Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our museum is not under the water but most of the artifacts came from under the sea

Some days this is exactly how I feel. And today, today is one of those days.

Do you ever go to bed upset about something that is out of your control?

And then you maybe wake up completely discombobulated, having dreamed that practically everyone you love turned into zombies, including your husband? And while he was trying very hard to stay away from you and not zombify you, the rest of the world was after you?

And so you maybe went to your favorite (fictional) French place and slept with the hot French server? And then were left with whether you should tell your zombie husband or not, realizing that it would probably destroy your marriage?

Because of course the fact that he was a flesh-eating zombie wouldn't.

And then you maybe wake up and tell your husband and he is much more focused on the fact that you slept with someone else than the zombies chasing you?

Even though you assure him that you were really drunk and it wasn't all that fun?

And then the rest of your day so far looks like it's going to be exactly like that? Not under the water but, well, you know the rest.

If that ever happened to you, today would be one of those days.


  1. Zombie husbands sound way scary.

    You vows only said 'until death do you part,' right?

    I've informed the BF that I would totally put a bullet through his brain if he became a zombie, because I love him and couldn't stand to see him like that.

    I expect him to do the same, but I can't get a definate answer out of him.

  2. "I got married. I didn't want to, it all happened so fast.

    I told you I would always come for you. Why didn't you wait for me?

    Well, you were dead."

    I have a strong feeling that wine is a solution to all of this, somehow. I'll let you know when I've figured out the appropriate dosage.

  3. I woke B up with something similar the other morning. Turns out they don't like to be roused to hear about dreams at 7am. Who knew?

    Here's an e-hug!

  4. Most of 2008 has felt like this to me, unfortunately.

  5. funny, i was just telling jason this morning that i got SO mad at him in a dream because we were in vegas with my family, and then some of his buddies showed up and convinced him to go with them to a strip club. and i was yelling at him, being all "you can't do that!" and he just shrugged and ignored me and ran off. i actually woke up mad at him, and had to talk myself down a bit :)

    apparently it was a night for weird dreams about spouses...

  6. saratoga jean - We have run through a lot of scenarios, but somehow missed the zombie one! Stress!

    Jessica - I love love love you and your Princess Bride quotes. I think I'll watch that tonight.

    VVK - Yah. Bleh. Thanks, friend.

    LiLu - No, not so much. Thank you for the hug!

    J - Ugh. I'm sorry about that.

    kate.d. - No kidding! It's definitely weird and unsettling when you carry dream emotion into your day.

  7. It is strange how dream emotions can taint your day - although it can be positive as well as negative. I made a successful emergency landing in a passenger jet last night. The controllers talked us down, but landed us way out in a remote field.. and no-one showed up to help us out of the plane. We had to use the slides. I woke up wondering how to eBay an abandoned jet and whether it would be legal to do so... Im still feeling sassy..

    No zombies, though I think the only way to kill a zombie is cut off its head, not put a bullet in it.

  8. Interesting! My latest dreams have taken on a series type quality - for example, night before last in my dreams I was staying in a large hotel, unable to find my room, had my purse stolen, and (ahem, almost had an affair. Last night, I still was in the vicinity of the same hotel, my purse was still stolen, and I was resigned to having to cancel all my credit cards. When I tried to do so on the computer, I realized my identity had been stolen. Nothing like a good night's sleep!


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