Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seriously, dude, what are you doing in there?

Yesterday morning I woke up unable to breathe, in a huge fret, convinced the boy was turning himself head-up.

He was sideways, with his back across my stomach, pushing on both sets of ribs. And my lungs.

And my immediate thought, which I voiced, was, "You are not flipping over. Goddammit! Do you know how pissed I will be?"

I woke Nick up, and had him feel my stomach. Who knows what he was doing, but we both agreed it was new behavior, whatever it is.

It really felt like most of the boy was in my chest, with his back sideways. And since we knew he was head down, mainly we've been feeling what we think is his butt or legs poking out at the top.

He kept sticking himself rib-to-rib intermittently throughout the day.

Nick absolutely forbade me from shoving him one direction or another, as was my wont.

Which is really for the best, since I have no idea which end of his is up anyway. And you probably shouldn't shove your in-utero progeny, really.

Actually, you shouldn't shove your out-of-utero (ex-utero?) progeny either.

Maybe just blanket statement: No shoving of progeny.

I'd say no shoving, but on days you're feeling hatefully over-pregnant, random slowpoke pedestrians and people in your way on the metro are another matter entirely. Naturally.

But seriously. What if he's turned over? If they can't flip him, I'll have to have a C-section.

Which, despite the fear of hoo-ha trauma, I really don't want unless there's just no way around it, health-wise.

I spent a chunk of the day fretting and all preemptively mad.

Like that would help anything.

Like, "Oh, you turn over and you are so going to have a time-out as soon as you're out of there. Who do you think you are, getting out of head-down position?"



  1. I wouldn't worry. My (ex-utero) nephew has a way of exploring that makes Sibling fretfretfret, but he's very good about getting back to where he should be once he's done.

    He's probably just making sure he's headed towards the best way out. :o)

  2. *hugs* things will go well...

  3. from what little i know about baby delivery, the doctor's don't want to take it via C-section any more than you want them to... so hopefully you'll be fine.
    that little man still has time to flip over a few more times before he leaves his underwater home

  4. It's such good practice, the pre-emptive made stuff. I am not an expert, but I really don't think that they can make full turns much once they are so developed. I'll bet he's just shifting and stretching.

    Chloe has a ballet teacher whose husband is a vet. She was having some disturbing pain from the baby's movements. They went to his office and hooked her up to his animal ultrasound machine. All was well. The baby hadn't done a somersault even though it felt like it.

    The best part? the printout read Canine. Now there's something to worry about!

  5. preemptive mad, not made. sorry!

  6. Just an FYI, they have passed a new law in the district allowing pregnant ladies in their 9th month to kick and shove any pedestrians (mainly tourists) as they please.

    Really hoping everything goes super well for you soon!

  7. I'm relatively new to your blog, and love it so much- I read it aloud to my boyfriend for glimpses of funny moments ahead- I'm 25 wks. Anyhow, I have read in natural birth books and heard form yoga teachers that doing the cat/cow movements (you could draw a funny picture for this)really help to ensure that the babe is going the right direction. Which has made me do this constantly, even though I know it still has AGES to flip around (and loves to do so at 3am). And you should definitely take it all out on slow tourist pedestrians. You could totally get away with it.

  8. It is never too early for time outs. Or too late, for that matter. I gave my mother-in-law one just yesterday.


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