Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The kinds of things I say that are immediately labeled "unhelpful"

We have been talking lately about life and death.

I don't mean like Nick being electrocuted by the photocopier or chopped up by an axe murderer. For once.

More like, Nick's remaining grandparents are old and frail. Our parents are all in their 70s. And Nick's dad is going to have heart surgery in the spring. We have reminders that life is short and precious.

Plus Nick decided we should get life insurance. So we met with an agent and filled out forms and such. We're going to do wills next.

It all really makes you think, you know?

So the other day I told him that if I were in a coma, on life support, I'd want him to pull the plug.

I said, "Please, if that ever happens, promise you'll just kill me."

"Sweetheart, I don't know if I could do that."

"Then ask your mother to do it. I'm sure it would be no problem for her."


  1. PLEASE add one little condition to that death wish of yours. Make sure that you are in the coma for at least a week before you give Big Mama the opportunity to end you, okay?

  2. I just snarffed coffee all over the new laptop.

  3. Bwahahaha! I loved this. Probably because my mother in law would happily pull my plug.

  4. Okay, now that was funny. I laughed out loud and now feel terrible for it.

  5. Kate - See how this would be unhepful?

    FreckledK - I promise. Probably more than a week. Maybe a month, just in case?

    RestaurantRefugee - Sorry about your laptop. I don't know if it's the same as with desktops, but every time I douse my keyboard, I just turn it over and shake it out. Haven't destroyed it yet.

    Hillary - I might be being too harsh, so please realize this was mouth before brain on this one...

    HKW - I know. I'm a bad person and you're being supportive. :)

  6. I'm a lurker but I had to comment on this as it hits way too close to home right now. My SIL passed away very suddenly last month and luckily her parents did have a policy for her. This is going to save my brother from so much trouble once reality sets in.

    Getting life insurance and a will is very important no matter how young you are...

    Especially when you get married and someone other than your parents becomes your main decision maker in case of terrible circumstances.

    So good work, even though its hard stuff to think about.

  7. See, here I was ready for a long, yet still highly interesting and thought-provoking, discussion on the topic of the death of a loved one.

    And then you go and make me snarf. The set-up was perfect and punchline delivered perfectly and without warning.

  8. haha nice. I don't think your MiL would pull the plug though. No, that would make her look bad. Instead, she'd just "accidentally" trip over the cord and unplug it.

  9. Zing!

    I like this Nick fellow.

  10. you're just awesome... that's all there is to say.

  11. Hilarious, though Nick's answer should be taken seriously. My dad had an accident last year, and he had no policy in place for decision making. We had a lond talk about it after, and we both felt the same, I couldn't pull the plug on him and vice versa, even if we knew it's what the other person wanted.

    So to avoid all of this, we both wrote living wills making other people responsible for the decision. That way niether of us has to be the one that gives the OK.

  12. Mee-yow! But of course, there's probably no one good enough for her little boy. I'm lucky in that my SIL's are SUCH nightmares, I'm a total angel in comparison.

  13., that's the perky Lemon we all know and love. =-)

  14. My mom and I actually made a deal with each other that if it came time for one of us to go (i.e. vegetative state), we'd pull the plug. Sort of kidding... mostly not.

  15. notbubbly - I'm so sorry about your SIL. That's very traumatic. Yes, it's very hard stuff to think about.

    MrsMac - :)

    FoggyDew - Thanks for thinking so highly of me!

    Doug - It's pretty unfair of me to be maligning her. She's actually a decent human being.

    Arjewtino - I'm glad. I plan to keep him.

    JoLee - Thank you. :)

    Kenya - Yes, we are definitely going to do this. I think we both feel the same way - and also can't imagine being the one to make the decision.

    J - That definitely works in your favor, although sorry you have nightmares for SILs!

    Ryane - Hugs to you. :)

    LiLu - Other commenters have really made me realize the importance of actually having somehting in writing.

  16. ha ha - hang in there, Lisa! It's taken twenty-five years, but I've actually grown to love my mother-in-law!

  17. So *that's* what MIL's are for.

  18. Ha! Still so much material to work with - that MIL angle!


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