Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning opportunities and counting down and eighties and yay!

Jordan is sound asleep and for the moment I'm all alone in the sunny quiet.

It's kind of perfect.

My in-laws just left. We had a very nice visit, with only a few dicey moments.

Like, the day McChrystal got fired - because you know, if you work for as huge an asshole he did, you shouldn't be expected to keep your mouth shut. Because everybody knows what an asshole our current president is.

Learning opportunity: You can choose to be stabby or you can act like you have to pee. And then you can go upstairs and check your email for 10-15 minutes. Nobody is going to ask you if you were constipated when you return.

There was a lot of wine. I started pouring pretty much the minute I got home. It just softened all the pointy edges. I didn't hesitate to keep it pouring.

Learning opportunity: Alcohol is a nice little product in almost every social situation. And the more of it the better in the stressful ones.

Nick leaves this evening for a quick overnight trip. While of course I'm going to miss him, I am so excited to eat dinner all by myself and not make any conversation. Seriously, I'm going to have pasta with maybe a little olive oil and salt and steamed broccoli and maybe read a magazine.

No butter. No cheese. No flour. No cream. No bacon. No ice cream.

None of those are bad on their own or even in some kind of remote moderation. But all together in the same meal, every meal, makes me twitch.

Learning opportunity (ahem, husband): When you can see your arteries hardening and your stomach expanding, it's time to detox.

Also, when you have a pending high school reunion, the last thing you want to be doing is gaining five pounds. No. You want to be as skinny as possible.

Because, you guys, my high school reunion is next weekend!

I've been emailing with two of my dear high school friends, one of whom I haven't seen in a kabillion years, who are coming to stay with us the end of next week. I am so excited!

In fact, now that I think about it, I might subject you to a number of potential reunion outfits - dresses, shoes, accessories, the works. It's not national security decisions, but rather, the kind of frivolity I completely love.

If you're up for it, of course.

Actually, even if you're not. Cause I'm Billy Jean and I'm mad as hell. I'm a woman with a story to tell...OK, I'm not really. I'm Chaka Khan, let me rock you...

Which also reminds me. I need to make 80s playlists! I might solicit your opinions on that as well.

Seriously, you all, I cannot fucking wait.


  1. I'm so excited for the reunion as well. And I desperately need to shop for outfits. Whee!

  2. It's going to be SUCH a fun weekend! I do need to get on it with playlists!

  3. Sister, when my future mother-in-law comes to visit, I burn through at least three bottles of wine a day. It makes everything SO MUCH BETTER.

    Also, good plan on the walking away. During Christmas, when my fiancé's right-wing family was all "blah blah blah socialist communist stealing all our fancy money blah blah blah", I quietly excused myself and found A) the bathroom, B) something to clean or futz with, and C) MORE WINE.

  4. Wine.Is.Good. So is leaving the room (I have to do that with my sister in law).

    Have a great time and don't forget the Duran Duran on that playlist! Hungry like the Wolf anyone? (Sorry, I was just a touch obsessed with them as a teenager!)

  5. Wine makes soooo many things better! Hope you enjoy your quiet meal and your weekend. looking forward to reviewing your potential reunion outfits: )

  6. your high school reunion is next weekend? Which reunion. Speaking of wine - I drank way too much of it at my tenth reunion. John had to practically carry me home because I kept hugging everyone and telling them how much better looking they got.

    ahhh. memories.

    enjoy your weekend!

  7. Yay is right! Very practical in-law advice. I'm totally up for outfit and play-list analysis.

  8. Wow, I had a memory today after my last post. Sometimes, too much alcohol mixed with in-laws can be a bad thing. When I was married to my first husband and very young, we spent an afternoon with his mother, who was an absolute pill, and I'm being nice. She was always talking about my husband's old finace whom she apparently adored. She and I were drinking what she called hi-balls...whiskey and maybe ginger ale? I was pretty shy at that age and took a lot of crap from her. But, during my 3rd hi-ball, I found myself telling her to shove Grace right up her ass. the only thing that sticks out after that was her saying, "Why Kathleen, I thought you were a nice girl," and more swearing (from me), and my husband dragging me out the door to leave. So...anyway...just!

  9. Kate - That definitely makes me feel a whole lot better, and even kind of moderate. :)

    And YES on the "blah blah blah socialist communist stealing all our fancy money blah blah blah" - this is exactly how it is. Plus the ruining of the country, lowering of societal standards all around, etc etc etc. And pass the butter.

    cla517 - I'd not tried it before, and it's such a simple solution! Instead of getting all agitated, just take a break!

    And Duran Duran is totally obsession-worthy. I love that whole Rio album.

    Kate - It really does, at least in the moment. Wow.

    Yay, glad you're going to play and review outfits!

    Masala Chica - It's for anyone who ever went to my high school in New Delhi, so it spans generations. There are people coming who graduated in the 60s.

    As for you and the how much better looking everyone got - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm sure John was cringing as he was following you around all, are you sure you want more wine?

    HKW - Drink and walk away. I don't know if it's all that healthy, but it worked. :)

    And I know you will have awesome outfit and 80s input!

  10. Kate - I am laughing so hard. I'm lying down and my laptop is jumping up and down on my stomach as I laugh and laugh. It makes it hard to type but it's so very worth it. The image is spectacular.

  11. I will never go to a high school reunion, but I do have a small group of friends that puts together our own. I feel safer that way. I hated high school. Just about as much as I hated college. I am a horrible introvert. Although people wouldn't say that about me. They just get the jacked up version that takes me two weeks to work up to so I don't faint at social contact.

    As much as I wish I had a husband and family, I cherish my alone time. So very, very much. I may not be cut out for married life, actually.

  12. I had so much fun at my reunion last year. Enjoy!

    I recommend The Smiths. At least one song.

  13. Alone time with pasta and a magazine? Sign me up! Company coming for me is ready. Reunions are so much fun-and sometimes not so!

  14. Oops, I meant to add that I give wine to my future mother in law. I'm not drinking 3 bottles by myself. Although I've been tempted.

  15. I will be doing the opposite of going to my high school reunion. You are so much more brave than I am.

    And yes, booze makes almost any twitchy social situation better. The only one that it worsens is a job interview.

  16. Congratulations on surviving your in-laws. My aunt is ultra-conservative and so belligerent about it. I am cool with people of all political leanings but being around her is such a challenge. I have to just hope nothing comes up for her to get all right-wing-crazy on me.

    She was so disappointed when Obama was elected. And we're black!

  17. Lisa - Oh, the Smiths! I'd forgotten all about the Smiths!

    kayare - Even if the actual events aren't fun - and I'm quite sure they will be - there are so many people I'm just so excited to see!

    Kate - Thank you for the clarification! I was thinking, wow, she's a stronger woman than I. Not that I haven't tried...

    Miss Dallas - My high school was amazing and small and very supportive and not cliquey. You couldn't pay me enough to go to my college reunion.

    And that is a very good point you make. And one that makes me laugh.

    Nicole - Wow! I have discovered that tolerant as I think I am, I'm really not. I'm so judgey about people who think very conservatively - it just makes me think less of their intelligence. Can you just avoid politics altogether with her or does she shove them in your face like my MIL?

  18. I am totally down with judging your potential reunion outfits!


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