Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday poll: white trash pool?

So, we haven't gotten around to getting an inflatable pool.

I saw one at Costco last week, but it was gigantor. Like, in the pictures on the box, it pretty much looked like a family of four was enjoying water escapades.

It was not a possibility, much fun as it might be. Because while it would've fit, I think we'd have had to put the grill in the pool. Which just seems like a bad idea.

And then I just didn't make it to Target. And then it got sunny and hot hot hotasHadeshot.

So Betty took Big J's bathtub - the one with the intergalactic instructions - out back. She filled it up mid-day and let the water heat in the sun.

He loved it. They had an afternoon pool party.

The tub now lives out there. We've begun referring to it as "the pool." Seriously. It's like the world bathtub disappeared from our vocabulary.

Every afternoon he gets a scrub-down in the pool.

We had friends over last weekend and we suggested the kids might like to take a dip in the pool.

And then we had to be all, "Uh, by pool we mean that white bathtub right there."

In your opinion this is:

A. No biggie. It's tantamount to running in the sprinkler. (Which we can't do because we have no yard. Or sprinkler. Also, J can't stand up on his own, much less run.)
B. Definitely trashy. What's next - letting your kid chew on a crumpled can of Bud from the recycling pile, which is probably located next to the car on bricks?
C. Oddly charming. Nakey babies can get away with anything.


  1. A and C. He's happy, he's cool, he's naked, he's cute. End of story! Enjoy your pool/bathtub!

  2. He is totally happy. The good thing about not having a bigger pool is that I'm unable to take off my clothes and take a dip and horrify the neighbors.

  3. A! What a cute skinny-dipper, it would be wrong to withold the fun from this little guy! This morning, my sister sent photos of her 4 month old in a bumbo in an inflatable pool with little sprinklers attached. I nearly died, the photos were so cute!

  4. C!

    Except for when you are in Switzerland, where an old lady will tell you that your baby is cold, even if you run out to the mailbox with a baby in a diaper really fast.

    God, he is so cute! And sun! heat! I"m jealous.

  5. A and C. Emphasis on C, though, because that kid is so cute he could get away with anything.

  6. Nakey babies can get away with anything!

  7. a) it's cold and rainy here and has been for weeks, so I'm a bit bitter about your heat
    b) I felt like a celebrity had commented on my blog when you stopped by :)
    c) TOTALLY C. Less to clean up when he pees in it! Love the big smile on his face!

  8. For what it's worth, when I was Jordan's age or maybe a little older, I had a bathtub just like that except it was yellow, and when we stayed at my grandparents' lake cabin my mom would put it on the deck and let me use it as a kiddie pool, too. I loved it; the adults could supervise me easily; all was good. So I say, hell, yes! What's good for mysterygirl! in 1980 is good for Jordan in 2010. :)

  9. C! Naked baby! Who would dare judge a naked baby (especially one as smiley as J?)

  10. I think it's great. The thing with inflatable pools is that they are annoying to blow up and even more annoying to pack away each time after you use them. You want to know what is even tackier? Having a decrepit, badly neglected inflatable pool sitting in your backyard collecting leaves because I, I mean, someone, was too lazy to put it away.

  11. It's totally acceptable. Last year we had a party for a 2 year old and we didn't get a pool thinking sprinklers and water guns would be enough. Well, two of them got inside the cooler. The freaking cooler! We then found a larger bucket that three of them fit in. They had a blast. Who needs a pool when you've got some other receptacle that holds water?

  12. Nakey baby! My grandmother put me in the tin laundry tub, so hey, at least it's better than that!

  13. I'm voting naked babies all the way. Nothing trashy about that!

    Besides, a little white tub that can easily be cleaned out and tidied away is way less white trash than a sad half-inflated donut pool!

  14. Whatever makes that sweet boy happy is OK by me! :)

  15. HKW - I bet those photos were completely adorable! Itty bitty baby in a Bumbo being sprinkled! Cute cute cute!

    mrsmac - The Swiss are all about the right way and wrong way to do things, aren't they? My Swiss students always seemed to be like that, anyway. And come back come back to the sun and heat!

    Tabitha - Every day we are like, oh, you are so cute! Hi little man! Boy are you cute! I never knew we'd be so smitten.

