Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 37 tummy

I talked to Nick this morning, and he asked if the baby had dropped.

Because, he said, I sound less breathe-y. I know exactly what he means.

I can't tell, because my lungs still feel squozen, but a couple other people, including Betty, think he has.

Fingers crossed.

So this week, my little stalk of Swiss chard (odd choice, no?) started to demonstrate that he doesn't. have. enough. space!

There is always some bit of him sticking through somewhere.

Him moving, getting hiccups, shifting, squirming, it's better than television. I'm telling you. I can sit and watch my stomach forever.

And in meetings, I put on my best "education policy is really interesting" face. When really I'm just holding my stomach and wondering what he's up to.

And thinking, "Soon, very soon, little dude, we will be getting the fuck out of here! For 16 weeks! Yippee!"

However, after I eat, and dinner in particular, I have to hold my belly button, to keep it from stinging. Because it's late in the day, everything is bigger. And he's all whee! Food rush! Fun!

He wiggles and shoves.

I put both hands over my belly button and pull in, just a little. It helps.

Which clearly inconveniences him. So then he pokes at the top of my belly.

Which hurts as well. And causes me to gently but firmly push back. He pokes out elsewhere. I push. We do a little nightly belly chase poke-push-shove-shove. I'm all, "I love you, but be nice to mama!"

OK, very candidly, sometimes I'm like, "Ow! Goddammit! Stop shoving! That hurts!"

But then I always add an "I love you!"

(I sure hope I don't sound like an abusive parent, all, I only shove you because I love you.)

Sometimes he retreats to the back. And sometimes he heads down for a mischievous little bladder poke.

Considering his parents, there is no way he's not going to be stubborn.

The truth is, there are a lot of things that suck about pregnancy. But I can't wait to see the boy, and there's nothing I would ever regret about it. In fact, I think that probably in the scheme of things I've had an easy pregnancy.

It might just be that I complain more than the average human?

My dad, wherever he is, is surely getting a kick out of that epiphany.


  1. I'm so excited for you. I remember that feeling that there just wasn't enough room for the two of us in my body. I'm not quite there yet, but it's getting close. People keep asking me if I'm bothered by the heat, but I tell them that it's more the 4 inches of torso that I desperately need but will never have.

    BTW, finally dragged my sorry ass to the post office and mailed the clothes. xoxo

  2. You are so exactly right! It isn't the heat, it's the lack of space! There is not enough room for two. And mama is not going to win this one.

    And thank you - very excited! You've got my boy clothed for years to come.

  3. Lisa you look great, amazing! So happy for you and Nick your son will be here soon.

  4. he's very persistent, this boy. So pokey pokey. but by pushing back, you're preparing him for car rides with his eventual brother or sister, or cousin or friend.

    You know, because kids push back. You're just toughening him a bit. :)

  5. you look great! umm ... how are you not tipping over? you must have extremely strong back muscles. this is one aspect of pregnancy (or maybe physics?) that I don't understand. you're very, erm, front-heavy (MEANT IN THE NICEST WAY POSSIBLE) and yet you are still upright. blows my mind.

  6. Honestly, I don't even know how you are going to work. I'd be all "I'm laying around and being lazy! Bring me stuff!"

  7. I can't wait to see the boy, too. You might try reading "Hop on Pop" to him prenatally. After all, it's going to be Nick's turn for a while, once he shows up. Right?


  8. Lisa, really - you look absolutely great...all baby! healthy you, healthy baby - awesome! The pokey thing is kinda fun to isn't it. I remember when my first baby was born, I could recognize her movements from the way she moved when she was still cooking. It's very cool: )

  9. HKW - Thank you, lovely! We are so excited! Soon!

    Marta is taking me out for a pedicure this afternoon in hopes that foot massage hurries things along. :) It did for her.

    Sarah - We are both among the stubbornest humans on the planet. He is going to be so persistent when he wants something.

    And yah, good prep for the world, really. :)

    Hillary - Thank you! I do have strong back muscles, but mostly I think it is this: I have these muscular, sturdy legs, inherited from my Viking/Midwestern prairie-walking farmer ancestors. I never appreciated them much, but I think they really help.

    Marie - The days I just veg, I ache more. So even though I usually don't feel like it, I'm still walking (much less, but still!), lifting weights (although really light, and only arms and back) - and I always feel so much better for it.

    Dagny - It is! And I've been told that boys are awesome in many ways, but one of the best is that they totally want to cuddle with their moms, but look for their dads when they want to PLAY! Yes to Hop on Pop!

    Kate - Thank you so much! I think we are pretty healthy. You know, Tejal said the same thing once her baby was born - she totally recognized movements! So cool!

  10. Very excited for you. Keeping you in my happy thoughts for a happy and healthy delivery.

  11. He's ALL out front! And I love the poking back added with the, "I love you, of course." Funny!

  12. is it just me or doesn't it even look in the picture like he's dropped? or is that just gravity taking effect? maybe it's my eyes, who knows
    i can't believe you're so far along... it feels like just yesterday we were reading about peeing on sticks and hanging out in the ladies room. but this is SO much more exciting!!

  13. It just looks so unreal. I can't get over it.

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  15. I love these weekly updates, and you still look fabulous! Only one week to go until you're officially full term.


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