Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The voice of authority and fried chicken and Christmas

A friend of mine asked if I realize that when I relay conversations with Nick, I make him sound very authoritative.

The truth is, well, the truth is two-fold.

One, it's true that I see him as much more of a grown-up than me.

He's so big, and he has this really deep voice. He has a southern accent, and he often phrases things in a rather proper way. He wears suits on a regular basis. He makes big decisions without hesitating.

This is not to say that being little with a high voice and not wearing suits and sometimes having trouble deciding which cute dress to wear with which platform shoes today make me juvenile. I've always done a good job at work and paid my bills on time. If those are marks of grown-upitude.

But if you had to choose the more adult of the two, I bet you'd pick Nick.

(Pick Nick. Heh heh.)

Furthermore, he has quite formal taste in furniture. Our living room is his old living room, just transplanted, plus a few pieces of Asian art. One of our friends who previously thought the house was creepy and scary walked in and said, "Wow, your house is so grown up!"

Which is exactly what I thought the first time I saw Nick's place.

He's also very very anal organized. He does grown-uppy things like get his car serviced on time, and change air filters, and all these responsible maintenance things that my dad used to do for me, and left to my own devices I avoid as long as possible and generally suck at doing on a regular schedule.

Plus, he's often the voice of reason when I want to do things like dip my toes in the lobby fish pond. He would never get drunk and stick butter on a stranger's nose. Which, of course, I would never do either. Anymore. Probably.

And like he said, he went to work and I went to Boobquake.

So it's true that I do make him sound like the voice of authority. When I'm talking to others.

When I'm quoting him back to himself, however, it turns out I make him sound like a cross between Colonel Sanders and Santa Clause.

Not appreciated.


  1. Just at the end, after I'd forgotton my question, "How is she going to tie VOA, Fried Chicken, and Xmas together?" you did it. Such fun!

  2. I love your use of two-fold and "Which, of course, I would never do either. Anymore. Probably."

    I likely relay Luke as authoritative as well - he's so tall, responsible and, in college, was the only one of his roomates who did the dishes and didn't eat sherbet for dinner.

  3. Please? Could you do a video of Nick talking sometime, and post it?

  4. hahaa! I want to hear this impression! I do impressions of my dad and brother often. My bf thinks they are hilarious and even more so now that he has met my father and realizes they are spot on. Impressions of loved ones are truly the best.

  5. Fried chicken and Christmas sounds like an amazing combo.

  6. southern accent! I agree - we need a video of Nick speaking all authoritative-like.

  7. You could make him sound like Foghorn Leghorn instead. Which I don't do to my boss. Ever.

  8. Tammater Sammich - Happy to pull it all together in one place!

    HKW - Can I tell you how much I love this: he "was the only one of his roomates who did the dishes and didn't eat sherbet for dinner." I love it. Makes me laugh.

    Susan H - He is remarkably opposed to letting me video him for the blog. I have begged. But I'll work on him again.

    Grace - People tend to hate the impressions I do of them, it turns out.

    Lisa - I actually love both. It would be a good combo.

    Hillary - I will try...

    KLZ - Except that then I would never want to sleep with him again. Ever.

  9. 茜茜知道他有了外遇


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