.

  8. Yes, I also thought it was a Johnny Cash song until Wendy pointed it out. I also used to think that 'Me and Bobby McGee' was first sung by Janis Joplin, but no - also Kris Kirstofferson. huh.

  9. The way you are with songs? I'm the same way with compass coordinates. North is whichever direction I am facing. Even if I turn 180 degrees - the new direction I am facing is new north. Okay so this comment has nothing to do with your post. I'm sorry.

  10. "I listen to music in the car or when I'm working out. Otherwise, it's more noise than I want. My head is busy enough."

    I'm the same way... but maybe a but more extreme. I've been known to drive for hours with the same CD repeating, or drive with the radio turned off... and either way not really noticing. This sometimes drives others in the car nuts.

  11. That's so funny. I grew up immersed in music -- my parents (and my dad in particular) listened to all kinds of stuff and taught us all about it. And I'm sort of obsessed with covers -- what makes a great cover and why, and I maintain a mental list of what I consider to be the great covers of all time.

    Yes, I'm a dork.

  12. This blog is boring

  13. Miranda - Seriously? Kris Kristofferson apparently wrote a bunch of songs I like! Who knew?! (Probably Wendy, actually.)

    Hillary - North and South don't really work for me. I have to turn the map whichever way I'm facing. I wonder if this is the same?

    VVK - I listen to the same mix every time I work out. It's background. I'd go a little crazy with the same CD repeating, but I could drive in silence and be fine.

    Wendy - I would be really interested to hear your list of greatest covers. That's kind of fascinating.

    Anonymous - Then you should probably stop reading it.


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