Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina vs. Mexico. As we vie for parents of the year

It's not that we love soccer so much; it's more that it's really damn hot. And we like beer.

J cheers for the winning team!

I know, I know, we're not winning any parents of the year award for baby in a bar. But they have fish! In tanks! (And grilled cheese! On plates!)
That mitigates it, don't you think?


  1. He"s wearing his denim diapers... :-)

  2. Yes! And it's so HOT! Too hot for pants! I wish I could go out in denim diapers.

  3. Adorable! By the way, your hair looks fantastic! You definitely could rock the denim diapers!

  4. Great pics! Our baby has a thing for beer cans. Like SCREAMS if she sees one and can't have it - if we're competing for parent of the year that is...

    I laughed so hard in your last post I nearly wet my pants! I'm not kidding!

  5. kayare - Thank you! I go back and forth on the hair, but it's good for summer. As for the denim diapers, I need to let go of this idea.

    Miranda - For Jordan it's bottles. Loves bottles! Dislikes Perrier but man does he want a sip from the BOTTLE!

    And thank you on the prior post. I nearly wet my pants from hysteria. Actually, if I were a guy, I could probably have just peed on the bug, no? But then I'd be left cleaning urine off the floor as well. Hm.

  6. I saw the baby denim diapers commercial again and this time instead of throwing things at the tv, I smiled and said "when Jordon goes number 2, he looks like number 1!" and then I giggled.

  7. It doesn't appear that anyone else is actually at that bar. Was there?! And here, you can still smoke in bars, so no goes for babies!

  8. I love how content he looks. Like "Yeah. I'm a baby. And I'm in a bar. What of it? These toys are delicious."

    Were you at The Reef? I'm not asking for stalking purposes. Just wondering.

  9. Hillary - Yay! I'm so glad to hear that!

    Kate - There were very few people - maybe 10 of us. It's usually not open before 5. We know, because we go right at 5, have a beer and baby-friendly dinner, stare at the fish and give the fish tank some good thumps, and then hurry home to bed.

    Nicole - Yah, the Reef. They're very baby-friendly. They even have a baby happy hour, which I've not yet been to. The fish tanks are just amazing - such entertainment!

  10. I don't miind the baby in a bar or the beer. I don't think it takes you out of the running for parents of the year. In fact, perhaps it strengthens it - you know, some added points for diversity and such(but my husband and I have been known to venture into a bar with a baby so take it for what it's worth.)

    What I am really interested in is the grilled cheese? Did Jordan like it and when did he first have it. I would love for MRA to try some. Yeah, I know, I am not worried about my baby in a bar BUT I am concerned about giving him grilled cheese. Don't judge me, please.

  11. Angel JAM - He LOVES grilled cheese! And he also really liked the dill pickle. :) We started giving him cheesy toast and bites of white pizza at 9 months when they gave us the go-ahead for yogurt and cheese.

    I totally understand. I'm much more worried about making sure he doesn't have citrus! egg whites! tomato! strawberries! milk! before he is one, but I'll haul him just about anywhere. He goes to sleep about 6:30 every night, though, so our options are very tame.


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