Monday, July 06, 2009

Week 34 tummy

Oh, hi. I missed you guys, even though I'm the one who wasn't around.

I had all good intentions of getting this up on Friday.

Betty took the picture and I was going to post, and then Nick called to say his plane had landed early, and I rushed off to Dulles and then we went on with one thing and another - some fun, but mainly 85 different house-related errands and tasks. And the blogging, it didn't happen.

And now it's Monday. How is it that five days can take for-fucking-ev-ver and three can go by so fast?

So (in case you're wondering about the sweetie above) I've started to see what I can balance on my tummy. Which, although it's reached astounding proportions, is still not a lot when I'm standing up.

I'm working on it, though. I'll keep you updated.

Last week I learned from the cardiologist that I'm normal. All my little heart racing episodes fall in the range of normal. The lightheaded, they chalk up to pregnancy. Normal.

This was no surprise to my OB. He always looks all my numbers and tells me I'm fine. Keep it up; you're doing great!

This past week, I asked about the size and direction of the kid. Do I get another sonogram?

Not unless the internal exam next time indicates that he's breech.

"My husband is gigantic. And he comes from enormous people."

"You're not measuring large so far."


And in the meantime, I've been told by all the women in Nick's family - and somewhat gleefully, I might add - that he weighed 10 and 1/2 pounds when he was born.


But my OB, he looks at my blood pressure and weight and urine sugar or whatever and then listens to the boy's heartbeat and does the tape measure on the belly and then sends me on my way.

"Bye, normal! See ya in two weeks!"

"Bye, OB!" Hobble, waddle.

So my average size cantaloupe (whose testicles descend this week), he feels enormous. He fills up all of my space, and makes it difficult to get up and sit down and lie down and every other damn thing.

Sometimes I wake up and my stomach looks square, with all the angles he's poking out. I imagine him in lotus position.

He squishes my diaphragm, squeezes my air out, he dances when I'm trying to sleep, and pokes me in the bladder, thus propelling me out of bed and hobbling to the bathroom.

Maybe I'm measuring normal, but geez.


  1. You look gorgeous! I've got baby on the brain lately, and I love reading your updates.

  2. You look wonderful! Although I do wonder if he's doing yoga in there!! Keep it up! You're doing great!! ;)

  3. What is that on your belly? I am blind.

    Also, you look amazing.

  4. i second Lemmonex... what is that? is it a piece of wrapped candy??

    and i still just can't get over how (with the exception of the belly) you don't really look pregnant... most people i know are so swollen and retaining water at this point that you sometimes can't recognize them. good for you lady!!

  5. Yay for normal test results!

    You look beautiful.

  6. Maiden Metallurgist - Oh, thank you! And baby on the brain...hmmmm.

    Jules - Thank you! I bet he is. We'll have to name him Siddhartha.

    Lemmonex - It's wrapped candy. It's hard to tell, I know. And thank you. I feel EEEnormous and lumbering.

    notsojenny - Yah, candy. Everything else fell off...but I'm working up to bigger things!

    I've kept up the exercising and I'm keeping my salt intake low and am drinking a lot of water...I'm figuring all of that helps.

    mysterygirl! - Yay for normal! :) And thank you. I don't feel like it, but I love hearing it.

  7. I totally measured normal-and I looked HUGE which was why I kept asking if the babe was really big. And the Drs kept saying "Normal!"
    The babe was 9lbs 14oz.
    So I'm not sure about the measuring thing.

  8. I totally feel your pain, though being 7 weeks ahead of me, I don't doubt you're feeling far more huge and lumbering than I am right now. You look awesome, in any event. Only 6 more weeks!!

  9. As others have observed, you look fantastic. And I'm glad to hear that everything is "normal".

    Honestly, it sounds like he's a happy baby already. I rather like the thought of him dancing.

  10. I can't believe that tummy is YOURS! The rest of you is still so wee!

  11. you look healthy and lovely, but let's face it: you are vertically challenged. i am almost 5'11", so i had a lot more room for my expanding uterus. even still, i had smallish babies - 7 lbs 11 oz and 6 lbs 12 oz. ya never know!

  12. Oh yeah, those measurements... Muriel measured large -- and felt enormous, of course -- but came out at around 7 and a half pounds. So who knows? :)

    You are looking so fabulous! And yay for normal!! (In this context, anyway.)

  13. "My husband is gigantic. And he comes from enormous people." This line made me laugh, almost out loud, but I controlled it with difficulty. Nonetheless, you look fantastic. The smile alone goes a long way.

  14. You look fabulous...albeit uncomfortable!! Won't be long now.

  15. so this probably falls under the "things not to say to a pregnant lady" category but I have no filter. so. the tape measure test? is bullshit. my best friend's baby measured at 6lbs. he was 9lbs4oz. her second baby measured at 6lbs. she was 9lbs. I'm not trying to worry you, really. I'm just saying that maybe you should start making your peace with having a giant baby. and? you look great!

  16. Mary - Aaagh! I've now heard a bunch of stories like that. I feel like, it is what it is if he's huge, but I want some idea beforehand - facing labor is scary enough as it is.

    Wendy - Oh, thanks. Super lumbering. Everything feels so damn hard. And yes-even less at this point!

    Dagny - I hope he'll be a happy baby. I can't wait for you to meet him!

    LiLu - I cannot believe it's mine either. And the rest just looks smaller in comparison at this point, I think.

    LJ - A number of taller woman have told me they were never as sticky-outy preg as I am. I've always wanted to be tall, and now I really am envious of the space.

    A.S. - I do feel like there's a lot of who knows? and nothing to do about it. And yes, yay for normal (in context :))!

    FoggyDew - You've met him! You know I'm not exaggerating! And his people are giants! Thanks for the nice words. Today I'm mostly grimacing, but there's the occasional smile.

    Kate - Thank you! And yes, so uncomf! I am counting down!

    Hillary - I find it all very suspect, this quick measuring tape business. Also, I think, so easy for him to say - he's not the one who has to shove the whateversizebaby out his hoo ha.

  17. Yeah, 10 1/2 pounds would scare me, too. I couldn't even squeeze out my almost 9 lb baby! But our bodies are capable of some pretty amazing things, so who knows! You lok great, as always. Hang in there!

  18. As horrifying as it sounds that he "pokes you in the bladder" you make pregnancy seem so beautiful and easy.

  19. nicole - I KNOW!!! AAAAGH!

    Luna - Almost 9 is plenty big enough!!! Although I know I have bigger hips than you. And you are so right - our bodies are amazing.

    Mb - While I want to hug you for your comment, I feel compelled to tell you that if you knew me in person, I'm quite sure you'd have a different impression. I complain a lot. I pant after walking up the stairs. I grunt every time I bend over. Not beautiful, not easy.

  20. My very best friend in the world gave birth to a 12 lbs. 10 oz. baby girl...of course by C-section! Her doctor did tell her that the baby would be a "little" big, but seriously? Her birth set the record at the hospital that year for the largest baby, and she was born Jan. 4th. I hope you have a nice, normal sized baby! Sounds like you're doing all the right things.


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