Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teacups and profound thoughts

Years ago, a friend in medical school told me that an unpregnant uterus can fit in a teacup.

A teacup! Somehow, this really stuck. I always pictured a cup of the very delicate, English china variety.

I had this teacup image for years and years.

And it wasn't until yesterday that it really hit home how large my uterus has actually gotten. I mean yes, duh, it stretches at the baby grows. But I didn't really think about it.

Yesterday was the first time that the boy has thumped hard enough that my hand, which was resting on top of my stomach, actually got bounced up on the air.

It was right under my breasts, where his butt or leg or something like that tends to squirm around.

I was talking to a friend when this large thump happened. She was impressed.

And then she said, "You know, your uterus now extends all the way up to under your boobs!"

Which was when I realized the following.

At this point, I could fit my uterus over my head.


  1. I'm enlightened - had no idea, a tea cup! 2 drawings in one week - yay!

  2. Who knows if that's even right. I never looked it up. But I liked the idea.

    I think I am really missing the creativity of dyeing stuff. The drawing just doesn't scratch the same itch, but it's non-toxic.

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  4. These drawings are way better than actual camera pictures. Keepem' coming!

  5. Love the drawing. This reminds me of an ex-colleague who insisted on working on a deal right up until birth. We were sitting at a restaurant one day and her soon to be born daughter got the hiccups. We could all see it, the little bump going up and down with each hiccup. It was funny, interesting and disturbing all at the same time.

  6. And there you are, just sitting there and defying the laws of physics. No wonder you're tired!

  7. Then I'm going to picture my uterus as the blue and white really pretty English kind. And it's holding delicious berry tea!

  8. did you notice how conservative your dress is and how your shoes are sensible now that you can fit your uterus over your head.

    Just saying. :)

  9. I love how you are wearing super high heels in 2008 and now that you're blinded by your uterus, you're wearing flats. Safety first.

  10. Marie - Hahaha! I will try!

    Jules - That sounds fabulous, absolutely fabulous.

    Fearless - I now love love love feeling the kid hiccups. They just make me smile.

    Dagny - I didn't think of that. Exactly!

    Sarah - You know I strive for accuracy in all things. :)

    Hillary - Safety first, always. I'm always ready for the stop, drop, and roll.

    Also, how I miss the heels. I almost accosted a woman in the elevator this morning wearing fabulously fun heels.

  11. apparently being pregnant means you no longer wear short skirts and hooker high heels. Sad.

    Not that you'd be any less good of a hooker as a pregnant woman.

    whoa, tangent. I think I should cut down my caffeine intake.

  12. if a baby in my belly kicked me so hard my hand ounced i probably would have burst into laughter... i mean it just seems so crazy!
    then again if it were a bad day i may have tried to kick it back. (pardon the ramblings of a never yet preggo girl)

    so now maybe you can fit the teacup, the teapot, a sugar & creamer set, spoons...

  13. I think that's kinda awesome, though. I mean I don't have to deal with the not drinking and the not sleeping and all that not fun stuff, so you could want to kill me for saying this, but seriously? Kinda cool.

  14. apparently when you put your uterus over your head, you detached your neck from your body :)

  15. Actually, I think I may have been the one who told you that a uterus can fit in a teacup, and I just made it up on the spot. A housemate of mine had told her younger brother that her belly stuck out because of her uterus. For some reason this irked me and I exclaimed to you and J- that a uterus can fit in a tea cup. J- got a huge kick out of the idea, so we proceeded to make up an educational children's story about a boy named J- who carried his uterus around in teacup. There were other titles in the series but I can no longer remember them. I was way off by the way, you can fit several uteruses? uteri? into a teacup. They are usually about the size of an almond. Sorry such a long comment.

  16. Sarah - You have no idea how much I miss the tarty outfits and ridiculously high shoes. And I'd be a terrible hooker, no matter what.

    notsojenny - It is wild. It's one of the coolest things ever. Except that when he pushes really hard, I push back, because it hurts!

    And one can only imagine what I could fit at the moment.

    Lemmonex - It is seriously awesome. There are a number of inconveniences, but I can honestly sit and hold my belly for ages and not get bored.

    LJ - Which, of course, is totally normal in pregnancy. Like the rest of it. :)

    Maude - Ohh! I have been attributing it to Andy C all these years. But maybe it was around the time I met him at your house??

    And the size of an almond??? That makes it all the more extraordinary.

  17. i thought one's ovaries were the size of almonds? oy vey, now i'm gonna have to start looking stuff up because i'm really curious!

    also, i love that you don't have a face in your "after" picture :)

  18. oh but a foot prostitute. You'd be a good one right? Or something?


  19. ok I must remember to read first then look at picture. I thought the tea cup was a pocket and wondered why you had no face in July 2009 Now I know the pocket is actually your uterus and you have no face because thats your uterus over your head. I have to say after reading and going back to the picture I burst out laughing and had the person sitting next to me give me a very strange look.
    Thank you for my friday laughter ....your pictures are marvelous Lisa. :)

  20. I freaking love the way your mind works.

  21. kate.d. - I don't have any idea! I am going to have to look into this as well.

    Sarah - I would be an EXCELLENT foot prostitute. Thank you for reminding me.

    Go-Betty - I'm delighted to hear that! :) And for lack of talent I am a totally unreliable illustrator.

    LiLu - Ha, thanks! And I love yours!

  22. Hey... I'm SURE you know this but a quote from this post made it to the Washington Post Express today... xoxo :-)

  23. Maybe that uterus could fit in your biggest stock pot!


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