Wednesday, June 30, 2010

High school reunion dresses: Colors! And way more life history than you bargained for.

This is even less apples to apples than yesterday, as these photos span years, events, and hairstyles.

But consistency is tedious. Also, there's a good reason.

Last night we got a call with the news of the death of a very dear family friend. I don't have the emotional energy to write about it at the moment, plus thinking about it makes me cry. Nick took Betty to their house while I stayed home with J, and they were there all evening.

I started looking through photos, because she was at our wedding. Her husband, in fact, became a sham Internet minister to marry us. This of course led to looking at photos with my dad in them, and onward to other events and happy times.

It was cathartic, actually.

And in the process of looking, it dawned on me - these are the dresses! I've had them forever and worn them 54 million times! While I have different hair, I'm the same size, and actually a little fitter now than in some of these photos.

Favorite brown dress front:

So, confession, this is a tarty picture not taken by Nick, BUT if you walk into the lobby of the W in New Orleans and they have this bordello-y couch, how can you not fling yourself on it? In fact, I was really wishing I had minions to feed me grapes. Wouldn't you?
Also, this is the only picture I have of these shoes, I think. The truth is, they aren't the comfiest, but I could wear them all night if they were the right shoe for the job.

FBD back:

Answering the door for dad as he arrived to get dressed for my wedding.
Red dress 1:

I wore this to my brother's wedding reception. I know I look like a snob but I was just nervous.
It's linen and I love the little ribbon tie. I wore it with little strappy black shoes I no longer own. So I think I would wear it with gold or silver sandals??

Perhaps I'll photograph shoe options tonight. And jewelry! Betty's awesome (and now mine!) jewelry!

RD 2:

Same as FBD above. Seriously one of the comfiest dresses I have ever ever owned. It's like being naked but being able to go out in public without anyone batting an eye.

I don't know what shoes I'd wear.
Silver dress:

This drape in the front of this dress is great, and the back is totally bare. Plus, I love anything metallic and prettyshinysparkly.

I bought it for Maude's wedding, and then wore it for Tej's rehearsal dinner. And actually, then to my rehearsal dinner - and actually, there's a shot of the back during that dinner.

Does it make me pale? Or is that just in contrast to Tej's lovely coloring? And doesn't she look stunning?
The whole crew was in the photo I cropped below, and it's like looking at a former life. Chuck is still alive, and there with his wife. David and his wife are there. Tej is not yet married. None of us but Chuck have kids.

I'm one of maybe three single people at the wedding, and I don't know if you can tell from my face, but all weekend I was smiling for the camera while tamping down that sick stomach panic all, "FML. I am so going to die alone."
Shiny flowery dress:

This might be my favorite neckline. I also love that it's a kind of bizarro color and there's no chance of walking into a room and being all, oh, same dress. Huh.

You can't exactly see the huge hoop earrings, but sort of. They were Betty's and she passed them on to me. But I don't know that I can pull them off with the shorty short hair now.

Also also - WHY did I cut and bleach the crap out of my hair? I like this hair here.
Happy shiny people:

You can kind of see the waist and part of the skirt. It comes to the knee. We accosted strangers at the FDR Memorial to take our picture where we got engaged.
AND the BD2 full-length bathroom shot:


  1. I'm a fan of black dress #2 and red dress #2. BD looks a little more formal,

  2. I'm sorry for your loss Lisa. And that picture of your dad....what a mix of emotions.

    I still like BD #1. However, if you want to make the other girls green (and who doesn't?)...then BD#2! I do like the neck line too on the yellow-ey one, but still a black dress can not be beat!

    I like your hair both ways!BTW, this is fun!

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  4. I love BD2 and shiny floral- you are one hot mama!

  5. I love both reds, and think the color goes great with your hair (btw the haircut in brother's wedding pic is great!). The cut of the brown dress is great too - again the killer back section. Would it be kind of like honoring your dad's memory, to wear it to another special event? If so, I would totally vote for that one.

  6. SHINY FLOWERY DRESS or, again, BD2. but i love the shiny flower dress!

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of a family friend.

    Love RD1, you resemble Gwen Paltrow in this photo...when she was engaged to Brad Pitt.

    Also love the shiny flowery dress - it's beautiful and different. All the dresses are great, it's hard to choose!

  8. I still love BD2. And because I still love BD2, I think I have to veto the silver dress, because you don't want your reunion people to think that you don't have enough money to buy dresses with enough fabric to cover your back, right?

    I LOVE the hair and makeup you're sporting in the RD1 photo, and urge you to wear RD2. It will be mahvelous. Very international woman of mystery, very Russian spy. I hear that look is very in, right now. ;o)

  9. LOVE RD2. Amazing. So sorry for the loss of your friend.

  10. GAAAAAAAAAAH Blogger logged me out and ate all my comments! Hatey hate!

    Lisa - Yes, BD is more formal. Perhaps dress up more one night and less the next. I know there will be a huge range.

    Lynn - Thank you. Looking through photos brings back such intense emotion.

    One night will be BD, of that I'm almost certain.

    Maiden Metallurgist - Ahhh, thank you! Shiny floral is super fun.

    Nina - Red, she said!

    Susan H - It was growing out from shortshortshort in that photo!

    I've worn the brown dress so many times over the years, and I don't connect it with my dad. But that photo makes me so happy! It was such a joyful moment.

    carly - Somehow even though I don't know you in person I am not surprised about the shiney flowery! It's so fun, no?

    HKW - Thank you, lovely. And what a fantastic compliment! GP was lovely in the BP era!

