Monday, December 29, 2008

Speaking of being non-religious

You all, we got the wedding pictures from the photographer!

I've been going through them and reliving all of those little moments all over again and getting all happy and giggly and teared up. I intend to include pictures in a few upcoming posts. And this one, for that matter.

Hopefully the idea of more wedding pictures does not make you want to spoon your eyes out.

So while we were getting ready, Tori pulled out a book and handed it to me with great solemnity. I assumed it was a Bible. Surprising, but, um, thanks.

And then - wow, thanks!In fact, hallelujah!


  1. The ironical-ism of it all makes it all the more delicious.

    And keep the wedding pics coming- definitely no objection over here!

  2. If it ever comes to that, I know what I'd like my "Something Borrowed" to be.

    And your makeup looks fab, by the way. Gorgeous.

  3. LiLu - I love it! And glad to hear that. I am so psyched about them!

    FreckledK - Heh heh. I totally picture a flask strapped to thigh...Hilarious.

  4. Now that is a good friend. In fact, that's what I'd like to term, a keeper. ;-)

  5. Cute pictures! I can't wait to see more!

    Also, even as someone who considers herself religious, I think that "Bible" is hilarious. And so handy!

  6. Sweet! And hopefully it came full.

  7. That's what I would certainly call The Good Book.

  8. Hi Lisa...I learned about your wonderful blog from Mark B. I LOVE it and want to see more wedding and nephew pictues! I've slowly been reading some of the old posts and have enjoyed "catching" up with you through your ventings (I hope I can say that :) ). Congratulations on your wedding. With love....

  9. Ryane - Yes. I am keeping her till the very very end of ever.

    Liebchen - Yay - I'm glad to hear that!

    J - Full to the top. :)

    RestaurantRefugee - Agh! That's such a better title!

    Carolyn!!!! - This is such a fantastic surprise and such awesomeness! If you read this, please email me - there's a link at the top left corner. I would absolutely LOVE to be back in touch!

  10. Your smile is so genuine. That is the best part.

  11. I need that! Immediately.

    Think how much easier life would be if I could take a shot whenever a dramatic or frustrating situation arose?

    Well, no... that would probably make me a raging alcoholic, given the drama and frustration in my life.

    Never mind. You keep the flask.

  12. I thought about getting that gift for someone but couldn't think who. I doubt anyone would have appreciated it as much as you clearly did though! :)

  13. Lemmonex - Ah, thanks. It was the best day.

    Maxie - Flasks are hilarious.

    Nicole - Best not to. I think it's kind of like having a handgun - you'd probably be tempted to use it a whole lot.

    Paula - I feel like this could be appreciated by many in the general population. :)


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