Monday, July 13, 2009

Lucky thirteen: An empty uterus is totally better than a goat*

So the pool picture is me right around a year old. And the next picture is from the birthday party where I received a goat as a present.Truly, I did. He cried all night, he pooped everywhere. And the next day, my dad said he had to go. No cry-all-nighting-yard-pooping goats for us.

It was Bangladesh. Odder things happened.

Jordaan was there - right there, in fact - grinning at the camera, green hat (Why? Why the green elf hats in August?) and all. He could tell you.

So today is July 13th, and a month from today, I turn 40.

Also, a month from today is my due date.

Although I realize that a due date is more of a sort of vague suggestion and my OB seems to be more like, here's your target but who really knows.

But you see, last November, when I was peeing on those sticks, I remember looking at the online calculator and it said something like, "If you get pregnant on this day, here's your due date."

And it was my birthday. And I thought, "A baby with my same birthday! How cool would that be!?"

And 13 is my favorite number, and I'd be happy to share it.

Although now I think, "How cool would it be to have an empty uterus for my birthday?"

But then I peed on all those sticks and never really got the two clear lines and was wondering if I even ovulated. And then of course it turned out that I did and then we were all knocked up and here we are.

And I am thinking about all this because we went to our friend Amanda's surprise 40th birthday party last night. Yesterday morning, I was talking to Nick about how my birthday is a month from today.

And I was all, "You know, I always thought I'd do something really big for my 40th."


*Also, because of HKW's comment, I just had to add to the title. It makes me laugh every time I say it.


  1. It's going to be an amazing birthday! An empty uterus is totally better than a goat. My Mom's birthday is the day after mine, I was her 5th child (last), weighed 10 lbs and she was 39 - I think every birthday since has been happy for her! I've heard it's good luck for Mom and baby's birthday to be close.

  2. Oh, Heather, I love you. I totally wish I'd titled this "An empty uterus is better than a goat." That's so GREAT!

    And I am hoping to still be 39. We shall see. :)

  3. Big as in "momentous" and "wonderful". No relation to mass or volume.

    Unless, of course, you're thinking about the first glass of wine you'll have as a non-pregnant lady.

  4. Green elf hats are always in fashion. Not just for "after Labour Day" anymore.

    I'm so excited for you and your soon-to-be-empty uterus!

  5. Dagny - Right after I said that, we both laughed so hard. Like, it could get bigger than the birth of your child if maybe you also got married on the same day or won the lottery, but otherwise...???

    And yes, that glass is going to be enormous.:)

    Fearless - You are right! We probably wore them year-round, with linen and white shoes, no less.

    And thank you! It's getting so difficult and so very real, and I am on this huge countdown.

  6. I think it is so cool that your due date is also your birthday. Though it would also be cool to have an empty uterus and the ability to drink a vat of wine for your birthday. I'd go for the wine over coinciding birthdays, personally.

  7. Omg! Who got you a goat? And they say getting someone a kitten is a bad idea...

  8. you lie! there's no way you're going to be 40! you don't look it at all! seriously, you're in way better shape and look much younger than me and my early 30 friends!
    i'm putting you on my "Someday be like" list... right under Diane Lane (that woman never ages either!)

    oh and for me i'm completely against birthing anything on/near my birthday. i like it to be MY time! it's bad enough that my god daughter was born a week before my birthday... it just changes things, especially when it's family. your birthday kinda disappears... which is partly my excuse for clinging so tightly to 26, that's the last time anyone really celebrated my birthday so i can claim that's the last time i aged, right? : )

  9. What the heck is wrong with a goat?

    Okay, besides the smell.

  10. My niece is a "13" and I can't wait for her first Friday the 13th b-day party. Lucky little girl.

  11. I had no idea your due date was on your bday. Very cool if that comes to pass (though I'm sure you won't complain if the Boy shows up a few days ahead of schedule). As for the wine, I've already caved. I had a half a glass of red wine with dinner the other night and was amazed at how happy it made me...

  12. baby poo can't be too bad after goat poo.....or can it? That would be so cool to have the baby on your 40th!

  13. Hillary - Yes. Empty uterus, vat of wine. I am right there.

    Lemmonex - This Dutch girl in my class. Who knows what her parents were thinking, you know? Sure, give your friend a goat, great idea!

    notsojenny - Thank you for the compliments! :) It's true, it's true.

    Me, I'm totally OK with the birthday share. It's a hard one, even though Leo is the best sign :), because people are always on vacation mid-August. But I still like it.

    As for aging, totally up to you, in my opinion.

    lacochran - It really was the crying and the poo.

    FoggyDew - It's such a good number! I have always loved when my b-day is on Friday the 13th!

    Wendy - I will happily share my b-day and I will rejoice if he is early.

    I've been having wine for a while, or anyway I had, and now have no taste for it. But I want a big, not-cautious, guilt-free one! Or maybe a very fun umbrella drink.

    Kate - Ah, but I wasn't cleaning up any of the goat poo. And I have no idea. I think it's kind of pellet-y??

    And it certainly would be a memorable birthday. But fingers crossed for earlier!

  14. That would be REALLY cool to have the same birthday! ANND I think you're the only person I know who has ever gotten a goat for her birthday.....

  15. We have some close family friends who have one son. He was born ~two weeks early, and so shares my birth day (though he's a few years younger). His father and my father share a birthday, and our mothers share their birthdays. My little sister missed being born on my birthday by about an hour...

    Sharing birthday's is amusing. :-)

  16. Studley is a lucky 13, and we all know how completely ass-kicking he is.

    As is a goat.

    And an empty uterus.

  17. Wow, you turn 40 the day after I turn 44 :) Leo's kick ass.
    My son Ben is 2 days before me and we enjoy having our birthdays together, it makes for a week long celebration lol. This year as a surprise I am taking him hot air ballooning for his 16th birthday.

  18. Oh yeah, and 13 is our lucky number we almost always win when we take number 13 :)

  19. Happy early birthday!! I would have never pegged you for turning 40. If I'm preggo and looking half as good as you are at (almost) 40, I will count my blessings.

  20. I bet this is your favorite present of all time.

  21. Jules - I would be more than happy to share, and Nick would be delighted to have one date to remember, it turns out.

    As for the goat, yah, turns out it's not such a common present.:)

    vvk - That is pretty wild. It's like you were all destined to be close or something.

    Susan - He is totally ass-kicking. As of course are goats and empty uteruses (uteri?).

    Go-Betty - Leo really is the best sign, ever. I might be a little biased, but not significantly.:)

    And hot air ballooning! That will be amazing! what an awesome present!

    Mb - Thank you! That's so nice to hear! :)

    LiLu - Definitely. Whenever he arrives.

  22. One of my best friends had her first baby on her birthday. They've always enjoyed celebrating together. Hope it works out!


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