    Dagny - You make such an excellent point. I don't actually care if people wonder about my cash situation but I'd rather they not think I have to be half-naked at all times.

    And I LOVE the picture you're painting here!

    cla517 - Thank you and thank you.

  11. Black, red or shiny floral. My faves. You have the perfect shape for this style of dress-you can't go wrong. By the way, I love you hair short!

    So sorry for the sad news....

  12. Well, if something terrible should happen to BD#2 (still my first choice), then I'd have to say go with RD#2. RD#1 would be third, but only if you suffered some kind of horrible wardrobe accident and the other two were damaged.

  13. Lisa-pooh - you know I have to weigh in (good timing that I was on your blog today!. You look stunning in red. RD2 because you partied all night with me in it at Tony's wedding so I know it's up for the job. Or BD2. Too sexy for words and a little boob never hurt anyone. Silver is pretty but doesn't do you justice. Unless you wear them on your shoes. Like that better than the black shoes you picked (although I know they are comfy). And your hair looks fantastic. I know you like it longer but seriously, the style really suits you! Knock 'em dead (and back....) xoxo

  14. I like shiny floral since it's unique. Both of the reds are fun too. BTW, I too love your hair in the shiny floral dress. Your classmates are going to be super jealous of how great you look.

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss. Big hugs to you, hunny bunny.

    Okay so I'm not trying to be creepy but oh my hell you look FUCKING AMAZING in RD2. Yes, that did require caps-attack. Could do you do the gold platforms with this dress or are they too clunky? If it's a nighttime affair, and the material of the dress isn't too light, I think you could even pull off the S&M shoes. I have no style whatsoever so pay no attention to my ramblings. I just thought "stunner!" as soon as I saw the picture of RD 2.
    Oh and I totally think you can pull off the hoop earring with short hair.

  16. Still reserving judgement, However I think you look absolutely DDG (drop dead gorgeous) in all of these outfits. You could honestly wear any one of them and rock the room on entering. I do love the green floral, its fun and vibrant and sassy and different.

  17. still a fan of bd2 (thanx for full photo), but am now casting my vote for rd2! both are fab. also, flowery-whatever-you named it.

    hair is always great (this, because i have curly, dark, mind-of-its-own hair)

    sorry to hear (more) bad news. you are in my thoughts (is that creepy?)

  18. kayare - Thank you and thank you kindly.

    FoggyDew - HAHAHAHAHAHA - "some kind of horrible wardrobe accident and the other two were damaged."!!!

    Janiejane! - You know I SO WISH you were here this weekend! Or any weekend! That night of Tony's wedding was so hilariously fun! How much do I love you? "A little boob never hurt anyone" - says the woman who asked one of her co-bridesmaids at my wedding to make sure her boobs stayed tucked in her hottie hot dress!

    Tia - Thank you! That was my pre-wedding hair, and when I saw those photos I got very wishing-for-my-old-hair.

    And the thing about my high school is that it was very small and international and not at all cliquey or judgey. So while I totally appreciate the compliment, it won't be like that at all. It's just a totally different kind of scene.

    Hillary - Thank you, my sweet.

    You don't sound creepy. You sound like someone I want to give a giant hug to and keep in my life forever and ever. (How creepy does that sound?) The red shoes pose a dilemma. I don't know what's appropriate with them in my current shoe collection. I have no idea if the chunky gold ones would go or not. I don't think the S&M ones do. Will have to try.

    Go-Betty - You crack me up. I just want to hug you.

    Coleen - I think the majority of people are with you on the BD2/RD2!

    And it turns out curly-haired people have to work on their hair more than straight-haired people! I didn't realize this til recently! I lament the thin, the flat, the can't have it long or it gets stringy...but it's actually mostly easy.

    And no, I think that's kind. Thank you.

  19. Dear Lisa,

    First, I am sorry for your loss.

    Second, I am happy that you're delving into gorgeous dresses and hair - you look fantastic in all of these photos. I am going to break from the crowd and vote for Red Dress #1, the one you wore to your brother's wedding. It's stunning. And I love the new hair - don't knock it.

    Just know (third) that in whatever you wear, you look amazing, but more importantly, you are an incredible woman inside as well.

    Have fun!

  20. looking very hot in that last shot.

    love it.

  21. I LOVE that dress with the funky colors. My second choice would be the brown one. Or the first red one. Okay, I can't make up my mind.

  22. I just looked at the Pictures.... I didnt read anything you wrote or anyone's comments.... that way it makes sense to me. Very nice pictures!

  23. okay, i was all BD2 for sure! until i saw this post... i LOVE RD2 on you! for some reason red just strikes me as YOU. at least by what i know of you through this blog. not everyone can pull it off but you certainly can!
    i really like the floral one too so i'm not as much help as a i am a fan of your clothes : )

  24. RD1, BD2 and the shiny floral are my faves. And I LOVE your hair as it is now. You are lucky you can pull it off. I like the hair in the RD1 photo as well.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Sending out hugs and kisses to you and the rest of the family. xo

  25. I still love BD1, but from today my top pick is the shiny floral. It is strikingly noticeable! Just lovely! I also love the RD1 picture - you look just like Gwynth Paltrow to me - not snobby, but pensive. Very pretty :)

  26. I'm sorry for your loss but relieved to hear you found the process of examining your memories as cathartic as it may have been painful.

    On to the frivolity - my vote for today is that you GO NAKED... ahem, or wear that slinky red dress. With your platinum do, you'd be a showstopper!

  27. Brown dress and red dress #2.

  28. I am voting for the red linen dress. Besides having timeless lines, a flirty color, there is nothing quite like a well worn linen dress in the summer.


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