Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 35 tummy

You know how dogs will circle and circle and circle in seemingly the exact same spot, in an apparent effort to pick the perfect position?

This is me now.

I could tell you how the honeydew melon now supposedly weighs about 5 1/5 pounds, and how he pushes down on my everything, and how, even propped up on pillows, my stomach makes trying to sleep a dreadful experience.

I could tell you how exhaustedly, tiredly tired I am, how I spend my nights shifting and cursing. And hobbling to the bathroom to pee. And getting back into bed and rearranging everything 54 times till I get comf enough to settle down.

Which lasts approximately 37 minutes. Or until the next time I have to pee.

But I figure, why tell you, when I can just show you?

There you have it. Me, in all my tired, pregeriferous glory.

Also, I thought I cropped these all to the same width. But once uploaded, they are various widths. This bugs me, but seriously, I cannot bear the thought of re-cropping and re-uploading.

Perhaps if I weren't so damn tired.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. omg that is look like such a small person, I can't comprehend what having your stomach get that big must be matter how many times I see pregnant women I am still in awe. And even more so when I hear of these women who just "LOVE" being pregnant. My friend who just had a baby says "Kelly you're so interested in the details of pregnancy, I just know you're gonna have a baby soon" and I'm like "Amanda, I'm fascinated in a discovery channel sort of way, not in a I want to expand to twice my size sort of way". But I probably a couple years...for now I'm still 26 and am still feeling drunk from being at the bar until 2 a.m. last night....=)

  2. Love the yawning photo essay. You're so, so close. I'm so excited for you. (And BTW, I haven't forgotten about that box of clothes, I just have been lazy about getting to the post office.)

  3. it's like a flip book

    the sad part is that i feel like that all the time (the yawning) and am definitely not pregnant, just tired and lazy. at least you're being productive : )

    not sure about you but i'm getting excited for you to have the baby! i can't wait to hear what the name is... along with all the horror stories of labor & post labor and mommyhood!

  4. But dang, you're still so stinkin' cute! And are those the same pants since the beginning of your pregnancy? They look comfy! It's amazing how our bodies change so much.......

  5. Raw Food Real People - It's true - I'm 5'3" and while I have decent sized hips, I'm not a very big person. My friend Jenny just said, "Wow - your belly looks so much bigger naked!"

    And you have so much time. I'd live it up for more than a couple years. There's so much life to live, so many places to go, so much fun to be had!

    Wendy - I know, so close, and still every day I'm like, really, I have to wait THAT much longer??? As for the clothes, thanks mainly to you we have a million that should last us quite a while (unless he is born the gigantor brute size that I'm so afraid of).

    notsojenny - I opened them all at the same time in Photoshop, and they layered one over the other just like a flip book!

    And I cannot WAIT to have this kid!

    Jules - Oh, thanks! I don't feel remotely cute anymore, but I LOVE hearing it, truth or no. :) And nooo, not the same pants. I started out in smalls, and these are medium. Really roomy and flowy and comf.

  6. You look like you could use a nap- perpetually! I didn't notice the different widths until you pointed them out so, well, so there.

  7. LOVE the photos. Do not love that you are exhausted. And, of course, you look great.

    Happy weekend!

  8. To paraphrase Mr. Whitman... I sound my barbaric yawn!

    And yes, it really does seem like the only sizeable part of you is the baby house. I will think comfy sleepy thoughts at you.

  9. I'm a few weeks behind you (32), and have the same sleep issues...or I did until I found the joy of a new lazyboy. They may not be the cutest thing ever, but I sleep like a baby in mine almost every night with no more tossing and turning. Of course, I hate sleeping in the living room, but I got so tired of being tired it's a small price to pay.

    Oh, and I only wish I was as tiny as you are--I look like a boat compared to you!

  10. adorable sleepy tummy montage! now before you pop, try to get to a beach, where nick will dig a baby crater in the sand, so you can sleep on your stomach!

  11. Maiden Metallurgist - I do, I need one nap after another after another.

    Fearless - Thank you. I know it is what it is, but honestly, so tired!

    Dagny - Ah, the barbaric yawn! Thank you for the comfy sleepy thoughts. Thinking about them makes me yawn some more.

    Hillary - Thank you! :)

    Ginger - We got a glider, and it feels great to sit in for a while, but I don't think I could sleep in it. But you are so right - I'd totally sleep in the living room if it meant I could actually sleep.

    And a friend said she thinks he's sitting really far back, which would make me look smaller.

    LJ - I am doubting we are going to be able to do so - it looks like we have weekend obligations or friends visiting until I'm due...But I can't tell you how many people I've recommended this to, as it sounds divine, and I had such good intentions.

    On a fun note, I will be lounging by/floating in a pool next week Fri-Sun! Yay!

  12. Medium? Really? You now make me want to hurt you.

  13. Jules - Yikes! I should explain. I now ONLY buy pants that are stretchy and have the room for hips, loose legs and thighs. If they are straight legged, even the larges are tight. I can get them to mid-thigh, and no higher.

  14. God you look fantastic......pregnancy can be so sexy.

  15. You look great and sweet and happy! So excited for you :)

  16. i love it. you are still a cute pregnant woman! how do you do that?

    ps- marion was born at 35 weeks. she weighed 6 lb 8 oz. so that little honeydew might be a little bigger than what they tell you! or smaller. :-)

  17. You're in the final stretch!! It's not the funnest part of the pregnancy, but seriously, treasure the moments. It'll all be behind you soon. And when you cross the finish line, everything you've dealt with -- every pain, discomfort, etc. will be worth it a hundred times over and won't seem like such a big deal at all. Hang in there!!

  18. Hehe, it cracks me up so much how week after week, your tummy is getting SO BIG while the rest of you is just SO SMALL!

  19. I forgive you for your non-croppage. We ALL do.

    So close...

  20. Have you tried sleeping with a body pillow? I had one during my pregnancy and I swear it was the only thing that made me feel comfortable. I spooned it all night! :)


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