Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Perils of semi-non-anonymous personal blogging

Yesterday and the intersection of life and dating and personal blogging got me thinking about something I didn't dare share with you at the time.

Mainly because I thought, what if he's now checking my blog to see if I write about this? And then he gets mad and it gets all terrible?

But I think enough time has passed that I've likely been long forgotten.


Way back in the fall of 2007, I went on an extremely awkward date and I wrote about it.

Nothing unusual there, as we all know.

And then, nearly a year later, DC Blogs very kindly linked to this post about how my husband said he loved me more than I loved him.

Really, it was about ear hair more than love.

Anyway. I was all flattered, and oh, wow, they like me! And yes, honey, I do love you tremendously but for God'ssakethedreadearhair!

And then the next day I got an email from a guy whose name sounded vaguely familiar...

Who, in a nutshell, said: I clicked on an interesting-sounding link on DC Blogs. And the picture in the sidebar looked familiar. So I searched my email for Lisa, and realized we had gone on a date, and then wondered if you'd written about it...

Of course my stomach kind of froze. Because I knew exactly who this was and what I'd written.

(And also, really? Am I that recognizable through scarf and dark glasses? So much for International Woman of Mystery.)

He went on to say that he discovered he was, and I quote, "mr. can't talk about the weather but not a d*ck!!!" He added that the post was very entertaining, and that he didn't think he was an awkward conversationalist, but who knows.

So I thought, oh, relief. He's not angry. And maybe he wasn't as awkward as I'd remembered.

Until I read the PS: "I'm involved, so this is not an attempt at a date."

I believe that's all there is to say about that.


  1. Oh. Well. At least he was involved? I'm guessing if he was single he would have been less accepting of your blog post :)

    PS: I'm married (and Canadian), so this comment is not an attempt at a date.

  2. ha! im having fun reading all these old posts by the way. im sure you're SO relieved he's involved now. now, you can sleep at night!

  3. See? Now I thought this was going to be about your mother in law. AWKWARD.

  4. I would like to preface this comment by informing you that this is TOTALLY an attempt at a date.

    So, I think that in this town, the bar for "non-awkward" conversation is astonishingly low. Because this is a town full of nerds. Most of them lawyers, who are nerds whose default has been set to "argue". Honestly, having done some online dating myself, an evening that resulted in an odd conversation about Kimodo dragons and sharks, and not, say, an monotone inventory of his academic credentials and personal possessions, might be counted a success.

    Again, the bar. It is low.

    So, hey - wanna go out sometime? I'm easily entertained, apparently ;o)

  5. LG in peril, oh no! Glad this incident turned into a humorous one :)

  6. hahaha awkward. At least he wasn't angry.

  7. Hillary - Thank you for clarifying. I'm always unsure when you leave comments if you're suggesting a date. It makes things so...awkward.

    brookem - Such a nice thing to say! I'm so glad to hear that!

    And yes, much sounder sleeping. Relief!

    Kate - Hahahaha - definitely awkward. But certainly a peril.

    Dagny - Oh, goody! Yes, I absolutely want to go out sometime!

    You know, he wasn't a lawyer, as I recall. I think he was an engineer. An argumentative engineer.

    HKW - Hahaha - yes, peril!

    Grace - I was thankful for that.

  8. I also thought this would be about your in-laws. Whew!

    And I also enjoyed reading those old posts. Maybe time to hit the archives. Amazing how much has happened in what seems like such a short time. (For both of us!)

    And, alas, it looks like my right coast travels will not be in your town until next summer, just OBX this summer. So I'll have to wait until next summer to make an attempt at a date. :-)

  9. Just to point out, your pic on the sidebar isn't that recognizable, but a quick scan of posts reveals MANY highly recognizable photos of you. So...

  10. A.S. - Yes, whew. It is truly crazy how much has happened in such a short span of time! And I am very sad we won't have a date this summer! Perhaps 2011!

    stacy - Very.

    J. - Oh, yah, I know, and that's fine with me. It did surprise me that working from the sidebar pic you'd be like, hey, I met that woman once!

  11. Sometimes you've just got to let them have the last word.


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