Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fantastic cake, frog boots, and a stroller that I'd drive to work in if I could

Last week my office had a shower for me.

One of my friends/colleagues makes cakes for events, and she offered to make my shower cake. Needless to say, I was delighted.

It was just so fucking cute, and she had to cut it, because if I'd made it, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to touch it. There was no way I was slicing it.

Don't you agree?

There was a chocolate layer on top, and vanilla on the bottom. Chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting. Yum.

Not that I am all about the cake, or that it was the first thing I organized for my wedding or anything.

And I got presents. Man, did I get presents. I mean, he. He got presents.

I seem to be like this about presents, don't I? Me me, and more me.

Jenny, on top of contributing to my group gift (which was spectacular) gave me the cutest little box of shoes. You know with me as his mama, the boy is going to love shoes.And I would totally wear these frog boots if I could find a pair in my size.

After an abundance of amazing gifts, they handed me a bag with a bottle holder. The card had been signed by most of the office. I was all confused. See my confused face?Until they wheeled out the jogging stroller. Which was when I started to cry. Which is of course not remotely embarrassing in front of the entire office.
The bow, it turns out, was gotten from a friend of a friend, who works at an auto dealership. Which is only fitting.

As this stroller, without exaggeration? Nicer than my car.

And also: ORANGE!!!


  1. Oh, happy day! The cake is adorable and the photos show the generosity and happiness of everyone involved. I can see you jogging down the mall with the stoller :) So happy for you!

  2. How sweet of your coworkers! The stroller is incredible, and the cake just as cute as can be.

  3. The cake is beautiful! The stroller is awesome! And you still have a lap! Woohoo!

  4. waaaait a minute ... does the 'J' the bear is holding indicate that he has a name? that you have yet to share with the internet?! shocking!

  5. that cake and those boots are so cute! now lets get the babe on the outside so we can see how cute he is!

  6. i'm with Hillary... what's with the "J". was it to honor me? : )

    and the cake is beautiful & adorable and delicious looking! and the stroller... YAY, the stroller!! that baby is going to be riding in STYLE! and what better excuse to go running than to put that thing to use and just be seen with it : )

  7. Gorgeous cake!! And I believe we've narrowed it down to "J" names! (I love them myself -- my daughter is Jessica)

    Glad you had a great shower! And a BOB? What a lucky mommy and lucky boy!

  8. I would like a piece of cake, please.

    That is so thoughtful...and that bow is huge. I want to wrap myself in it for someone...hm...

  9. HKW - My colleagues were so sweet and lovely and generous. It was such a nice shower - really made me feel special.

    Susan - It was amazingly sweet. Really kind and it did make me cry.

    lacochran - I know, aren't they nice?

    Dagny - How did I not realize beforehand that my lap would go away? My stomach rests on my thighs now! It would like to reach my knees when I sit! Eeeee!

    Hillary - Dude, you could totally be a detective. He has a name that a lot of people don't know yet, but my cake lady did. I think I'll give his name to the Internets once he's out and real and it's firmly affixed to him, when nobody can say much about it. At least, this is the advice I've been given.

    Sgt Social Worker - Yes! We want him outoutout! So we can see him and adore him! And mama can have her body back!

    notosjenny - Absolutely!

    And all of it is just amazing. I took the bear home to show Betty and to keep. She thinks we can just let him be without treating him, but it's gum paste, so I think we're going to have to shellack him or something. I dunno.

    And the kid is going to love orange. He just has to.

    cla517 - It's a good, strong consonant, and a good, strong name we've picked. :) And I love the name Jessica.

    And yes, we ARE lucky lucky!

    Lemmonex - It got eaten veryvery fast.
    I kept the bow, and if despite my hopes and best efforts I am still preg this Friday, I might stick it on my tum for the picture. But you are more than welcome to have it.

  10. I love the cake! I'm a big fan of tasty and cute desserts. Way to go coworkers!!

  11. That is seriously so sweet. :)

  12. I prefer these cakes:

    Congrats on the awesome jog stroller. I'll get one, too, and you and I can jog around town (with your baby and my dog-baby).

  13. What dreamy co-workers! I don't know if you hyphenate co-workers, but it looks like "cow orkers" without it, so there you go.

    And that stroller rocks.

  14. Wow! That is an awesome gift!! The boots are cute too! And that cake is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  15. I normally hate showers and avoid them like the plague, but yours looks...bearable. Almost sweet, even. Especially the cake.

  16. Hah! I love that you are cake crazy--just like me. My favorite part of my wedding (other than the actual marriage part, of course), was my cake.

    And that stroller? We have the same one, only in blue.

    Great minds think alike--cake & bob strollers!

  17. Mb - I truly wouldn't let anyone cut it if I made it. So much work!

    Marie - I know - it really, really is. So nice of all of them.

    freckledk - Ohhh, creepy. Here, have a slice of my baby's face.

    Haha - your dog would seriously be riding in style.

    Susan - I am terrible at hyphenation. I might rather have cow orkers, actually.

    Jules - Isn't the cake crazy? She made all those little clothes to hang on the clothesline. And I love the grass.

    Fearless - I hate showers for the most part, but the ones at my work are nice, and I loved mine. Cake, cookies, brownies, presents. No games, no frou-frou ridiculousness.

    diatribes and dish - Amazing cake and awesome strollers are a fantastic combination! I was thinking I should want blue, because he is a boy, but man, I cannot ever pass up orange.

  18. Those boots make me want to jump in puddles. I wonder if I can find them in my size... hmm...

    That cake looks yummy!

  19. Cake looks totally yummo and now I am hankering for cake, thanks for that!! Stroller is Preemo :)
    But those Frog Boots!! I SO want/desire/need some of those Frog Boots. I covet the kids Frog Boots.

  20. The cake looks yummy.
    Can't wait to see photos of him,
    Then pics of him in his stroller with the boots on

  21. I know your blog is non-commercial, but you might give the name of the lady who did that gorgeous cake. I have relatives in Va., and should a big occasion arise, I'd not hesitate to pass her name on to them. I mean, if it tasted half as good as it looked...then wow!

  22. We have three strollers. The BOB is our favorite. We love that damn thing. It's the Cadillac of strollers... We're lugging it wherever we go (i.e. Right now, it's in Ireland). Which means that, well, BA doesn't always seem to want you to lug something they have to lug up and down air-ramps. But, people in India be looking at us all weird. Your office is great. My office pitched in for first month's nanny service -- now, that's a present.

  23. VVK - If I ever see adult frog boots, I will definitely let you know.

    Go-Betty - Kids boots are so much more fun than grownup ones. I have small feet, and I've gone into stores with cute boots in the window to see if they have boots big enough to fit me, but they never do!

    Rio - I can't wait to be able to take pictures of him! And yes, frog boot stroller combo will be so cute!!!

    fringedweller - I will ask her if she is OK with me passing along her contact info, and assuming she is, I'm happy to. I love sharing things I think are great.

    Anonymous - I got tremendous recommendations for the BOB and since I really like to run, was encouraged to register for one. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to get to the point where the kid is big enough for us to RUN!

  24. Oh, I was assuming that she had a company that made event cakes. No need to give out personal info then, but thanks!

  25. Ok, I HAD to come back in here with a link to baby cakes, that a friend just sent me...I think your cake making friend might get a kick out of it too:


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