Friday, June 11, 2010

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? A Friday poll

I realized as I was pulling out shirts for the jeans diaper debut that I was browsing through the Breakfast Club.

And then J went back to sleep, and I'm left planning today's wardrobe without him. What? My current alternatives are unloading the dishwasher and starting laundry.

So. With the jeans diapers, his best look might be:

A. Athlete
B. Member of the physics club
C. Preppy
D. Too cool for school
E. Vacation lounge singer
F. You're an intelligent adult professional, and this is how you spend your time?

G. I'm an intelligent adult professional, and you're actually asking me to spend time on this?

Happy Friday, my people!


  1. A. They're all cute, but I think A is just an adorable combination. Unless it's the too cool for school one, with spiked hair?

  2. Definitely's Friday and I'm picturing that he sounds just like the Bill Murray Lounge singer character!

  3. I vote D
    I love that shirt - where is it from?

  4. Susan H - Ohh, I would love to spike his hair! Maybe when he has a little more. :)

    K dog - Hahaha! I need to teach him to croon!

    Sara P. - I love that shirt, too! My friend Laura gave it to him. The tag says Atsuyo et Akiko.

  5. B. For sure. But, I'm sure he looks adorable in whichever outfit you chose!

  6. I'm surprised to be saying this, but I think C is the CUTEST little combination!

  7. Love B, then I saw F and love it more. Seriously, how do you decide on things like this everyday? I don't think I could handle this level of cuteness everyday!

  8. ha! i can't wait to see which one you pick!

  9. I love this! See, THIS is how to make parenting fun to a non-parent :) I appreciated your comment on my blog. My SIL (the mom of the baby in all of the examples) wasn't such a fan...hehe. She's evil and so is her kid, so I'm secretly happy that she read it. For the record, I vote for A.

  10. They are all really cute and I think you have your outfits planned for the next week. Go you! Start at the top. :)

  11. Hillary - That's the one I chose for his play date!

    cla517 - I love the rocket. And the jean diapers really make the outfit. :)

    Tabitha - Betty got him that shirt! I'm not preppy, but I LOVE preppy on boys!

    HKW - I love picking the baby clothes! I thought a boy wouldn't be fun clothing-wise, but oh, fun!

    brookem - Will post pics for sure!

    Tia - Glad to help! Evil SILs are fun to piss off, malicious as that may be. (And not speaking from personal experience or anything...)

    Grace - You are so right! What a good way to look at it!

    P - I want a shirt like that. I've looked, to no avail.

  12. C! C! It'll look good against the blue.

    As an aside, I can't believe you bought those. Too bad they don't make an adult version. Bummer.

  13. Definitely A(dorable), but that has more of a surfer vibe to me than any of the choices listed.

    I totally thought the jeans diapers were a joke until I got to the end of the commercial and realized it was totally not a joke. Then I was completely nonplussed.

  14. B. Physics geeks rock.

  15. Definitely D. What's more perfect than jeans and a t-shirt? :)

  16. A and D! Not F and G! I am very indecisive at the best of times so choosing what Lara will wear takes up waaay to much of my time! And packing to go away? ....oh, just a nightmare!

    PS - Blogger has been gobbling up my comments to you of late - hope this one works!

  17. C or E! Definitely! And don't worry about F or G; planning baby outfits is fun. :D

  18. Oh my god. Hilarious!

    And there was a time when it seemed like that kids went through all those outfits before the day was over!

  19. sarah - He wore C to a work picnic Saturday. :)

    And how could I resist buying them? I revel in the ridiculous!

    Keenie Beanie - Yah, could be surfer, that's for sure.

    I love that commercial. It's just so silly.

    Lynn - It is true, they do. :)

    Karen - Nothing! Totally classic!

    Miranda - It drives me crazy when that happens. You write all this stuff and then click...and then it's gone. And you don't have the energy to re-write.

    Packing to go away is terrible. And I've said before - if he were a girl it would be that much harder!

    Anonymous - Thanks! It is fun!

    Lisa - You are so right, actually. We used to go through at least a couple outfits a day.

    Jenn - Oh, that would be hilarious! A little onesie wife beater!


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