Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't know how you feel about sandals on men.

Me, I quite like them.

It might be because I grew up in places where men wore sandals. I dunno. I just like them better than flip flops. And I certainly wear sandals as much as possible when it's warm; I don't see why men shouldn't either.

So we got Nick this pair of mandals at DSW.

He was never a man for sandals, but I was tired of him wearing his horrible old faded flip flops all the time. So I proposed these, and he likes them.

Also, because the disembodied foot above quite amuses me, but is admittedly kind of weird, here's the rest of the picture. I like how we're both all floral-y.
And I know we look grumpy, but we're not. And the pictures where we're smiling are totally blurry.

But the mandals.

Nick wore them while with his colleagues in California a couple weeks ago, and one of them commented on his footwear. Because the mandals, they are such a departure for him.

He told them I'd chosen them. What did they think?

The guy said, "I think that's an excellent way for Lisa to make sure that there's no chance that any other woman would be attracted to you while you're apart."

Nick relayed this to me, and all I could think was, seriously, dude? Out of all his gem clothing possibilities, you're going to focus on the mandals?

Why not his seersucker shorts? How about that damn Itchy and Scratchy t-shirt that I just bet he took on that trip with him?

Both of which make me want to rip his clothes off. Not lustfully.

I like the mandals.


  1. I've always like to think of them as Air Jesuses or Jerusalem Land Cruisers. Much more manly that way. Mandals just make me think of two germaphobic bad comics.

  2. I am kinda meh on mandals but I think he is working them. I DO love a mad with swagger, even if it comes with a side of mandal.

  3. I am not ever a fan of mandals, though I am impressed with Nick's ability to carry them off. And those are among the nicest I've seen.

    Also, I kind of love this photo.

  4. O do not care for the mandal- I'm a flippy-flop gal myself.

  5. I am most definitely not a mandal fan. Flip Flop girl through and through. I'm though curious to see what baby boy comes out looking like I never realized how HULKING MAN Nick was to your petiteness.

  6. I like mandals, unfortunately the husband wears Romeos, which are also a great form of woman repellant.

  7. Not a fan of the mandals....

    You look totally cute with your behbeh bump though!

  8. MY husband Nick wears Tevas, which I personally don't mind at all. He used to have cut off jean shorts which I made him throw away. They were...there are no words to describe how horrendous they were, but they're gone now.

  9. I am surprisingly neutral on the subject of mandals. I am definitely not repelled by them. They sort of make sense. In fact, in typing out this comment I have decided that I am pro-mandal.

  10. I'm with you on the sandals... and probably for the same reason. To the Indian in me, flip flops to me are bathroom wear, while sandals are for going around town.

  11. I'm pretty indifferent to mandals. I love that yall are all florarly and summery!

    I loathed a pair of flip-flops Luke had in college, leather Rainbow brand. My Mom and I devised a plan to kidnap and dispose of the Rainbows the next time Luke and I visited my parents, so I wouldn't be suspected. All was well until - HIS Mom sent a new pair. Can you believe it?!

  12. So not fair that he gets to drink beer!
    Does abstaining drive you crazy or are you used to it now?

    It'd drive me crazy to watch Nathan drink at the rate we do now when (if) I ever get pregnant...but I guess we are still hard partying kids...even though he's 35 =).

  13. It's hot. Hubby wears mandals. And flip flops.

  14. Seersucker Suits?? never seen one here in New Zealand and Seersucker went out in the 70's over here. Maybe its on its way back in and we are behind the times or something. As for the Mandals?? My latest and greatest(all 6'3" to my 5'3") of him,wears flippin bare feet most of the time and its the middle of winter here. Maybe I should buy him some Mandals, I do like the ones you got for Nick. Oh and Nicks shirt in that photo ummm welll :S My dad had one just like it I'm sure.

  15. He wears them well. Who wants hot feet?

  16. Oh, goodness, such a long, busybusy day!

    FoggyDew - Jesus sandals are something else entirely. And I loathe them.

    Lemmonex - I don't know if Nick has a swagger, but he does have a wonderful amount of self-confidence, which I love.

    Dagny - I love this picture. It's so unflattering of both of us, and we both look a little bitter. And we weren't! We really were having a good time!

    Maiden Metallurgist - Yah. It's good to know where you stand.

    Sgt. Social Worker - He is seriously like twice my size, and his people are huge. I can only imagine the boy will be gigantor.

    Court - Thank you! :)

    Jo - I don't mind Tevas either. Cut off jean shorts, however, need to be burned.

    Hillary - I adore you, I really do.

    VVK - I am OK with flip flops out and about, but men still need some kind of casual but dressier option, I think. And I have a pair of chuppals I love. They're Kenneth Cole, so not real, but they were the best I could do, considering my last trip to India was so very long ago.

    HKW - Hahaha! I'm sorry about that, but it really is funny. So you're stuck with the Rainbows?

    Raw Food Real People - In the beginning, it was so hard and I was bitter. NYE was hell, as would be other big, drunken parties. And then I started having a glass of wine here and there, so I really wasn't abstaining. And now I just don't have a taste for it.

    I bet Nathan won't drink as much when you're preg, though - Nick doesn't - it's just not as fun if you can't do it together.

    Jules - I am OK with the flops, just not all the time. Mandals are a good supplement, I think.

    Go-Betty - One of my friends is married to an Australian, and he goes barefoot all the time, everywhere. What is it about your end of the world?

    As for his shirt, I love it. Betty got it for him in Hawaii and I just think he looks so cute in it.

    Lisa - I think he does, too. And yes. Exactly!

  17. And Mary - I missed you, as I went to look up Romeos and got sidetracked...Nooooo! Agree with you entirely! Those are definitely a woman repellent.

  18. The notion that the only summer footwear that is "man" appropriate are flip flops is laughable and a bit fashion repugnant to me. Men have been wearing sandals for decades and some with a great deal of sartorial splendor. It wasn't until that got that dismissive nickname that men have been discouraged from wearing them.

    By the by, Nick looks good in those.

  19. I only like them on guys who can pull them off. And I gotta say, I think he's doing it nicely.

  20. Nick does well in the mandals, but I'm sure he would totally rock a pair of two-strap Birkenstocks, as well. He just needs a good push in the right direction.

  21. restaurant refugee - You put that so eloquently! I'm glad Nick has your approval.

    LiLu - Thanks. I think so.

    Jo - Ohhh, but I loathe Birkenstocks. I mean, other people can wear them. But they are serious I-never-want-to-see-you-naked shoes to me.

  22. First of all, I don't think you guys look grumpy, just not all "smiley for the camera" - It's a great pic.

    Now, about those mandals...
    just joking - they don't look bad at all. Even if they did, I'm not one who thinks fashion is important.
    But even I had to draw a line when my husband tucked his sweater into his jeans. Oy.

  23. Men with mandals usually don't care what anybody else thinks of them. That's because we're usually busy with other priorities (like saying no to ex's who still call and want to do dinners).

  24. Ooh, I love your dress! You both look great.


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