    Lisa - And this kid pretty much does!

    Tia - Ah, thank you! I'm flattered! I am so thankful for the heat. People are complaining about the humidity and I am all, bring it on! Better than being cold!

    mysterygirl! - Well, if you did it, it has to be right! And how lovely to splish splash around overlooking a lake!

    Hillary - So far, nobody seems to be judging our nakey boy!

    Masala Chica - I would never, ever judge. If we had a yard I would be all, oh, great, we have the space to just leave it...until we started making mulch in it.

    Grace - The cooler! Hilarious! They made their own pool. With food and beverages!

    Julie - I think that's charming - like an old-time bathtub, really!

    Angel JAM - Once J can crawl I'll let him go naked a lot more. I hate the idea of him dragging his little penis across our not-super-smooth old wood floors.

    Keenie Beanie - You make a very good point there. We rinse it out and set it sideways to dry. Which really is easier than inflating/deflating.

    kayare - That's exactly how I feel! He loves it, so that's what we're doing!

  16. A and C. I sort of love it.

    By sort of I mean with all my heart.

  17. A and C.

    Because as long as that naked baby isn't eating dirt on film, it's all good.

  18. Are you still taking votes? C! C! C!

  19. Over here we have these giant plastic clam shells, you can open it up and fill one side with water and the other can be the sandpit.......they are great for the pint size enthusiasts to play in. Hell I have a pic of me squashed into a bucket of water at J's age. Go for naked baby in the tub/pool there is nothing wrong with it and hundreds of bubs across the states are prolly doing the exact same thing about now. Minus the bud cans and old cars of course because it is so not trashy in any way.

  20. I had actually never thought of taking the tub outside! H has the precious planet whale tub and I think it is kind of obviously a bath tub. My dad bought H a little pool that holds probably 2 babies comfortably (3 or 4 if they don't mind splashing each other) and I never take it down.. I just lean it upright and put in in front of the closet or in the hall or someplace else that is rarely used. I'll toss it at the end of the summer or when it pops, whichever comes first.

  21. Oh, also! How do you feel about arranged marriages? ahem. ;)

  22. KLZ - I totally want to hug you.

    Sarah - I love the "on film" part of the sentence. Hahaha!

    Lynn - Thank you thank you thank you!

    stacy - :)

    Go-Betty - I LOVE the giant clam shell idea! So fun! I should see if we have them here. That would be great.

    And the idea of a baby peering out from being squashed in a bucket makes me giggle. There are those bucket bathtubs that baby's seem to really like, actually.

    Jenn - With such overwhelming support for nakey baby in the outside tub, I'd say bring it outside and enjoy the hot weather! I think it's one of J's absolute favorite parts of the day now - where before, bathing was a chore.

    As for arranged marriage, having grown up in India, I am not opposed...but my friend Tejal's daughter is first in line. :)

  23. Apartment Therapy says its MUST be ok :)


  24. Heck. I'm a few degrees away from buying my own kiddie pool and putting it in the communal area of my apartment building. I think I'll be arrested if I go nude, but I promise to wear as little as possible!

    And Jesus! That kid is CUTE! Want want want.

  25. A and C. We have a big-ass inflatable pool from Target with a waterfall and dinosaurs all over it. It sits out in front of our house all weekend. My feeling is, at least it's not a car on blocks. And if the neighbors mind or think we're trashy, so far they have kept it to themselves.

  26. I vote A & C.
    Nakey babies are the best.

  27. oh, it's trashy, but there ain't no shame in that! And I know...I've lived in TN, MS, AL and GA

  28. A.

    Last year, we set up "The Ghetto Oasis". We don't have a yard either. We bought an inflatable pool & set it up out back on the parking pad in front of our garage. We live in a rowhome. Hubby even set up an umbrella & those pre-lit palm trees. The kids thought it was great. I was mildly mortified. My next-door-neighbor took a picture of them & posted it on Facebook. Awesome.

  29. Definitely C! Naked babies are adorable and they can get away with a lot. Which in turns mean YOU can get away with a lot by being his mom!

  30. C - he's too cute!

    Your comment about the pool also reminded me of this blog post. I guess you should try out the "huge" pool.


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