Saturday, June 19, 2010

A cardinal number, nine plus one

Today my big little steamrolling handful, today you are ten months old.

This last month has just been huge.

About a week ago you started crawling. And now you crawl like the devil is chasing you.

You've also started standing up, although you still do the toe-point thing. And while that's helpful in ballet, it hampers you in the balance department. But still, you pull up and stand at every opportunity.

We got you an inflatable pool and you splash and crawl furiously around the inside perimeter. You also spend a lot of time flattening the sides and patting the ground and reaching for things just outside your grasp.

Wherever you are is not as interesting as where you might be.

I'd say you've inherited this grass-is-greener attitude from me, but for one thing: Being a city baby, you have very little contact with it. And when you do, you freak out. Grass is creepy.

And you notice everything. Everything.

I painted my toenails blue during your nap yesterday. When I picked you up, you looked down, and did that bulgy-eyed "the hell?" thing that you do when something is new. And then you insisted on feeling them.

You kind of suck in the eating department lately. You spend a lot more time slapping the spoon away and banging the tray than you do eating.

You like Cheerios, but you're suspicious of just about everything other finger food we put on your tray. Cheese, for example? Weird.

Cheese in a jar, though? Yum. Don't tell Dad I let you try some yesterday. I think the Costco lady was a little surprised.

But! On a positive food note!

We've discovered that you love, absolutely love, pupusas and tamales. You will share them with Dad but you can also eat them all by yourself and oh, rapture! You shove the bits in your mouth by the fistful.

You often say "Mama!" when you see me in the morning or when I come home at night, which makes me certain you know I'm Mama. But then sometimes you say it to the rug or the bottle or the ball, and then I'm not so sure.

You move a million miles a minute and you make us very tired. But you're the biggest joy in our world, and it just keeps getting better.

I love you like crazy. Like a million crazies. Um, that doesn't sound the way I mean it. But you know what I mean.




  1. Awwwww!!!! How sweet!

    But seriously??? TEN MONTHS??????? I can't believe it's been that long!

  2. Happy 10 months to the sweetest 10 month old boy in the whole wide world. :) And hey-this boy knows how to eat!! Love his serious dedication and appreciative grunts!

  3. Happy 10 months and what a sweet post, Jordan is lucky to have such loving parents. The video is precious, it sounds like Jordan says "Yummm!" a couple of times!

  4. Whatever the heck pupusas are, they look mighty tasty by the young fellas expression.
    He just gets more gorgeous by the day if thats at all possible.

  5. P - I can't believe it either! We've kept him alive for almost a year!

    kayare - Ahh, thank you! The pupusas make him really happy. He's not as appreciative with most other food at this point, alas.

    HKW - Hopefully you'll get to meet him when you guys are here! We are so lucky to have him!

    Go-Betty - They are yummy. I just learned about them recently, and I really like them. Not as much as J does, though.

    And thank you for the compliment! We feel that way, of course. :)

  6. He's really looking like a big boy now! You can see what his older self is going to look like.

  7. Wow! he looks so big in the picture! He looks a lot like you in the pic as well. What a guy! It's amazing how much one little individual can learn in 10 short months on this earth!

  8. CUUUUUUUTE! Can you hear me shout from here? And my but he has big feet!

  9. Happy 10 months, baby J!

  10. I look forward to these letters. They are so sweet. It will be such a treat for him to read them when he's older. (assuming that you are giving them to him?)


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